Special Client List How to Create a

How to Create a
Special Client List
1. F irst search for your clients
> tag the desired client or
select the top left box to
select all displayed clients
2. Right click on the mouse or
touch pad , from the popup menu select Add to
Special List
3. Always view your Special
List to ensure all clients
that are selected have been
added. To view your special
list, right click on the mouse
or the touch pad and select
View Special List
4. T
he total number of clients will be
displayed in the top right hand corner
of the Client Special List box. Ensure
that this is the same number that you
have selected in W.Connect as shown
in this screen view
Note: It is important to remember to remove
clients from the special list before creating
a new list, as the special list remembers the
names that you selected last time
5. T
o remove all clients currently in the
Special List, right click of the mouse or
touch pad and select “View Special
List” from the pop up menu that
6. O
nce in the Client Special List click on
Remove All and then select the Close
button. All clients that were currently
in your Special List have now been