Who we are

Who we are
The Pharmaceutical Scientists’ Association
(PSA) represents all non-faculty academic
staff (“wissenschaftlicher Mittelbau”) of the
Institute of Pharmaceutical Sciences (IPW).
Membership is open to PhD students,
research assistants, postdocs and all other
scientific employees of the Institute. All AVETH
members of the institute are automatically
members of the PSA.
PSA was established in early 2006, when we
became independent from the general DCHAB association and became an official
sub-organization of the AVETH (Union of
Assistants of the ETH).
What we do
PSA represents its members in various
decision-making bodies such as the Teaching
Committee or the Department Conference.
Having second thoughts about your life after
ETH? The Career Opportunity committee of
PSA is working hard to organize workshops,
seminars or information posts from various life
science companies inside and outside of
You don’t know where to meet other people
outside your lab? In effort to promote
exchange among the scientific staff of our
institute PSA organizes events such as aperos,
barbecues and sports tournaments. For
upcoming events visit www.psa.ethz.ch.
Almost complete board of 2014.
How to contact us
If you want to know more, become a
member or take an active part in one of our
committees, please visit our homepage
www.psa.ethz.ch or contact one of our
board members:
 Jessica Schulz
[email protected]
 Ann-Helen Willrodt
[email protected]
To support AVETH and PSA please tick the
box at Neue Mitgliedschaft AVETH (CHF 4.pro Monat) when enrolling for the new
Agenda 2014
 Spring Semester Kick-off Party March 7th
 Bwoling April 15th
 Career Symposium May 26th
 Burger party June 25th
 Soccer PharmaCup June 21st
 Beach Volley Cup August 31st
 BocceCup July
 Pub Quiz in September
 Visit to pharmaceutical company in Sept
 Halloween Party in October
 Career seminar in November