OMSI Dennis Enviro 400

OMSI Dennis Enviro 400
OMSI Dennis Enviro 400
How to use independent terminus display for a line route
Prepared by KT 4404
Given that images and codes in the .hof file have been prepared for a line route,
player can use the independent display by either line and terminus selection dialog
or IBIS.
AI buses will automatically select the independent display if available!
(a) Line and Terminus Selection Dialog
Simply input the line number and choose the terminus of the route. Note that
the original terminus of the route should be chosen as usual, but not the extra
terminus added in the .hof file.
Also note that line number refers to the circled text in the time table selection
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Prepared by KT 4404
OMSI Dennis Enviro 400
(b) IBIS
Before input, a time table must be selected.
Simply input the line and route in the IBIS as usual. Note that the inputted line
and route in IBIS must be the same as that of current time table.
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Prepared by KT 4404
OMSI Dennis Enviro 400
For success, prepared image(s) for the line route will display.
For failure, the original image prepared for the terminus will display.
If no image was prepared for the terminus, the default image will display.
Original image
Default image
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Prepared by KT 4404
OMSI Dennis Enviro 400
For KMB E400, bus-full button is available for “bus full” display.
Simply press the button for the display.
For success, prepared image for bus full will display.
Otherwise, it displays the default image.
Prepared image
Default image
P.S. The .hof file for independent terminus display can be used by other buses even
if they do not have the scripts for this function, since extra termini added in
the .hof file won’t be selected to carry passengers.
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Prepared by KT 4404