APPS The 1 Congress of Asian Pacific

The 1st Congress of
Asian Pacific
Prostate Society
Organized by
Asian Pacific Prostate Society
The Korean
Urological Association
Sponsored by
The Korean
Prostate Society
Information for Participants
Main Auditorium, East Bldg (6F), Asan Medical Center
Preview Room
& VIP Room
Exhibition Room
Poster Exhibition
West building
Main Congress
Date : March 4(Fri), 2011
Time : 09:00 ~ 18:50
Place : Main Auditorium, East Bldg (6F), Asan Medical Center
Participants : All Participants
Satellite Symposium
Date : March 3(Thu), 2011
Time : 17:00 ~ 18:45
Place : Carnation room (B1F), Grand Intercontinental Hotel
Participants : All Participants
Welcome Dinner
Date : March 3(Thu), 2011
Time : 19:00 ~ 21:00
Place : Carnation room (B1F), Grand Intercontinental Hotel
Participants : All Participants
Dress Code : Business Casual
APPS Board Meeting
Date : March 4(Fri), 2011
Time : 11:00 ~ 12:00
Place : Restaurant (18F), Asan Medical Center
Participants : Executive/Advisory Board Members
Gala Dinner
Date : March 4(Fri), 2011
Time : 19:30 ~
Place : Rose room (B1F), Grand Intercontinental Hotel
Participants : All Participants
Dress Code : Business Casual
Main Auditorium
Seminar Room
Seminar 6
Physicion education
& Training
The new building
Poster Exhibition
All posters are exhibited in the poster room located just
beside of main flow. Posters are removed at 7:00pm
Help Desk
During the conference, you could get any kind of information
you need from the help desk on the lobby floor of the Hotel &
Registration desk of the Asan Medical Center.
Pre-view Room
The preview room is located on the 6th floor of Asan Medical
Center. This room is opened from 08:00 to 18:00 during the
Congress. All presenters can check their slides and test
personal equipment. Internet is available.
Information of Shuttle Bus (only 4th March)
1) Grand Intercontinental Hotel → Asan Medical Center
- Bus Stop : Hotel Lobby
- Departure Time : 08:00am , 08:30 am
2) Asan Medical Center → Grand Intercontinental Hotel
- Bus Stop : In from of main entrance of east building
- Departure Time : 19:00 pm , 19:30 pm
March 3 (Thu)
Venue : Carnation room (B1F), Grand Intercontinental Hotel
Byung-Ha Chung (Korea)
Satellite Symposium II: Consensus meeting for Asian pacific prostate cancer guideline Hideyuki Akaza (Japan)
Welcome dinner
Satellite Symposium I: Consensus meeting for Asian pacific BPH guideline
Coffee Break
March 4 (Fri)
Venue : Grand Hall, East Bldg (6F), Asan Medical Center
APPS video based education program for young urologist
Chairperson : Jun Hyuk Hong (Laparoscopic & Robot Assisted Radical Prostatectomy)
Step-by-step guide to laparoscopic radical prostatectomy
Laparoscopic radical prostatectomys
Video based program : Robot-assisted laparoscopic radical prostatectomy
Sung-Hoo Hong (Korea)
Sung-Il Seo (Korea)
Koon Ho Rha (Korea)
Robotic-assisted laparoscopic prostatectomy and open radical retropubic prostatectomy for locally advanced
prostate cancer: A multi-institutional comparison of oncologic outcomes
Jonathan Hwang (USA)
Venue : Restaurant (18F), Asan Medical Center
APPS Board Meeting 12:00-13:00Lunch
Open remark - President, Asian Pacific Prostate Society
Choung-Soo Kim (Korea)
Congratulation speech - President, Korean Urological Association
Moon Kee Chung (Korea)
Congratulation speech - President, Taiwan Urological Association
Hong-Jeng Yu (Taiwan)
Doddy M. Soebadi (Indonesia)
Congratulation speech - President, Asia Pacific Society for Sexual Medicine
Congratulation speech - President, Asian Association of UTI/STI (AAUS)
Congratulation speech - President, Urological Society of Australia and New Zealand
Congratulation speech - President, Korean Prostate Society
Session I BPH/LUTS
The burden of LUTS/BPH in Asia: Prevalence
LUTS/BPH guideline in China
Ning Chen Li (China)
Optimizing BPH management
Jae-Il Chung (Korea)
BPH progression: The disease continuum & evidence-bases learnings
Tag Keun Yoo (Korea)
Laser treatment in BPH
Yao-chi Chuang (Taiwan)
Session II Invited lecture
Chairperson : Anthony Ng (Hong Kong)
Androgens and prostate cancer: Insights from abiraterone acetate and other novel agents
Coffee Break
Session III Prostate cancer
The burden of prostate cancer in Asia: prevalence & screening
Prostate cancer in China
Genomic & epigenomics in prostate cancer
Clinically insignificant prostate cancer
Session IV Invited lecture
GnRH antagonist in treatment of prostate cancer
Session V Poster session
Closing remark
Gala dinner
Tetsuro Matsumoto (Japan)
David Malouf (Australia)
Hyun Moo Lee (Korea)
Chairperson : Hyun Moo Lee (Korea), Hong-Jeng Yu (Taiwan)
Dennis P. Serrano (Philippines)
Ian Davis (Australia)
Chairperson : Sung Joon Hong (Korea), Doddy M. Soebadi (Indonesia)
Yasutomo Nasu (Japan)
Ming Li (China)
Tomonori Habuchi (Japan)
Sung Kyu Hong (Korea)
Chairperson : Choung Soo Kim (Korea)
Bo-Eric Persson (Sweden)
Chairperson : Kyung Seop Lee (Korea)
Venue : Rose room (B1F), Grand Intercontinental Hotel
Welcome Address
Choung-Soo Kim
President, Asian Pacific Prostate Society (APPS)
Dear Friends and Colleagues,
I am deeply honored to announce that the 1st Congress of Asian Pacific Prostate Society has now begun.
