How to install Mike Urban/Mike GIS/Mike Basin version 2012 if... already have existing version of 2011?

How to install Mike Urban/Mike GIS/Mike Basin version 2012 if I
already have existing version of 2011?
To install the Mike Urban/ Mike GIS /Mike Basin 2012 when you already have older version, the first
step is to uninstall all Mike by DHI products from your computer. ArcGIS 10.1 is an official version for
Mike by DHI 2012 products with GIS base so if your ArcGIS product is differ from this version, it should
be uninstall as well.
Steps to uninstall old version of Mike by DHI products;
1. Open Control Panel/All Control Panel Items/Programs and Features
2. Find the DHI products and double click then the following dialog will appear. Select “Remove”
and click “Next”
3. And then confirm the uninstallation. Once the uninstallation completes this dialog will appear,
click “Finish” then the uninstallation is done.
Steps to install Mike by DHI products2012;
1. Launch Mike by DHI 2012 DVD. If the Setup is not automatically start then browse to the DVD
folder and click on Setup.exe.
2. After that the following dialog will appear the click Run
3. Next step is to select product to install from Product Overview. In this example, Mike GIS is
selected then click on “Install MIKE GIS”
4. After that follow the Wizard installation guild
5. Accept the license Agreement then click Next
6. After the license agreement is done, the installation wizard will direct to Feature section. When
clicking on each feature, look at the feature description on the right and check if there is enough
space as require for installation. Click Next to continue.
7. If the network license is to be use then on tick Network license and click Next to specify sever
8. Provide the sever name, IP address or DNS address then click Next. If Local License is to be used
in Step 7. Select Local license then browse to the DHI license file you receives from DHI.
9. Enable DHI Auto update for the automatic update for Service Pack. Users can disable the auto
update and do manual update.
10. Click Install to start installation process
11. The installation process may take long time (many hours), the progress bar shows status to
12. Once the installation is complete this dialog will show up then click finish to complete the setup.