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~ii~ Press-Repubncan-AAonday~,July 19V1982
How to avoid being taken taking vacation
During the peak of the vacation
season in the Caribbean last
December, I took off on a 10-day
holiday from New York's brutal
cold to enjoy the weather for which
Caribbean resorts charge scandalous prices. It rained; it was cold;
it was sheer misery; and the bill at
the end completed the agony.
Were I to go now — in the Carib• Check out your airlines as never
bean's off-season — the weather
would be just about guaranteed, the before and take the time to study
resorts would be comfortably emp- which airline will give you the best
ty, the price charged would be a bargain and biggest discount to the
spot you've chosen. Air fares have
This — timing your vacation dur- never been lower. Many airlines are
ing a popular resort's off-season — offering special package tours that
is the top key to saving money. And include airfare and hotel room and
you can have just as much fun in _ even discounts at selected casinos,
such areas as Mexico or the Carib- restaurants and car rental agenbean (to name just two) during the cies. In most cases, children and insummer as you can during the peak fants can travel at reduced rates
seasons of mid-December to mid- when accompanied by an adult.
This checking is a nuisance, but the
I assume most of you know this / savings may well stagger you.
• Find out where the people aren't
prime rule for saving money on
vacations. But there are others that and go there, urges Harvey Baron,
are not s6 familiar. What/rules, vice president of Leisure Club Interthen, might you follow to save national, headquartered in Austin,
Texas. "The rulehere is simply: the
money now?
less people, the less it's going to cost
you." says Baron. There are still
many charming, unspoiled vacation
spots that haven't been discovered
or fully developed. A little detective
work will pay big dividends in savings.
• Instead of staying in a hotel, consider renting a house or condominium at much cheaper rates. If
you doplan^to4"enta-CQttagethouse
or condo, however, check out in advance the kitchen equipment and
electrical appliances provided
(such as toasters and hair dryers)
to- see if you have to bring an
adapter or items like corkscrews
and bottle openers. And if you have
small children or infants, find out
about the availability of cribs,
playpens and babysitters.
• Ask your travel agent about
bargain rates for package and
charter tours, weekend and family
specials and vacation specials, such
as the resort that offers a winter
weekend free if you spend two
'weeks there in the summer. But
first make sure that the travel agent
you're using is reputable,, reliable
^nd capable of saving you money.
(Your local Chamber of Commerce
or friends who have used the travel
agency areexeeHent sources. > And
tell the travel agent, in person, just
how much you can afford icfspend.
• Make certain any deposits on
your reservations are refundable if
you have to cancel or change your
vacation plans. Always try to find
the most flexible plan available.
• Despite the obvious temptations,
„vow yoiuwill not- shop in tourist
areas. Make a careful survey of
prices in your neighborhood stores
before you leave to compare with
prices on your vacation. Then you'll
be able to identify a bargain. And
ask about local sales taxes that
might be added to the purchase
• With restaurant meals a major
expense, find out if the price of the
hotel room includes fixed menu
meals or if it's all a la carte.
• If you're traveling independently, investigate the availability of kitchen facilities or'family-style dining.
This is the way to take a vacation
— instead of ending' up with the
vacation taking you. _ _.
Business News
credit for the defense of America."
Collectors value their
The 1976 $2
replaced two-dollar
Wall Street Journal—ONS
- The two-dollar
bill, a flop as circulating currency,
is becoming a collectors' item.
The Treasury Department's
Bureau of Engraving and Printing,
which produces the nation's money,
has been selling uncut sheets of 16
uncirculated bills since mid-May.
Some 5,150 of the sheets have been
sold, at a profit to the government.
Buyers include currency collectors and people who frame the bills
to decorate their walls, says T.A.
Ferguson, acting chief of the
Bureau's Office of Planning and
Policy. "For any number of
reasons, people like to have money
in a strange form," he says.
Two-dollar bills have been ground
since 1776, when they were issued by
the£ontinental Congress as "bills of
U.S. notes that had been discontinuedJnJMSJbecause ol low public
demand, despite their traditional
acceptance at the $2 betting window
at race tracks. The Treasury decided to reintroduce two-dollar bills to
try to reduce the public demand of
one-dollar bills and save some $4
million a year on printing cosls.
