How To Make $800 A Week Thanks To

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How To Make $800 A Week Thanks To
Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
- A Special Report by David Johnson
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Hello, David Johnson here. In this Special Report I want to share with you a
few insights I’ve gleaned over the years on how to profit from the search
Google, Yahoo, MSN, and the other top search engines get over 2 billion
visitors a month (so that’s pretty much every Internet user out there then!)
By getting ranked on their pages – for keywords relevant to your business –
you can get a constant stream of FREE traffic to your websites!
Remember: Traffic = Money, and FREE Traffic = FREE Money!
A search engine like Google uses over 200 different indicators in its search
algorithm to determine how relevant your website may be for a specific search
These indicators include the content on your site, the number of sites linking
back to you (‘backlinks’), the name of your URL (e.g. Google reasons that is about… pets), how long your website has been up for, how
‘fresh’ your content is and how often it gets updated, etc.
It can take time, money, and a lot of effort to get ranked high on search engine
results, especially for very competitive keywords. But you can make an
absolute fortune by dominating the search engines. Let’s look at some
Copyright © 2011 David Johnson. All Rights Reserved.
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Case Study #1 – ‘Internet Brands’
“From zero to 72 million visitors a month in 12 months!”
I came across this story recently, and although it doesn’t involve one of my
seminar attendees I thought I’d share it with you anyway, as it is a fascinating
example of the power of dominating the search engines.
Internet Brands is a network of 100 websites in 8 different niche markets
(Gardening, Cooking, etc.)
This business was based in Los Angeles, and within 12 months of launching,
thanks to free traffic from the search engines, it was getting a staggering 72
million visitors a month… for free!
It was sold recently for $640,000,000 to a private equity firm.
The key to the business’s success, I am told, was that the 100 blogs were
getting a lot of ‘user-generated content’.
This means that by allowing its readers to post comments and reviews about
the products and topics discussed on the blogs, the content was always ‘fresh’
– this is one of the main criteria Google looks for in a site – and this got the 100
blogs to the top of the search engines for thousands of keywords.
By the way, another example of allowing user-generated content and getting a
lot of traffic from the search engines is –
the owner of this site, Stacey Kellams, allegedly makes $100,000 a month from
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this simple review site, where people post comments about Real Estate
homestudy courses!
Case Study #2 – Mark Vurnum
“Over 3 million pounds in sales thanks to Search Engine Optimization!”
Mark Vurnum
Mark Vurnum is a UK entrepreneur who now lives in Cyprus.
He showed me a few years ago how to get your websites to the top of the
search engines easily - (I get 60,000 to 90,000 visitors a month for FREE now
thanks to the Google).
Over the years he used his SEO know-how to set up 6,000 blogs about real
estate, and he got these to the top of Google, Yahoo, and the other search
Each blog targetted a different ‘long tail keyword’ – for example, keywords like
‘Kingston Jamaica one bedroom apartment’, or ‘Holiday Villa Latchi Cyprus’.
When it comes to making money thanks to SEO, every keyword typed into a
search engine – and there over 1 billion different ones typed into Google every
single day – is a MARKET to target, dominate, and profit from.
By going after long-tail keywords – where the competition is very low or nonexistent – it was very easy for him to dominate the search engines.
For example, his strategy involved looking for keywords that had at least
30,000 searches a month but less than 100,000 competing websites.
He monetized his websites by putting Google Adsense ads on them, as well as
having pop-up optin forms on each site, for him to build his mailing list.
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His 6,500 current sites earn him $0.22 per site per day in Google Adsense
revenue! (It was up to $1.20 per site per day at one point!)
Thanks to this avalanche of free traffic from the search engines, he built up a
mailing list of 120,000 property investors.
In 2008 he made £700,000 simply selling the leads he was generating to
property developers and real estate companies, and by selling international
investment properties directly to his subscribers. By 2011 his sales increased to
over £3,000,000 a year!
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Case Study #3 – Jem
“I make $30,000 to $50,000 a month thanks to
FREE traffic from the search engines!”
Jem is an Internet entrepreneur from Hong Kong, who lives in the UK.
Two years ago he attended an Internet Marketing seminar, and got to learn
about SEO.
