Industrial Treated Yarn Entry Barriers and how to Overcome through new initiatives

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Industrial Treated Yarn
Entry Barriers and how to Overcome
through new initiatives
Karthick Gnanasekharan,
Managing Director,
MEP-OLBO India Pvt Ltd.
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175 years of textile history
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Valentin Mehler started a craft enterprise for table linen with 53
employees and he generated a turnover of 66 422 “Goldmark”.
Starting from this time the company moved progressively to a
specialist of technical textile.
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Holding Sites Products Inside look
• Products for the building industry
and agriculture
• Personal security
• Textile reinforcement
• Dipped yarns and cords
• Tents, sun protection
• Ladies‘ fashion
• Coated fabrics
• Technical fabrics
• Machine building and
engineering services
• Information technology
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The world leading partner for your rubber goods
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Locations MEP-OLBO – worldwide
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Fulda, D
Wujiang, CN
Hessisch Lichtenau, D
Kalefeld, D
Martinsville, USA
Famalicao, PT
Bangalore, IND
Jilemnice, CZ
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Production possibilities and
operating figures
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Technical possibilities
Twisting possibilities :
from dtex 50 to dtex 100.000
from dtex 220 to dtex 50.000
up to 3 m width
Treatment possibilities :
Weaving possibilities :
Production capacities
Yarn capacities worldwide :
Fabric capacities worldwide :
approx 19.000 tons = 36.376.279 lb
approx 19.500 tons = 42.990.149 lb
Operating figures
Turnover 2009 worldwide :
120 million € = US $ 162 Mill
Turnover 2010 worldwide :
155 million € = US $ 209 Mill
Turnover 2011 worldwide :
158 million € = US $ 213 Mill
Forecast 2012 wordwide:
170 million € = US $ 230 Mill
Employees worldwide :
approx. 1.000
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Entry Barriers 1
Market Overview
In India manufacturing of Industrial treated yarns (ITY) is still a maturing
Currently, in India manufacture of ITY is mainly for industrial application
and not fully explored into automotive
Manufacturing of ITY for the automotive application – high potential is
The market today for ITY in India is still low and does not justify a large
scale production
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Entry Barriers 2
Availability of land
• Within 50km radius of city limits
• High price even when compared to developed countries
• Payment of all money through bank – limited options
Government support
• Unclear rules, laws & legislations
• Single window system – limitations
• Time frames for approvals – uncertainty
• Red carpet welcome does not translate into reality
• Poor cooperation from officials
• Power –
• unstable and huge shortages
• Limitations to get uninterrupted power - minimum demand
(KVA) restrictions for continuous process industries
• Higher capital cost and revenue costs
• Water
• Roads – accessibility and travel time
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Entry Barriers 3
Human resources
• Well educated but poor skill levels – industry alignment missing
• Long term engagement?
• Values – commitment, work ethics, house keeping,
• Trade unions
Equipment & local vendors
• Non realistic time frames
• Not aware of high standards of developed nations
Raw materials
• Filament imports
• Chemical imports – largely
• Start up company – bank finance is almost impossible
• Mortgage not possible
• Repatriation is too expensive
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New Initiatives 1
Market Overview
• With the global market in mind and in the reach of the group a
global capacity is being implemented – not limited to domestic
• The latest technology is under implementation – new
generation products
• Highest level of automation is under implementation to acieve
automotive volumes
• High importance towards HSE topics
• German engineering with Indian manufacturing
Availability of land
• Pan India survey was done to choose the right location
a. Technically
b. Politically
c. Financially – right vendor
d. Business wise
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New Initiatives 2
•Government support
•Cushion for delays at various stages to be factored in
project time plan – with regards to government clearances,
local suppliers
•Engagement of consultants to obtain clearances from
statutory authorities
•Install captive generators with battery back up UPS – for
continuous process machinery
•Buy water at high cost from local suppliers
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New Initiatives 3
•Human Resources
•Recruiting of talented people – takes time and comes with
candidate referrals
• Plan for training programs which will improve the skill levels
and other attributes of employees
•Engagement of blue collar employees through manpower
supply agencies on contract – assess and then may take
good employees on rolls
• Look for funding options with banks of foreign origin
• ECB route for capital goods
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India Office:
Head Quarters:
Edelzeller Strasse 44
36043 Fulda
MEP-OLBO India Private Limited
Plot Nos S10-S15,
Intergrated Textile Park,
KIADB Industrial Area,
Bangalore 561 203, India.
Tel.: +49 661 103- 0
Fax: +49 661 103- 666
E-Mail: [email protected]
Tel. : +91 80 2763 0068
Fax : +91 80 2763 0008
E-Mail: [email protected]
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