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I arrived in town at about 3:15, opened the gate, locked
the gate, organized my posters, grabbed $5 from my bag,
tucked it away in the corner of the counter, and set out to
put up some posters in the alpha building and grab some
coffee before meeting up with a scheduled appointment at
4:30pm back at Haven.
When I left I made sure the doors were locked, but when
I returned the door was open and African Dance sign on
the street, and a young women, Brook, sweeping and
preparing the space for class earlier than usual. This was
at 4:30pm. She arrived at Haven between 3:45-4:00pm.
Some time between the time she arrived and before I
returned, she claims a man in his late 30s, early 40s,
wearing a hat, with shoulder length brown curly hair who
claimed to be looking for me came downstairs, wandered
around a bit, and then left.
When I returned, my bag was where I left it, with my
computer and wallet (without money) were still in the
bag, however a black Shure microphone case with about
$1200, two checks totaling over $500 made out to The
Hive Collective, a money order addressed to me for
$350, another $285 in cash bundled with paperwork from
the BriarPatch Co-op for pre-sales from AfroMassive,
Hot Lunch, and Fungineers, AND plus a black and gold
houndstooth makeup bag with about $1200, totaling over
Normally I don’t carry this much cash around with me, but
I intended to go to the bank to make a deposit after my
meeting, in preperation for the new month as well as to
pay off some bills in an effort to make my way to a new
chapter in my life. Had I known that African Dance opened
Sara Zahn
c/o Haven Underground
10457 Manzanita Dr
Grass Valley, CA 95945
Please address your checks to Sara Zahn
the doors earlier than usual, I never would have left my
bag there unattended. I thought by securing and locking
the doors my stuff would be safe while I was away for 45
In light of all of this money being stolen, I am FLAT
BROKE. I have about $30 to my name. And the Haven is
at a MAJOR LOSS. While I did file a police report, there
isn’t much they can do. Any information leading to the thief,
recovery, or information would be GREATLY appreciated. I
am absolutely devastated that someone would do this, and
am at a total loss financially.
The money was mostly in $1s, 5s, and 10s, and bus
bundled with paperclips and rubber bands in stacks of
hundreds within their respective cases.
Any information can be private messaged to me here, at
[email protected], or sent anonymously using
our contact form at
If you wish to send an anonymous tip, feel free to type in a
fake name and email address.
Thanks in advance for your help.
[email protected]
4/1/13 update:
A week has passed without any leads, no camera footage,
no assistance from the Nevada City Police, or any sign
of recovery. Thanks to everyone who has showed their
support. As of 4/1/13 we have recieved $600 in donations.
Every little bit helps, but we still have a long way to go.