It is really a privilege for all of us to have renowned scholars from all across Asian Pacific region to
participate in our APPS Congress.
Currently, the profiles of prostatic diseases (including prostate cancer, BPH, prostatitis) among Asian
Pacific population have been rapidly evolving. Meanwhile, the current guidelines for diagnosis and
management of various prostatic diseases have been established from analyzing data from western
patients as widely acknowledged. The Asian Pacific Prostate Society has been established to provide
opportunities to urologists around Asian Pacific regions for sharing state-of-the-art informations, having
in-depth discussion/debates on key issues, and building bridges for cooperation regarding research and
clinical activities on various prostatic diseases in Asia Pacific area. The Society will make continuous
efforts to support ways for communication and cooperation among Asian Pacific urologic specialists on
prostatic diseases. Certainly, the establishment of APPS would not have been possible without the
dedication and participation of all of you who are here today. I would like to express my utmost gratitude
to all the participants from various Asian Pacific countries. With your contribution, I am sure APPS will
flourish and stand shoulder-to-shoulder with other international urological associations in future.
Although our congress is only scheduled for two days, I hope all of you can join this meeting actively and
benefit from talks given by Asia Pacific international speakers. And, we will try our best to accommodate
all your needs. Please enjoy your stay in Seoul.
I sincerely hope that you will enjoy your stay in Seoul.
Welcome Address
Byung-Ha Chung
Vice President , Asian Pacific Prostate Society (APPS)
Dear Colleagues,
This year, Korea will be the host country of the APPS, and I am very pleased to have such a meaningful
meeting in our country. Moreover, it is very delightful that many international renowned experts in
prostatic disease and many young urologists from Asian Pacific countries will participate in this meeting.
I expect that we can present and discuss the scientific advances in the field of prostatic disease and to
talk about our personal experiences. And especially, I hope we can make a consensus about the current
clinical practice guidelines on BPH/LUTS among the Asian -Pacific countries.
You can see that the 1st Congress of APPS will be not-to-miss for every Asian Pacific urologists interested
in prostatic disease. We sincerely hope you will join us in Seoul.
Welcome Address
Ji Youl Lee
Secretary General, Asian Pacific Prostate Society(APPS)
Dear respected scholars, honored guests and colleagues,
I am pleased and honored to welcome you to the 1st Congress of Asian Pacific Prostate Society. I would
like to extend special thanks to all participants for their keen interest and enormous efforts in helping
make this congress possible, especially those who have travelled great distances and taken valuable time
from their tight schedules to attend this congress.
The goals of this congress are mainly two folds. First, it should provide a forum for the exchange of
information on current guidelines for diagnosis and management of various prostatic diseases and
opinions among participants in this interdisciplinary meeting. Second, it should provide an opportunity
to establish or strengthen personal relationships among participants.
This congress that lies ahead over next two days, we will have an unusual opportunity to hear from a
board range of speakers as well as from participants because there is vast assembled expertise in this
congress. We will examine the rapidly changing environment of management on prostatic diseases and
exchange ideas on the current trends for people in Asian Pacific region. Next but not least, we will take an
in-depth look at how to move forward to establish appropriate guidelines for the diagnosis and
management of prostatic diseases in Asian Pacific regions.
The result and findings of this congress will provide significant intellectual contributions whose
implications will stretch far beyond this congress of two days. I sincerely look forward to your active
participation and full contribution for the success of this congress.