PyPy Sprint London - How to get there Getting to Kings

PyPy Sprint London - How to get there
Getting to Kings
The sprint will be held at the Strand campus of King’s College London. The full address is:
Kings College London
United Kingdom
The closest station is Temple. You can use the District Line or the Circle Line to get there.
Other relatively close stations are:
● Holborn: Central Line, Picadilly Line
● Covent Garden: Picadilly Line
See below for further details on how to get from the station to the college or check out
Directions from stations close-by:
From Temple:,0.115185&sspn=0.002898,0.008256&geocode=Fen_EQMdgkP-_w%3BFWQDEgMdcjj_w&oq=strand+kigns&gl=uk&dirflg=w&mra=dme&mrsp=1&sz=18&t=m&z=18
From Holborn:
From Covent Garden:,0.120538&spn=0.005796,0.016512&sll=51.512669,0.121118&sspn=0.005796,0.016512&geocode=FZwEEgMd3B3-_w%3BFWQDEgMdcjj_w&gl=uk&dirflg=w&mra=dme&mrsp=0&sz=17&t=m&z=17
Contact details
Lukas: +44 7784 872176, [email protected]
Carl: +44 7565944560, [email protected]
Laurie: [email protected]
Edd: [email protected]
Getting into the Building
Full sprint
Time: Monday, August 26 - Sunday, September 1
Location: King’s College London; Strand; Room S6.06
The sprint takes place in the Room S6.06 in the Strand building of King’s College London. The
building can be entered through either the main entrance (Tue-Fri inclusive) or the security side
entrance (Mon, Sat, Sun).
Main entrance
1) Enter the building through the main entrance.
2) Take the elevator to the 6th floor.
3) Once there, turn left. You will need a swipe
4) Walk straight until you'll see S6.06 on the left
card to access the offices or call Carl, Lukas,
hand side.
Edd or Laurie to let you in (see above for contact
Side/Security entrance
On the first Monday (a holiday in the UK), the following weekend (and after about 8pm during the
week) there will be a security person sitting in a small booth to the side of the closed front gate. They
will have a list with all the participants, so tell them your name and they’ll let you in.
1) Enter through the gate of the sceurity
2) Immediately turn right through the doors.
3) The elevator needs a swipe card to get to the
6th floor. If you don’t have one with you the
security person can swipe you in as well.
4) Once you are on the 6th floor, turn right and
you’ll face the room S6.06. The door is on the left
Demo session
Time: Tuesday, August 27, 18:30 - 19:30 (BST)
Location: King’s College London; Strand; Room K2.31
1) The demo session takes place in the King’s
building in room K2.31. To get there enter
through the main entrance.
2) Go left past the elevators until you enter a new
section of the building.
3) Go up the stairs to the next level.
4) Enter the hallway and immediately turn right.
5) You are now facing K2.31.