How To Install And Setup An HKS Actuator!

How To Install And Setup An HKS Actuator!
You will need an mm ruler like this one
You will need to pre set the boost you want.
128mm = .5Bar or 7.25psi
123mm = .8Bar or 11.60psi
121mm = 1.0Bar or 14.50psi
119mm = 1.2Bar or 17.4psi
You set the boost by adjusting the sleeve with the ruler set at the mm wanted like this
The mm must line up with half the pin like the picture above. The actuator is set at 128mm to achieve .5bar or 7.25psi. you
must set yours to the boost that you would like.
Now that the Actuator is set Lets get on with the installation.
1. Remove the Intake Pipe use 10mm socket
2. Remove Charge Pipe use a 10mm socket on intercooler an a 12mm socket on turbo
3. Remove remaining Intake Pipe. Use 12mm Socket on top an 10mm Socket on turbo
4. Remove the hose from Actuator to turbo and from Actuator to solenoid
5. Remove Heat Shield for better access.
6. Remove Stock Actuator. There is a pin that holds the actuator to the waste gate like this one
Use a 12mm socket to remove actuator from turbo
7. Next Install your already setup HKS actuator
Notice the pin on the waste gate on picture below
8. Install your new hose lines
9. Install the rest of the parts back going backward from step 5.