How to Work  with Conklin’s  New Customer  and IBO 

How to Work with Conklin’s New Customer and IBO Enrollment Forms
“Conklin offers diverse products with diverse opportunities…”
Business Models
To simplify our business we focus on three Business Models:
1. Consumer
2. Crop & Livestock
3. Roofing Systems
Consumer Division Includes
y Vehicle Products
y Cleaning Products
y Health & Personal Care Products
y Fastrack Companion Animal Products
Crop & Livestock Division Includes
y Agricultural Products
y Fastrack/ Livestock
y Lawn Care Building Division Includes
y Roofing Systems
y Master Guard Products
Wood Sealers
Driveway Sealers
Conklin has focused on customers and IBOs in each of our three business models.
y Customers – purchase Conklin products at a wholesale or preferred discount for their personal consumption only.
y IBOs – promote and sell Conklin products to develop their own Conklin business, support their team members and train others to do the same.
Sponsors of customers need to give great service
• Help customers have an outstanding first product experience
• Teach your customers how to order and do business with Conklin.
• Provide product training and how to use Find Answers.
• Give customers great service, because that’s what will keep them coming back to you. Sponsors of IBOs need to give great leadership
y Provide IBOs ‐ your business builders ‐
great leadership.
y Teach IBOs how to be their own best customer and guide them as they build their business. y Provide support, training and communications through:
Conference calls √ Three way calls
Product training √ Opportunity meetings
Newsletters √ Find Answers
Conklin website Universal Enrollment Forms for Customers and IBOs
Registration Form
• Versatile - can be used
in all three business
• Package or option
information available on
the Introductory Flyers
•The registration forms
are editable with
enrollment information to
be printed, signed and
forwarded to Conklin.
Customer Account Information
• Customers are welcome to purchase products from all Conklin product
lines for personal consumption. Resellers are required to complete an IBO
agreement and retailers are required to complete a commercial purchaser
• A preferred customer account will activate upon receipt of this
registration form, payment and the first product order of $50+, when
submitted within 30 days of this registration.
• A wholesale account will activate upon receipt of this registration form
and payment.
• An account will remain active with $100 cumulative annual purchases.
After three years of inactivity, the account will close.
• All product and training credits will be surrendered in 24 months if
• As a wholesale or preferred customer, I am aware that I cannot participate
in Conklin’s Compensation Plan or sponsor others unless I am an IBO.
• I understand that I can become an IBO at anytime by completing an IBO
application and agreement.
Universal IBO Application and Agreement
Four differences between
Customer and IBO forms
•Social security/birth date
•Tax exempt status
•Add co-applicant
•Spouse’s signature
IBO Application & Agreement Terms & Conditions
Differences from customer account information:
•IBOs are welcome to purchase products from all Conklin
product lines for personal consumption and resale.
Retailers are required to complete a commercial
purchaser agreement.
•As a wholesale or preferred IBO, I am aware that I can
sponsor and participate in Conklin’s Compensation Plan.
•Complete terms & conditions on second page of
Application Terms and Conditions
Product‐Specific Enrollment Forms for Customers and IBOs
Product‐Specific Enrollment Forms for Customers and IBOs
Two differences between the Universal and Product‐
Specific enrollment forms:
Lists training packages
Only packages specific to each business model listed, for example: Premier & Standard Contractor training packages on Roofing Systems enrollment forms.
Introductory Flyers for All Enrollment Forms
Introductory Flyers
for All Enrollment Forms
y The flyers are professionally designed to partner with the enrollment forms helping you introduce Conklin products and the opportunity. y Feature Conklin training package options and their benefits. y Convenient review of enrollment options
y Professional leave‐behind piece with sponsor contact information.
y Reminder of purchase and the great investment they made.
Introductory Flyers
y An editable field has been provided on each of the flyers which allows you to insert your name and contact information before printing. y The bottom left hand corner of IBO agreements/ Registration forms and flyers all have an identifying letter or number. Use these to coordinate the appropriate form with the appropriate flyers.
y These flyers are provided in color and black‐and‐white.