Jem now gets a torrent of free traffic every day to his sites that sell affiliate
products such as contact lenses, chainsaws, baby monitors, floor lamps, etc!
He recently said:
"My personal websites are consistently delivering
multiple 4 FIGURES (US dollars) every single day – and
all from natural SEO for physical products as well as eproducts."
“Recently I helped a FTSE250 and a FTSE100 company with
their online business - the results have been staggering
for them - for a few simple changes/ideas.
I am now able to help large business dominate their
market, ahead of competitors, or even help smaller firms
the ability to overtake leaders in their field very
quickly, for relative little spend.
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I feel that I have not even touched the surface of the
massive potential of Internet marketing.”
Case Study #4 – Brad Lindsay
“I make thousands of dollars a month thanks to SEO!”
Brad Lindsay
Brad Lindsay attended The Internet Millionaires Bootcamp and Traffic
Generation Summit in London, and also saw the potential of SEO for getting
He launched his website, providing high-speed
Internet broadband for businesses, and started using SEO to get traffic.
“I make use of SEO to my ISP business website
where my site ranks high in Google organic
searches results for targeted keyword phrases.
For example right now in the UK my business
website ranks no. 2 on page 1 of Google for one
of my target phrases 'low cost leased line'.
This brings lucrative targeted prospects to my
ISP business so I don't have to go out looking...
Our sales for a 100Mbs leased line is $2,360 per
month on a 3 year contract.
The good thing about this business model is that
Copyright © 2011 David Johnson. All Rights Reserved.
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all sales are recurring which typically continues
year after year.”
Case Study #5 – Matt and Alex Santoro-Emerson
“We get 22,000 visitors a month, we make thousands of dollars a month
in passive income, and we’ve now moved the family to sunny Italy!”
Matt and Alex Santoro-Emerson
Matt and Alex Santoro-Emerson lived in England until recently, but have now
moved to Sicily in Italy – a dream of theirs for many years!
They get more than 22,000 visitors a month to their websites thanks to Google
and YouTube, and make thousands of dollars a month in passive income!
“We are really excited about moving from rainy England
to sunny Sicily! This has been possible because we
have Internet businesses bringing us income even while
we sleep.
I got started because I bought one of your ‘How to
make money on the internet’ products. I can’t remember
what it was called but it told me everything I needed
to know to get started (CPC, SEO, etc) so I made a
product about keeping chickens (
and I’ve been working on it ever since.
I get most of my traffic from Google (150 visits per
day), Youtube videos ranked in Google (400 visits per
day) and affiliates (200 visits per day).
Also, my wife Alex launched her website Thanks to free traffic
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from Google, she gets speaking engagements and
coaching clients, as well as selling her $97 ‘Love and
Passion’ DVD product!”
Case Study #6 – Damien Sayer
“I’ve made £11,000 in 3 months thanks to blogs!”
Damien Sayer
Damien also attended The Traffic Generation Summit in London and found out
about how to use blogs to get free traffic from the search engines.
He saw the potential straight away, and took action as soon as he got home.
Damien says he’s made £11,000 in 3 months thanks to blogs!
Copyright © 2011 David Johnson. All Rights Reserved.
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Case Study #7 – Phil Henderson
“It’s easy to make $5,000 in 45 days thanks to SEO!”
Phil Henderson
I met Phil Henderson at the seminar in London. He recently quit his consulting
job to focus on his internet marketing business.
Thanks to SEO he quickly started getting free traffic from the Internet. In fact,
he made $5,000 in just 45 days, and now teaches his ‘5in45’ strategy.
“We have "evergreen" sites where they sit there
and generate traffic consistently and then we
have "event" driven sites and videos.
For example if we are creating a review site
and a video for something we know is coming
soon we can really drive a ton of traffic to
We also use this concept for targeting world
trends using Google Insights and Google Trends
( and to see what is becoming
The YouTube SEO methods I use typically get a
video ranked in under 10 minutes and they stay
high ranking.”
Copyright © 2011 David Johnson. All Rights Reserved.
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Case Study #8 – Matt Garrett
“I make $20,000 a month thanks to SEO and listbuilding!”
