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Gulf Daily News Monday, 12th September 2011
Beatles tribute shows set
n Babies require additional attention and care during the
earliest part of their lives
n can explain the
to look for in a
to see a doctor.
or caput, is probnding in a neoDr Chandran.
s the midline
cification and hardening of the skull bone
and requires a visit to the doctor.
Jaundice is a condition which results
in yellowish discolouration of skin and
mucus membrane and happens when
the haemoglobin changes from foetal to
adult type.
This discolouration appears after the
third day, but if it appears within
the first two days and persists
beyond two weeks, then adequate hydration, urine output and
bowel movements are essential.
If detected early, a simple
treatment with blue light and
adequate feeding will suffice.
However, if the baby remains
are some of the other speculated causes.
jaundiced beyond two weeks,
Fortunately, a number of pharmacologithe doctor should be consulted
cal and non-pharmacological treatments
for a proper diagnosis and necare available.
essary tests.
While the use of antibiotics are a debat“Occasionally, the jaundice
able approach to treatment, experts have
can be breast milk jaundice,
thrown their weight behind other methods
where the baby has high yet
like Alpha Blockers, anti-inflammatory
safe levels of jaundice that lasts
techniques and anti-depressant and muscle
up to three months,” said Dr
“Non-pharmacological treatments
“This is diagnosed by excluinclude physical therapy such as trigger
sion and is usually seen in
point release, therapy on pelvic floor and
mothers with a given history of
abdominal muscles and yoga type exerprevious babies with prolonged
cises with the aim of relaxing the pelvic
floor and abdominal muscles,” said Dr Al
Dr Chandran’s ongoing visit
to the Royal Bahrain Hospital
Contact the Bahrain Specialist Hospital
continues until September 18.
on 17246939 or 17246857 for more inforContact the hospital on
17246800 for appointments and
other information.
which is soft to the feel,” he said.
“This normally resolves itself within a
few days but if the swelling is not across
the midline, it can last anywhere from
weeks to months.”
This type of swelling occurs if the blood
collects in the deep layers of the skull. It
could cause anaemia at birth, jaundice, cal-
for prostatitis
n Dr Al Khatib
cluding stress-driven
y-adrenal axis dyscortical hormone
mmation, Myofascial
obacteria and viruses
Slow down ageing process
ye bags, puffiness, dark circles, tired eyes,
and wrinkles could soon be a thing of the past
thanks to a new treatment method that is now
available at the Farrell German Skin Care Centre.
The centre has now introduced a brand new
Infrared Eye Mask treatment that results in increased
blood circulation, metabolism, oxygen levels and
collagen that all contribute to slowing down the
aging process.
There is also a number of treatments to combat
conditions, including acne, wrinkles, pigmentation,
cellulite, fat reduction and stretch marks.
Other options include permanent hair removal,
skin rejuvenation and anti-aging procedures and
other preventive measures to keep the skin looking
and feeling young and vibrant.
The centre’s team of experts believes that skin
problems should be handled comprehensively
and chalk out steps that give the body a chance to
improve itself. In the past customers have been satisfied with the centre’s range of treatment methods.
These included the Fat-Away-Method, the AntiCellulite-Method, Microdermabrasion, the Intense
Pulsed Light (IPL) technique, Cavitation, Ultrasonic,
Radiofrequency, High Frequency, Mesotherapy,
Lymphatic Massage, and Iontopherese.
The safe and non-invasive Farrell Fat-AwayMethod brings about fat reduction and fat removal
using selective dissolution of fat cells whilst simultaneously protecting other tissues.
Fat cells will be cracked and removed leaving the
body shaped and tightened. The treatment doesn’t
affect normal working and living
and could result in fat reduction
of up to one size.
The specialists at the centre
believe that a comprehensive skin
check should precede the start of
any treatment regimen since problems vary from person to person.
Accordingly, specialists first
speak to clients and outline possible treatment methods before they
take the next step.
Customers can now take advantage of a new check-up upgrade
that gives them before and after
pictures using a Microscope camera that focuses on key areas.
The centre is located at flat 225
on the second floor of the Nasser
Pharmacy complex, near Al
Jazeera Supermarket, Zinj.
It is open from 9am to 5pm
from Saturdays to Mondays and
from 1pm to 9pm from Tuesdays
to Thursdays.
Contact 17722696 for appointments and other information.
he UK’s number one
Beatles tribute band
will bring rock and roll
and the legendary music of
Liverpool’s fab four back to
Bahrain at two spectacular
tribute shows taking place this
The Fab Beatles pride themselves on their professionalism
and attention to detail and it’s
well documented that their
sound is the closest that fans
will ever hear to the originals.
With concerts performed
all over the UK, Europe, the
Middle East and the Americas,
the Fab Beatles create magic
using authentic instruments and
The band even boasts to have
the drum kit that Ringo Starr
used during the Beatles’ 1964
American tour.
Chosen by the BBC as quite
simply “The Best”, the show
will bring the memories flooding back for all generations
with music loved by millions
of Beatles fans throughout
the world, performed live at
Champs, Juffair.
Champs is Bahrain’s premiere outlet, a place to socialise
and unwind while enjoying the
latest in live sports, bands and
Its focus on sport has converted it into Bahrain’s veritable headquarters of spectator
Sport fans will never miss
a moment of their favourite
games as they are streamed live
on multiple screens and through
Arrive early or visit Champs
to get tickets to the Fab Beatles
The Fab Beatles perform
at Kicks, Amwaj Islands, on
Thursday and at Champs on
Entry is BD5 and the curtain
rises at 9pm for both shows.
Contact 39812397 for more
Head to Champs for ‘Good
Food, Good Times, Good