Introductory Flyer for Roofing Systems IBO Application
Differences between Introductory Flyers for Customers vs. IBOs:
y Testimonial is about business success
y Benefits of being an IBO Complete Set of
Customer Enrollment Forms
Universal Customer Registration Form
1 – Customer Universal
Introduction Flyers
A – Customer Consumer Products
B – Customer Roofing Systems
C – Customer Crop and Livestock
Product-Specific Customer Registration Forms
3 – Customer Consumer Products
4 – Customer Roofing Systems
5 – Customer Crop and Livestock
Complete Set of
IBO Enrollment Forms
Universal IBO Application Form
2 – IBO Universal
Introduction Flyers
D – IBO Consumer Products
E – IBO Building Products
F – IBO Crop and Livestock
Product-Specific IBO Application Forms
6 – IBO Consumer Products
7 – IBO Building Products
8 – IBO Crop and Livestock
Package Summary
includes all
IBO and Customer
Package Options
Flyers &
Requesting an Enrollment Packet
Request a free packet from the Sales Center with your next order.
Product #005538
Each packet includes:
1. New Introductory Flyers
2. Universal and Consumer
enrollment forms for IBOs
and Customers
3. Package Summary
4. Flyer & Form Index
5. Download product-specific enrollment forms from website
Download all the new enrollment documents from the IBO Information Center
For your convenience
we’ve added the
information to the
IBO Information Center
Look in NEWS section,
then click on
New Enrollment Forms.
Questions and Answers Q: Can the old agreements and registration forms still be used?
A: As of June 1, 2008 the new enrollment forms will be required.
Q: Is an IBO/Customer automatically registered for the next training
program after they purchase a wholesale training package?
A: No, they can choose training dates which best fit their schedule.
Registration is required for each program by contacting the
Meetings/Training Dept. We encourage early registration.
Q & A Continued…
Q: What are the status change (upgrade) options?
A: Following is a list of all status changes possible.
‰ Preferred customer to wholesale customer
‰ Preferred customer to preferred IBO
‰ Preferred customer to wholesale IBO
‰ Wholesale customer to wholesale IBO
‰ Preferred IBO to wholesale IBO
‰ Add spouse as co-applicant
Q: How do I change status or help one of my customers/IBOs change
their status?
A: Complete an application or registration form by checking the desired
status change box, filling in the name and address fields, signing and
sending to Conklin.
Q & A Continued…
Q: Is the sponsor required to sign and provide contact information
on either enrollment form for a change of status?
A: No, a sponsor’s contact information and signature are only required
on the initial agreement or registration form.
Q: What is a co-applicant?
A: Co-applicant is a legal spouse, who has the right to sponsor and
equal ownership rights as an IBO. To be a co-applicant, the spouse
must provide their Social Security number and date of birth on the
enrollment form. A spouse’s name can be added to the account as a
courtesy, in instances where the spouse doesn’t want to be involved
in the business.
Q: Can my business partner be a co-applicant?
A: No, Conklin accepts only a legal spouse as co-applicant on the IBO
Q & A Continued…
Q: Can a business name be listed on an IBO agreement?
A: No, the IBO is required to personally complete the IBO agreement
using first and last name. To include your company name a Business
Supplemental Agreement is required. The purpose of the Business
Supplemental Agreement is to allow an IBO to assign commissions,
earnings and bonuses paid by the Conklin Company, to their corporation,
partnership or LLC for tax reporting purposes. The Business
Supplemental does not transfer ownership of the agreement to the
Q: Where can I locate a Business Supplemental Agreement?
A: Please contact Business Marketing for this document.
Q: Can a prospect complete the IBO Agreement and Business
Supplemental Agreement at the same time?
A: Yes, please document on cover letter that the Business Supplemental
Agreement is attached.
Q & A Continued…
Q: What is the difference between “resell” and “retail”?
A: Resell is when an IBO sells Conklin products at retail price. Retail is
when a store or business retails Conklin products at retail price (noted on
front of IBO agreements). IBOs are welcome to purchase products from
all Conklin product lines for personal use and for resale. Retailers are
required to complete a Commercial Purchaser Agreement.
Q: Where are tax exempt forms on the IBO Information Center?
A: You can find both the agriculture and reseller’s tax exempt forms in
the Business Marketing section under Tax Exempt Forms by state.
Q. How can I receive a Commercial Purchaser Agreement?
A. Please contact the Sales Center. They can offer you a selection of
Commercial Purchaser packets, which include our Commercial
Purchaser Agreement, a product catalog and literature and instructions
on how to order and do business with Conklin.
Business Marketing Dept is here to help you…
Contact the following people for questions or comments
¾Amy – Marketing Plan Lead
Voice link # 4232 or
[email protected]
¾Crystal ‐ Marketing Plan Specialist
Voice link # 4231 or
[email protected]
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