Matt Garrett
Matt Garrett explained to me how he uses his 5 main blogs to get free traffic
from the search engines, build his mailing list, and generate traffic to affiliate
He makes over $20,000 a month thanks to SEO and his mailing list, working
from home!
“I started making a living full time online in
2005. I started with simple affiliate Niche SEO
based websites which I had a fair amount of
success with, as I spent a lot of time researching
everything I could about SEO and building links to
my sites.
This gave me a good understanding of how to get
free organic traffic from the search engines.
I started making AdSense sites and was lucky
enough to get in when it was still easy money. In
the process I learnt a LOT about the "Black Hat"
Copyright © 2011 David Johnson. All Rights Reserved.
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side of SEO and site building, with cloaking and
other sneaky techniques for building backlinks to
By 2006 I hooked up with 3 fellow AdSense site
builders to automate the process of mass-building
AdSense sites. At one point we were building over
10 thousand sites a month!
Unfortunately Google caught up with us and I had 4
of my AdSense accounts closed down, including 2
that were totally "White Hat". It was a painful
and expensive learning experience, but ultimately
my business is better now because of it.
In late 2006 I got in to blogging as a serious
part of my business. I had some "niche" blogs
which I'd previously used for linking to my
AdSense sites and figured I should do something
with them, so I started learning everything I
could about blogs and specifically WordPress.
In the process I realized I might as well set up a
blog to share videos of what I learnt and was born, followed shortly by, where I share the results of
different stuff I test out for my own business.
The time I'd spent learning about blogs obviously
paid off, as both started getting reasonably good
traffic very quickly.
I now use 4 or 5 main "IM" based blogs to back up
my affiliate marketing and list building efforts,
and it works very well, having helped me build a
Copyright © 2011 David Johnson. All Rights Reserved.
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subscriber base of around 10,000 people and a
reliable $20,000+ monthly income.”
Case Study #9 – Jason Osborn
“I went from 0 to $2,000 a month in 90 days thanks to article marketing!”
Jason Osborn
Jason Osborn is an American who lives in Ireland.
He decided to try ‘article marketing’ as a way to get traffic from the search
(Google loves www.ezinearticles because the articles posted there are
reviewed by real editors, and are therefore screened for ‘quality’ – this means
that Google often ranks these articles on its first page of results for relevant
Jason uploaded some personal development and business articles on and started getting a trickle of free traffic this way.
Within 90 days he was making $2,000 a month thanks to the free traffic he
was generating from the search engines!
He found that by posting articles he could make $5 per month per article, on
average (the key here is to have hundreds of articles on the Internet), and was
getting 10 to 20 new subscribers a day.
Note: articles have recently lost 20 places on average, in
Google listings. And who is picking up the slack: YouTube videos!
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(Who bought YouTube for $1.65bn…? That’s right. Google did… and they’re
now placing YouTube videos much higher in their search rankings!)
Case Study #10 – Sotiris Bassarakopoulos
“I make $3,000 a month from my 450 ‘Adsense’ sites!”
Sotiris Bassarakopoulos
Sotiris Bassarakopoulos set up 450 websites this year and worked 6 months to
get them ranked highly on Google.
Thanks to this SEO work, he now makes over $3,000 a month from Google
Adsense revenue, Clickbank affiliate products, sales from an ‘autoblogging’
software tool, Amazon commissions, and other affiliate programs.
That’s $6.7 per site per month (or $0.22 per site per day, the same as Mark
Vurnum, interestingly enough).
He currently has the #1 position on Google for the keywords ‘free classified ads
london’ (, ‘free ads philippines’, ‘free
classified ads belfast’, #3 for ‘Free Classified Ads Edinburgh’, #6 for ‘Free
classified ads new york’, and #3 for ‘subliminal power review’.
These are the tools and strategies Sotiris uses to get his sites ranked in Google:
• ‘’ – ‘On-Page SEO Plugin for Wordpress’.
• ‘Mass Article Submitter’
• Onlywire (‘Auto-submit your online content and social status to the top
social media sites with one click’)
• He posts YouTube videos with backlinks to his sites
• His VA (Virtual Assistant from the Philippines) posts backlinks and
articles on multiple websites, and does link exchanges with other
Copyright © 2011 David Johnson. All Rights Reserved.