Bu the latest two-dollar bills have
proved so unpopular with the public
that the Federal Reserve banks,
which put currency into circulation,
still have in their vaults nearly half
of the 575,360,000 bills that were
"Unless Americans unexpectedly
change their habits, we don't
foresee any surge in demand in Jthe
short rim," a Fed official says, •
New plastic spur to new packaging
- moisture, gases, and temperature,
and to provide the fight .strength
UPI Business Writer
NEW YORK (UPI) - The exten- and rigidity of flexibility, can
sive development of multi:property reduce the need for refrigeration in
layered plastic films promises^ stores and greatly extend the shelf
another revolution in the packaging life of many products. For example,
of foods, pharmaceuticals and hun-. in aseptic or in-process sterilizaz^
tion packaging, milk can be kept
dreds of other products.
.These "nruitilayer films, co- unrefrigerated for weeks in
extruded composites of as many as multilayer film containers.
It may even be possible,in the not
: seven different types of plastics, are
making big inroads as a replace- distant future to package fresh
ment for glass and metal containers meats and produce in multilayer
'•« and may even, replace coated fita packages that have been flushed out with nitrogen to get rid of oxpaper cartons.
The packages are 75 percent or ygen, making it posible to keep
more lighter than glass or metal, them with little or no refrigeration
yielding savings on freight and for fairly long periods.
Laminated multilayer film
trucking. Their initial cost is as
much as 50 percent below glass amd packaging has been used for some
metal containers, arid they require years but the process is more labor
less energy in manufacture. They intensive and., expensive. Cocan be molded into a huge variety of extrusion turns but-the. tnultilayer
film in a single high-speed operation
efficient shapes. . ' • ' • • •
But most important, the co- and that's what gets the cost down.
According to Jack Hill, a Stainextrusion of layers offilmin a single
step to provide high-performance ford, Conn., research writer, coproperties such as barriers against extrusion of packaging, film has
been going on for a dozen years and
at. least a dozen companies in the
United States build machines.for
making co-extruded films.
In recent years, two companies,
Composite Containers Corp. of Medford, Mass., and Ball Plastics of
Muncie, Ind., have developed highly
specialized co-extrusion film
machinery for making a wide variety of small containers. Ball is using
a process developed by Dow
Chemical Co. of Midland, Mich.
David Bernard of Composite Containers and Jim Vaughn of Ball told
United Press -International they
agreed witk Hill that co-extruded
multilayer film in. time could,
replace nearly eyejcyJother-type^ofpackagihg.
It probably will not be- used,
however, for highly; corrosive
chemicals, for which a strong, inert,
material like glass is ideal, and
there are many, products that do not
require the extensive protection afforded by multilayer filtfis.
Nevertheless, this fact that comultilayer- film can be
New rules listed lor automobile insurers cxtrudcd
formed by heat and pressure into
any desired shape, plus the fact tfiaT
ALBANY ~ The New York State plans to all insureds;
Insurance Department has issued a
—. Require insurers to refund there is no material waste in mak,>-!
' new regulation establishing stan- merit rating surcharges under cer- ing it, gives it a big edge oyer other
materials. .
dards for all non-commercial tain prescribed circumstances;
In the long run though, Bernard
private- passenger automobile in— Establish a maximum sursaid, the ability of co~~ surance merit-rating plansr
— charge that can be appHed-to-an-in- extruded ghn
multilayer film to provide
. j
A merit-rating plan is a system of sured's premium;
aseptic packaging maybe as imporrules, varying by company, for imtant as the cost savings.
insuranceposing-: insurance jrate _$utcharges_i
and credits based upon an in- department superintendent to apI.
dividual's past accident or violation prove highly innovative merit
rating plans which do not meet all
. .
the proposed standards.
The regulation will:
The regulation was issued in ac— Prohibit most surcharges for
. accidents which aggregate property cordance with legislation enacted at
damage under $400; prohibit sur- the 1981 session of the, state
charges on liability, collision o r ' Legislature. State officials believe
other coverages for comprehensive the regulation should result in a
claims; prohibit surcharge from be- more equitable application of the
ing applied to the comprehensive merit rating surcharges.
portion of an insured's premium:
Insurers are required-toiile revis— Require insurers to provide a ed merit-rating plans conforming to
description of their merit rating the hew regulation by Nov.1,1982.
Burlington * tsratfletporo* Plattsburgh * Middlebury * Barre,
Winooski * Rutland * St. Albans * Newport * Bennington'
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6 Month Money
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