How to Set Up a Free Blog blogging today!

How to Set Up a Free Blog
Step by step instructions to get you
blogging today!
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Sign in with Google Account
Totally free
Accessible anywhere
Let’s Get Started!
1. Go to
2. Sign in with your Google Account
a) If you don’t have one, you can easily
create one from this screen
Let’s Get Started!
1. Sign up for Blogger
a) Complete your Display
Name. This will show at the
bottom of every post like
this: Posted by Sally Jones
b) Accept the Terms of Service
c) Indicate if you want to
receive emails.
d) Click Continue
Your Dashboard
1. Your Dashboard
1. Access your public profile
2. Integrate with Amazon
3. Select your language
4. Create Your Blog – CLICK THIS NOW
Create Your Blog
1. Name Your Blog
1. Choose the name for your
blog. This can be anything you
want and can be changed later.
2. Choose your blog address.
a) This creates your URL, so
choose carefully.
b) Short is better than long
c) Easy is better than
d) Example:
would become this url:
When finished, click Continue
Choose Your Template
1. Choose Your Template
1. A template is the way your blog looks.
2. Most templates can be customized with
your own colors and backgrounds
3. Choose based on layout, not colors.
a) For example: do you want 1, 2, or 3
4. You can always change your template, so
don’t stress over this choice.
When finished, click Continue
You’re Good to Go!
1. Your Blog is Ready to Go!
1. You can begin posting now, by
clicking “Start Blogging”
2. Or, you can play around with
the way things look.
Click “Start Blogging” now.
Your First Post
1. Write Your First Post
1. On this page you can insert the
contents of your first post.
2. You can make adjustments to
the text by using the Word
editor functions
3. You can insert images (see
next slide)
4. If you know HTML, you can
input your post that way, by
clicking on the Edit HTML tab.
Click “Start Blogging” now.
Your First Post
1. On this slide, you can see that
there is now content.
2. I selected “Save” instead of
publish, because it isn’t quite
finished yet.
3. Now I can insert images.
Click “Start Blogging” now.
Adding an Image
1. Select where you want the image to
2. Click the icon of an image in the top
3. The Add Image dialog box will
4. Add image in the following ways:
1. You can upload an image from your computer
2. Insert an image you’ve already uploaded (by clicking “From this blog”
3. From your Picasa album
4. Or, from a URL (highly discouraged)
Adding an Image
1. Click “Choose files”
2. This will enable you to navigate to
the image you want on your
3. When you have found the image
you want to use, click “Open”
4. You will see the image in the
dialog box.
5. Click “Add Selected”
Adding an Image
You can see the images you selected
in your post.
If you click on the image, you can
choose the size and the alignment,
add a caption, or delete.
Previewing Your Post
You can preview exactly how your post will look by clicking the “Preview” button at the
bottom of the page. (The preview opens in a new window, so you can always go back to
your post editing)
Publishing Your Post
When you have your post looking just the way you want it, just click “Publish” to make
the post go live. This screen will appear so you know it is published.
Editing the Blog’s Appearance
Return to the Dashboard, by clicking in the top right corner of your window.
Once back in your Dashboard, click Design.
Editing the Blog’s Appearance
When you click design, this scary page appears. Don’t
panic! You can play with that later.
Instead, click the Template Designer link at the top of
the page on the left.
Editing the Blog’s Appearance
With this interactive tool, you can change templates, colors, background, layout, etc.
Go ahead, have fun creating something really awesome!
Editing the Blog’s Appearance
When you have your blog looking the way you want, it is easy to publish it.
Just click “Apply to Blog” in the top right corner, and you are