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• He recently started doing guest blogging on other high ranking sites
• He set up a feed and automates his twitter accounts and facebook fan
pages using ‘Networked Blogs’
Case Study #11 – Nick East
“I got my client to the top of Google in 6 weeks and they made £2,400!”
Nick East
Nick East recently revealed to me how he gets easy #1 rankings in Google:
1. Go to to find out what items and products are
popular (Top 10) in different categories.
2. Select a keyword you want to rank on Google for
3. Check what website is #1 at the moment in Google
4. Type that URL into, to see if it has less than 500 to
1,000 backlinks (websites linking back to that specific site)
5. If it has more than 1,000 backlinks, find another keyword that has less
than 500-1000 backlinks.
6. Once you’ve selected your keyword, register a domain name and set a
Wordpress blog on that domain.
7. To get backlinks, use (Up to 5 domains it’s
$59/month; Up to 20 domains – $99/month; 50 domains – $159/month)
8. Also use ($7 and then $47/month)
9. Buy .edu backlinks on ($5)
10.Get 8 relevant articles (150 words) written on, and uploaded
onto, for just $5!
Time spent: 2 hours doing research (Amazon, Google, Alexa), and 2 hours to
get everything else done.
Copyright © 2011 David Johnson. All Rights Reserved.
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He got one of his clients #1 in Google in less than 6 weeks for his main
keyword, which resulted in them getting 4 new clients at £600 each!
Case Study #12 – Yaro Starak
“I make $10,000 to $35,000 a month thanks to my blog!”
Yaro Starak
Yaro Starak is an Internet entrepreneur from Australia.
He started his blog in 2005, and today,
working less than 2 hours a day he consistently makes $10,000 to $35,000 per
month from his blog (he gets over 25,000 daily readers!)
He monetizes all that traffic by selling advertising space on his blog, as well as
promoting his own products and affiliate products.
Yaro operates his business from his home or on a Mac Air laptop while
traveling, he says, and thanks to free traffic from the search engines he
generates up to half a million dollars a year with no full time staff!
“When I first started back in November 2004, I was
an absolute beginner.
I quickly discovered that blogging was not only
easy to do, but also heaps of fun and I started to
build a loyal, responsive readership.
My Blog visitor numbers kept growing day-by-day
until one day I realized “Wow! I can actually make
money with this!”, so I threw myself into
experimenting with different techniques, including
advertising and affiliate programs to generate
Copyright © 2011 David Johnson. All Rights Reserved.
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(Check out Yaro’s free report, ‘Blog Profits Blueprint’ on
Search Engine Optimization Tips
• SEO is about content, and links.
• Optimize your pages for keywords that convert.
• Sarah Staar recommends BruteForceSEO linkbuilding tool ($150/month)
and SerpAssist automated backlinks tool ($97 per month)
• You can use to find expired domains that have
hundreds or thousands of backlinks already, and that still get traffic!
• John Reese recommends you use shorter domain names. Don’t use
numbers, don’t use hyphens and always use ‘.com’. Pay for multi-year
registration, because the longer the domain is in existence, the better.
A better long-term strategy, he says, is to build ONE site, deep in content
and links.
• Press Releases are good for getting you backlinks (check out
• Update your website or blog regularly with fresh content
• Competitive Intelligence: using and, find out
how many backlinks your top-ranked competitor has in Google… and
simply get more backlinks than them!
Copyright © 2011 David Johnson. All Rights Reserved.
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When it comes to making money thanks to SEO, every keyword typed into a
search engine – and there over 1 billion different ones typed into Google every
single day – is a MARKET to target, dominate, and profit from.
And every week, new terms, celebrities, trends, books, television shows, and
products come out, providing you with fresh new opportunities to quickly
dominate the search engines.
You can do this for yourself, to have your own income-generating websites
places on Page 1 of Google, or you can offer this as a service to the millions of
offline businesses that need a presence online.
Remember: Traffic = Money (and Free Traffic = FREE MONEY!)
I look forward of hearing of your many successes to come.
To Your Success
David Johnson
If you would like me to coach you on how YOU can
profit thanks to blogging and SEO, send me an email to
[email protected] !
Copyright © 2011 David Johnson. All Rights Reserved.