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MAKE PROSPECTING FUN & EASY How To Manage The “I Really Need A Job” Objection By Monte Taylor
Recently I was enjoying a
conversation with Rich Nichols
from National Leads. It was a
follow up from a “How to Profit
with Leads” webinar that Rich
and I had just completed. (This
was a webinar where we were
teaching an easy-to-learn,
simple, non-selling system for buying and
closing MLM leads.)
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Anyway, I asked Rich after the webinar if
there was anything he would have liked to have
added or done differently. Rich thought for a
moment, and then he said, “It was great. In
fact, it was fantastic. However, there was one
thing I was thinking about, and I think we
should add it next time.”
Here is what Rich said, “One of the things I
hear back from networkers who have been
calling opt-in leads is that they sometimes come
across a prospect who supposedly responded to
a business opportunity lead, but then says, I
really just need a job.”
So, the purpose of this audio is to give you
scripts and actionable strategies for managing
the conversation when a prospects says to you,
“What I really need is a job.”
Here are a couple of ideas. (By the way, if
you are just working a “warm market,” these
will still work for you.) One of the things you
should consider is telling every prospect
something like this at the outset: “I want to
make sure you are clear that we are going to
discuss the possibility of a profitable income
project for you, not employment. Is that okay
with you?”
Listen for the response.
For example, if you have Jim on the line and
you might say this: “Hi Jim. This is Monte
Taylor, from Orlando, Florida. I understand
you filled out a form indicating you have an
interest in learning more about our income
project. Is this a good time to visit for five
Here’s what you might say if Jim responds
to your question with, “I’m not really interested
in a business. I need a job.”
“Jim, I’m sorry if I misunderstood. Do you
have a minute to tell me a little bit about you,
your background, and what you are looking
This question give’s you the opportunity to
listen and to learn more about what’s going on
in Jim’s life, and why he is looking for a job.
(Just to be perfectly clear, do not lead Jim on
that you have a job, but instead use the
“conversational opportunity” to connect with
Jim and learn more about his needs.)
Then, you can respond: “Jim, thanks so
much for sharing. It sounds like you have your
work cut out for you, and I wish you the
absolute best in finding whatever you are
looking for. Jim, I don’t have employment for
you, but I do have something that you might
want to keep in mind for your future. You
deserve to at least see what this is so you can
decide for yourself. Jim, think about this
Copyright 2014 • All Rights Reserved. Monte Taylor, Jr. •
MAKE PROSPECTING FUN & EASY question for a moment. Do you need the job?
Or is it the income?”
Your leadership and suggestions could become
the very lifesaver they’re hoping for!
(Most people, once they think about it, don’t
really need a job – they need the income.
Consider for yourself: If you had an adequate,
continual income stream that you could count
on every month, year in and year out, would
you still want that job?)
About the Author: Monte Taylor is a serial
entrepreneur, author, coach and business
consultant and the former CEO of two network
marketing companies. As a devoted network
marketing advocate for over 25 years, he has
also built successful teams in the field as an
independent distributor. Monte received his
Master's degree in business administration from
the Crummer School of Business at Rollins
College and holds Master's level certificates in
Executive Coaching and Business Coaching.
So ask Jim: “If I could show you a way, that
within a few years, with some part-time effort,
you could have enough income so that you
didn’t need a job, unless of course you wanted
one, would you be willing to invest ten minutes
to learn more about it?”
If you find someone that says they are not
interested in a business because they are really
looking for a job, it might be worthwhile to
encourage them to consider the possibility that
(once they have their job) they may want to
start “digging their well” before they need more
Very important point: Don’t promise people
that they can build the business income fast
enough that they don’t need to keep looking for
a job. It takes some time to build a substantial
business, so never advise people in need to stop
looking for a job.
Instead, you can offer this: “Jim, when people
are really thirsty what they need right away is
water. And they need it fast. But once they’ve
found the water, they may want to consider
building ‘a great big well’ so you never have to
worry about water again – and I can show you
how to do that. Jim, would you be willing to
invest ten minutes to take a look? You deserve
to see what this is all about so you can decide
for yourself.”
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Don’t be afraid to take the lead and help
people consider new possibilities. Be their
thinking partner. Be creative. Take a chance.
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