How to Access the Morley College Email Service  

How to Access the Morley College Email Service Morley College provides all staff with access to emĂŝl. The College e‐mail system can be accessed remotely using an internet‐connected computer with the Microsoft Internet Explorer web browser installed (version 6 or later). You will also need your user name and password that were supplied by IT Services. Connecting 1. Enter the following website address in Internet Explorer ‐ 2. When prompted for your user name, please enter staff\ followed by your user name in the user name box (without quotes). For example, if your username is emmasmith enter staff\emmasmith. 3. Enter your password in the password box. Please note that passwords are case‐sensitive and expire every 90 days so you are advised to change your password frequently. 4. Click the OK button to proceed If you have entered your username and password correctly you should now see the Outlook Web Access web page and your College mailbox. Getting Started There is a Getting Started guide available online by clicking the help button in the toolbar. Please review the section entitled “Getting Started” initially before exploring the help available within other sections such as your Inbox, Calendar, Contacts and so on. Global Address Book The e‐mail service includes access to the College address list which contains the emaŝl address for members of staff that are users of the College e‐mail system. You can refer to this list when sending an e‐mail by clicking the To button and using the “Find Names” facility. You can also maintain your own list of contacts – click on the Help button and then About Contacts for more details. Page 1 of 2
Attachments To attach a file to an email, create a new emailandthencliĐkthĞ paper‐clipicŽn.
Click the Browse button then locate and select the file to be attached before clicking OK. Click the Attach button to attach the file to the e‐mail and repeat for additional attachments as required. Click the Close button to return to the e‐mail. If you have been sent an emailwithanattachŵenƚ,simplyclick the attachment toviewit. If you choose to save a copy of an attachment please ensure that any confidential or sensitive College documents are held securely. Security The email service uses standard website security and you should see a yellow padlock at the bottom right of your web browser once logged in. The network of computers at Morley College contains information that is confidential and sensitive. Access is therefore subject to the College's Information Systems Acceptable Use policy and granted at the College’s discretion. You should never disclose your password to anyone. Please do not to enable the option to save your password when logging in as this may allow other users access to resources under your logon name. You are also advised not to leave your computer unattended whilst logged in, especially if using a shared access PC. If you believe someone else has discovered your logon details, please contact the helpdesk. Logging Out Please remember to log out and close the browser when you have finished. Technical Support For further guidance, please contact the IT Services helpdesk. T: 020 7450 1830, E: [email protected]