“How To Talk About Jesus Without Freaking Out!” FREE

FREE seminar sponsored by Christian ConneXions
“How To Talk About Jesus Without Freaking Out!”
March 24, 2012, Saturday 9am-4pm
Anacortes Middle School cafeteria – 22nd & M (parking off 22nd)
Book authors Karen & Jim Covell here from Hollywood for this one day seminar!
"Talk About Jesus" is practical, challenging, and compelling. It contains vital information that will help
today’s Christians effectively share their faith in the 21st century." ~ Josh McDowell, Author/Speaker
Karen Covell is a producer, writer, and Director of the Hollywood
Prayer Network (HPN). See Karen talk about the Hollywood Prayer
Network on You Tube at: http://vimeo.com/14145557.
Jim Covell is a song-writer and conductor. He’s written scores for
feature films, including Dennis the Menace Christmas, The List, and
the Christian film, Left Behind — which was recorded with the London
Symphony. Along with his work in film, Jim has worked for all four of
the major networks scoring pilots, TV movies, specials and series.
The Covells help audiences learn easy steps to effectively talk about
Jesus – without freezing up, freaking out, or wimping out. You’ll gain
confidence, overcome fear, and see how easily this all can be done
without freaking out yourself or anyone else! As Hollywood storytellers themselves, Karen and Jim explain the power of “Their (the
other person’s) Story,” “Your Story,” and “His (Jesus’) Story” — and
Karen & Jim Covell & their two sons how our stories can be used by the Lord to impact others.
See Karen & Jim Covell, and other co-author Victorya Rogers, talk about their book “How To Talk
About Jesus Without Freaking Out” on You Tube at: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2AOikCf8ulA
FREE books to the first 110 people to sign up and make an “on your honor” commitment to attend!
The publisher ran out of books but is printing more and they should be ready just before the seminar. We
bought ours off the internet as used books but they are in excellent condition. Karen Covell will make new
books available for just $6 each when they are here (they are $14.99 on Amazon). Read the first few pages
of the book by copying and pasting the following into your web browser (ignore the spacing problems,
though): http://www.worldcat.org/wcpa/servlet/org.oclc.lac.ui.DialABookServlet?oclcnum=123900271
E-mail [email protected] or call (360)299-8280
Tell her your name, e-mail number, phone number & church affiliation if one.
BRING YOUR OWN LUNCH TO THE SEMINAR! We will have a “working lunch.”
 Christian ConneXions (made up of twin sisters Maureen “Mo” Gallagher Jensen & Mary Lou Childs) is financing
all expenses for the seminar: Speakers’ fees, travel, hotel, meals, 110+ books, venue rent, advertising, etc.
We will have a “freewill offering” at the end of the seminar and will gladly accept any financial help to replenish
the Christian ConneXions account of the $3,500+ this is costing so we can hold future seminars and events!
“To God be the glory! Amen!”