How to Apply What’s it like? Physics Camp for Dallas-ISD Girls

How to Apply
What’s it like?
What prior participants have to say
Gather the information listed
below, and complete the easy
online application before April 5, 2013.
about the camp:
“I liked that we did hands-on activities.
I learn better when I get to experience it rather
than just taking notes.”
“The best things about the camp were the
food, getting to interact with girls from other
schools, and being able to experience other
ways of thinking with the assistance from
the instructors.”
“Any time I had a question, the instructors
and teaching assistants helped and made
sure I understood.”
“I really liked the fact that before this
camp I was unsure of what college I wanted
to attend and my career plans, but now I’m
pretty sure of what I want to do thanks to
being able to discuss it freely with
experienced people.”
“I had a lot of fun. Thank you very much
for the opportunity!”
What you need to tell us
about yourself:
Physics Camp
for Dallas-I SD Girls
Join us for physics, food, fun and a
free calculator!
• your name, address,
phone number, and email
• if a DART pass is needed to get to the camp
• your preferred internet networking tool
(facebook, email, etc)
• your school, grade, and current
science and math courses,
plus the science and
math courses you are signed up
for next year
• name of current science and math teachers
• a short (one to two paragraph) essay
describing a situation that
prompted you to work hard.
Was it a personal challenge?
A problem to be solved?
Access the online application:
Meet with young professionals and
learn about future career options in
STEM-related fields (science, technology,
engineering and math)!
June 17-28, 2013
This FREE summer physics camp
can help you brush up on your math
skills, learn to use your new
calculator, and fill some summer
days with learning and fun.
Posey Family
Registration is Easy!
Go online before April 5, 2013 at:
What is the Program?
The Physics camp centers on teaching
problem-solving skills enabling you to do well in
science, especially physics. During the two-week
program, the days will be split into segments so
that you will be able to switch from listening to
talking to doing hands-on work. Math and technical segments will support the work done in the
science segments. In addition to lab activities, you
may visit physics and engineering labs as well as
have the opportunity to meet college advisors.
Who is Eligible?
This program is available to female
students attending DISD high schools.
• By the end of this year, you must
have completed either Pre-AP Algebra II
or Pre-AP Precalculus.
• You must be signed up for your first
physics class next year.
• You should be entering your junior
year (exceptions will be made for
students who will be taking physics
during their sophomore year).
June 17-28
*9 a.m. - 3 p.m.
Monday through Friday
*Please note campers must arrive by 8:45 a.m. on Friday,
June 21 for a field trip.
Irma Lerma Rangel Young Women’s
Leadership School
1718 Robert B. Cullum Blvd.
Dallas, TX 75210
Lunch, calculator, and transportation
will be provided.
DISD school bus routes will run from local area middle schools to
Rangel. Also, Rangel is located close to the MLK DART Station on
the Green Line. DART buses stop in front of the school and passes
can be provided.
• You must be able to attend all 10 days
of the camp.
What’s in it for Me?
Our goal is for you to take two years of
physics and pass an AP Physics Exam
your senior year. This program will help
you acquire and/or review the skills
you’ll need to make that happen.
• Everyone who completes the program
receives a TI-84 graphing calculator
along with instruction in its use.
• In addition, students who currently
participate in the free or reduced lunch
program will be paid a stipend.
(Payment of this stipend depends on
attendance and active participation).