Weekly Forecast
January 20, 2009
From our
Geoje's International Penguins
e woke up late for a Saturday, 6:45, and had cold showers to see if we could
prepare ourselves for the cold of the sea. It was a cold morning, minus
something, but sunny at least.
The GMM site team met in the apartment car park at 9:30 and off we went.
The Korean Marines were directing traffic at the beach and once the cars were
parked we went off to sign in and get our commemorative swimming T-shirts and
Three of the site team were swimming this year. Jerry was a bit apprehensive!
At the beach it looked warm but the wind was cutting, and that was while we were
still wearing clothes! We went to the water's edge to test the temperature and it
didn't seem so bad.
As the morning went on,
Deokpo Beach started to get
busy, but not many
foreigners were
evident this year!
So, when the TV
crews arrived we
were interviewed by
everyone: KNN,
Arirang, plus independent reporters.
The swim was listed
as starting at 11:00 so
off we went to
change; when we got
back to the beach people stared and pointed at
these three crazies who
1 / 21
1 / 22
41.0~48.2℉ 39.2~48.2℉
1 / 23
1 / 24
1 / 25
1 / 26
-1 ~4℃
30.2~39.2℉ 21.2~35.6℉ 23.0~41.0℉ 24.8~44.6℉
were in t-shirts and swimming shorts, and
looking cold!
Another round of interviews, including
close-ups of goose bumps on legs, followed.
After an hour of speeches from the various sponsors, it was time to get in.
Everyone rushed into the water
and the cold took your breath
away. You end up swimming
without thinking, focused on the
boat at the halfway mark. At the boat
you reach your arm out for a rubber band
to be put on your wrist, but as you do this the people coming in behind you push you down under the
water; this was a bit scary! I was helped to one side,
but only so I could be interviewed again by the film
crew on the boat.
I was getting cold so I pushed back to shore,
swimming and finally walking out. The
relief of touching the bottom and walking
ashore was great. Then up on the stage to
get the medal and then off for a hot drink
and to get dressed. Another year of
Penguin swimming over; we must be
mad! We look forward to next year(with
Stephen Hampton
Jerry Ridgeon
Max Koziy
GMM site team
Let's Learn How to Perform
ll cultures have their own
greeting customs. According
to Korean tradition, the formal greeting on special occasions is a deep bow where you get down
on both knees and bend your upper body. This
kind of greeting is known as 'jeol'.
The Seollal jeol is called 'sebae', and this tradition
is strictly observed even today. On the official day
of Seollal, Koreans change into hanbok (traditional
Korean costume) to symbolize new beginnings.
This involves starting off the year with a clean
body and heart and paying their respects to their
elders by bowing or doing sebae.
An insight into Seollal
In Korea, Lunar New Year's Day (Seollal) is one
of the most important traditional events of the
year, and much more significant than January 1st.
The Korean New Year uses the lunar calendar and,
therefore, is different from the western New Year.
By the western calendar, January 1st is the New
Year, however by the 2009 lunar calendar the New
Year begins on January 26, so the holiday period is
from 25 - 27, 2009. (DSME will take another day
off on the 28th.)
On Seollal, Koreans wear hanbok, have ancestormemorial services, bow to their elders and wish
each other a Happy New Year.
On New Year's morning, Koreans eat ddeokguk
(rice-cake soup). After eating ddeokguk, it is considered truly to be the New Year.
Hand positions
When performing sebae, the woman places her
right hand on her left hand, and, vice-versa for the
General Restaurant (Free)
21 WED
22 THU
23 FRI
29 THU
30 FRI
A: Beef-rib soup, Hard boiled tofu, Rice with tuna and vegetable, Fruit salad
B: Ramyeon noodles
A: Soybean paste soup, Chopsuey, Pan fried fishcake, Black rice / B: Noodles
A: Chopped chicken spicy soup, Broiled fish, Millet rice
B: Curry spaghetti
A: Oyster soup, Stir fried chicken, Pan broiled tofu, Rice with sweet pumpkin
B: Rice cake soup
A: Soybean paste soup, Hard boiled mackerel, Steamed dumpling, Raw sea tangle, Boiled barley /
B: Udon
Bay View Restaurant (6,000won)
21 WED
22 THU
23 FRI
29 THU
30 FRI
Pork Teriyaki, Vegetable sandwich, Carrot soup, Green salad, Bread or Rice, Coffee
Combination pizza, Garlic bread, Onion soup, Green salad, Bread or Rice, Coffee
Chicken pilaf, Tuna sandwich, Green peas soup, Green salad, Bread or Rice, Coffee
Hamburg steak, Ham & egg sandwich, Cream soup, Green salad, Bread or Rice, Coffee
Beef quesadillas, Vegetable sandwich, Tomato soup, Green salad, read or Rice, Coffee
Beef cutlet, ham & cheese sandwich, Cream soup, Green salad, read or Rice, Coffee
Prawn pilaf, Tuna sandwich, Brocolli soup, Green salad, read or Rice, Coffee
Happy Birthday ■20 Vidar Oen (Odfjell) / C. H. Kim (QG) / D. S. Yu (Transocean) ■21 E. C. Jo (GL) / Florent Guy Fanica (TOTAL) ■22 Alan Loiig
Guillard (TOTAL) / Owen Clay Jenschke (Transocean) / Paul Joseph McGourty (Transocean) ■23 Darren George Hall (Odfjell) / C. S. Hwang (Transocean)
■24 C. H. Go (ABS) ■25 S. O. Jeong (DNV) ■26 Glib Mykh (Petroserv) / David Neil Jones (QG) ■27 Gan Tion Chin (DNV) ■28 Sigve Vatsvaag (Odfjell)
■29 J. H. Kim (Petroserv) / J. S. Yoon (DNV) / Bajic Damir (DNV) ■31 Paulo Roberto Sampaio (Petroserv) / G. H. Jang (QG) / Katsumi Tanaka (Exmar)