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Profile Link
How to find and build hundreds of free profile links
that will BOOST your website rankings!
No guarantee of success is given or implied by the method in this ebook. You must be
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judgement, taking of opportunities, hard work, and everything else in life that makes some
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Table of Contents
So what are profile links?.....................................................................................................................4
Finding sites – searching for footprints................................................................................................5
The main link harvesting process.........................................................................................................7
What types of link can I place on profile sites?..................................................................................10
Recommend tool to help you place and manage your profile link building......................................12
List of Footprints................................................................................................................................13
Okay, so how do I get the links indexed after creating them?............................................................14
To help you get started – a list of sites you can test to place links on................................................18
So what are profile links?
A lady on the Warrior forum, Angela Edwards was amongst the first
to create and sell “packets” of profile links, basically a list of
websites you could place a link to your own sites on, with
instructions on exactly how to do it.
A profile link is a one way backlink you create in a publically
viewable profile on another website. So its any website where you
can create an account and then paste links into area's of that
profile, a signature field for example. The search engine can then
visit that page and follow your link, giving you a backlink to your
own site.
Done enough times, either manually, by outsourcing the work, or by
using software, this method has been proven to give website a
strong boost in the search engines. Better traffic, more money, its a
no-brainer for the link packet purchaser, as long as the link packet
producer is giving them quality sites where the links remain in
Finding sites – searching for footprints.
To find potential link locations, you need to use Google or
harvesting software (covered later) to find sites that have what are
known as “footprints”.
Footprints, what are they??
Well, in the same was as humans leave their tell-tale marks when
we walk on soft ground, so websites leave their own footprints.
Every single piece of software used to make websites and forums
has its own “tell tale” text strings that can be searched for using a
standard Google search. A quick way of finding out what footprints
a certain piece of software has is to visit its main site and view the
live demo, the main site if it is a CMS (Content Management
System, such as Wordpress, Joomla or Drupal), or the support
forum if it is forum software.
Area's where footprints will be most evident are on the registration
page and in the site footer.
As an example, have a look at the forum software “Simple
Machines” community support forum by clicking here. What do you
see in the footer?
“Powered by SMF”
That, Ladies and Gentlemen is a classic footprint. It is a single
piece of text that is present on nearly every forum on the internet
using Simple Machines 2.0 as its forum software. So you are
probably ahead of me now, and heading off to Google right? Well
you guessed it, you can find hundreds of these sites by searching
for this phrase (use “ ” around the words to search for the exact
phrase) on Google.
There are hundreds of different pieces of software running millions
of sites online, so you cannot exhaust this supply of sites with
footprints to search for ( a list of footprints is in the resources
TOP TIP: Go to the community forum for the software you are
researching and visit the “sticky” thread they always have in
product support forums announcing new version releases. Scroll
though the thread and write down each previous version number or
name. Now you have a load of different terms you can search for,
dramatically increasing the volumes of sites you can find using
piece of software. For example “Powered By SMF 2.0”.
The main link harvesting process.
Once you understand how to search for footprints, just follow the
below steps to harvest potential sites to use. This describes a
manual way to harvest links. Details on automating harvesting
potential links are included in the resources section.
Step 1.
Get yourself a copy of Firefox. Then get the NoDoFollow plugin,
and the SEO4Firefox plugin.
Step 2.
Open your browser and switch on the plugins. For NoDofollow go
to Tools > NoDoFollow, and for SEO4Firefox, click on the SEO icon
at the bottom right hand side of the browser so it turns from greyedout to full colour.
Step 3.
Do a search for a footprint term in Google. It will return 1000
potential results.
Step 4.
You are now going to visually filter out the results by using the PR
value displayed by SEO4Firefox. Make sure that you have the
“Display PR” option on. To do this, right click on the SEO4Firefox
icon and select options, then for PR change dropdown box to
Step 5.
You can now visually scan through the Google search results.
When you spot a site with a decent PR value (usually PR3 or
higher) page in the SERP (search engine results page), visit it. You
now need to check for several things using the following criteria.
Important first step – on visiting the site, the first link to click on is the “register” link. If the site is
closed to new members signing-up, or has a big fat warning about spam accounts being deleted,
then there is no point continuing with the steps outlined below. Simply move onto the next URL.
