Accessing PA-NEDSS LMS Modules: IDE/VPD On-boarding

Accessing PA-NEDSS LMS Modules:
IDE/VPD On-boarding
Open an Internet Explorer window and navigate to the following web
NOTE: You can also access the online LMS training by clicking the Online
Training link on the Welcome to PA-NEDSS Home Page (Figure 1).
Figure 1: Accessing the Online Training Materials from within PA-NEDSS.
Enter your LMS user name and password and click the Login button
(Figure 2).
NOTE: Your CentreLearn (LMS) user information is NOT the same as
your PA-NEDSS user name and password. If you do not know your user
name and/or password please contact the Help Desk at 717-783-9171 or
[email protected] and indicate that you are attempting to view a PA-NEDSS
LMS module.
Figure 2: Logging on to CentreLearn LMS.
On the Welcome screen, scroll down and locate the My Current Courses
section. In that section, scroll down until you locate the course titled PA
NEDSS Training Modules (Figure 3).
Figure 3: Selecting PA NEDSS Training Modules from My Current Courses.
Click on the title, PA NEDSS Training Modules. This will open the PANEDSS curriculum screen. (Figure 4).
NOTE: There are several online courses in the PA-NEDSS curriculum. You
may need to scroll to locate the desired module in the list.
Figure 4: Viewing Modules Available in the PA-NEDSS Curriculum.
The IDE/VPD On-boarding module contains four sections (Figure 5):
PA-NEDSS IDE/VPD Workflow Module
PA-NEDSS IDE/VPD Investigating Lyme Disease and Hepatitis
PA-NEDSS IDE/VPD Working with Outbreaks Module
PA-NEDSS IDE/VPD Analysis & Reporting Module
NOTE: It is recommended to complete the general Public Health Staff 101
and Analysis & Reporting modules before proceeding to program area
specific on-boarding. It is also recommended that you view the IDE/VPD
module parts in sequence and in accordance with your permissions.
Figure 5: Accessing the PA-NEDSS IDE/VPD On-boarding Modules.
There are module navigation instructions included as part of each onboarding module.
As a reminder, if you would like to pause the presentation, click the
play/pause button on the toolbar. Click the button again to resume viewing
the module (Figure 6).
Figure 6: Pausing and Resuming Module Presentation.
While viewing, if you would like to skip ahead or refer back to a specific
section, click the arrow buttons on the screen to move forward and
backward (Figure 7).
Figure 7: Advancing or Returning to Module Slides.
Once you have completed the module, please take a few moments to
complete the associated surveys. This will assist the PA-NEDSS team in
creating future modules (Figure 8).
NOTE: Some modules have separate surveys for the components of the
module (workflow, A&R, etc.)
Figure 8: Accessing the Module Feedback Survey.