1. On the site/forum, find a member and click on their username.
When you click on a members username to view their profile page
are you taken to their profile page, it or does it tell you to login first?
If you can see the profile then bingo, if not, go back and search for
another site.
2. Once you have found a site that has publically viewable profiles,
find a profile that contains an external link, to a homepage, blog,
myspace page etc. A quick way to do this, for forum software sites
for example, is to scroll down to the “online members” list and start
clicking through them. You should quickly see if people have URLs
in their profile pages/about me boxes or in their forum signatures.
If you cannot see any links, then try this. Go into the forum and
scroll down a thread to see if people are using signatures with
hyperlinks in them. When you find someone who has one, click on
their username to make sure you can see it in their profile page as
well. This means you can add a signature link and have it visible
without ever posting on that forum.
Check that outbound links you find in member profiles on the site
are “followed”. If the link you can see in a profile is “nofollow” then
the NoDoFollow plugin will have highlighted it pink. It will be light
purple if it is followed. If it is followed, bingo!
Step 6.
So, you are on a site that allows publically viewable profiles, which
means a search engine spider can visit and index the page, and
you have established that links on member profiles are publically
viewable and followed.
Step 7.
Create your account, complete profile information to make it look
genuine, then leave it. Do not add links at this stage. Wait a week, I
repeat, wait a week before moving to step 8! Make sure you add
the site to your spreadsheet/list of sites where you have signed up
so you know where to return to a week later!
Step 8.
Wait a week then return to the site and add links to your profile.
Check they are followed once added using the NoDoFollow plugin.
Write down instructions on how you placed your link(s) for that site.
What types of link can I place on profile
There are basically three types of links you can place on a profile
site, in three different profile fields:
1. Homepage URL. This is a non-anchor text link. Usually there is
a field in the profile where you can add a URL.
2. Signature link. These are anchor text links you can create in a
signature form field that will appear on your profile page.
3. An “about me” field or other “open text” form field. This is again
where you can test placing anchor text links.
I recommend creating a text link in BBcode and HTML code format,
and pasting it into every field of the profile. You can then save the
profile, click your username to view the profile and then quickly see
which fields display the code as links.
BBCode format:
HTML format:
<a href="">Example</a>
After a while you will quickly recognise site types and know which
software allows what type of links to be placed, making the placing
of links in every field etc redundant and saving you time.
The best tool to use to fully automate the harvesting process is
scrapebox. It costs money, but it will cut the time you spend
harvesting links by 90%. Not only will it harvest huge lists of
footprint URLs in minutes, but it will also check them for their main
domain PageRank – saving you literally hours of work.
Recommend tool to help you place and
manage your profile link building.
The most widely used software to automate the placing of profile
links is Warrior Steve Hawkins “SEO link dominator” software. If
helps people to automate and manage the placing of their links, and
will make a great tool for you to promote.
It will also help you massively in speeding up the testing of each
site in terms of account creation and revisiting. I use it and highly
recommend you do as well.
You simply import the link packet into the software and it helps to
create accounts, add links quickly, rotate your profiles, speeds up
account authorisation emails and allows you to ping your profile
URLs to RSS sites to speed up their indexing.
If you are serious about your link packets, contact Steve just before
you go live and ask if he can write importing your links into the next
version of his software.
List of Footprints.
In the following table you will find a list of some of the major
software footprints you can use as search terms both in Google and
Scrapebox to find thousands of potential link locations. Always use
“quotes” around each footprint term to do an exact term search.
Don't forget you can research version numbers for most of these to
increase the amount of footprint terms you can search for
Search Terms
Software Type
"simple machines Forum"
"powered by simple machines"
"powered by SMF"
Simple Machines Forum
"Powered by Forumer & IPB"
"Powered by Forumer"
"Powered By IP.Board"
"Powered by Invision Power Board"
"Hosted for free by InvisionFree"
Invision Power Board
"Powered by phpBB"
"ExpressionEngine Discussion Forum”
Expression Engine
“Powered by vBulletin"
"Powered by MercuryBoard [v1.1.5]"
"Powered by MercuryBoard [v1.1.4]"
"Powered by MercuryBoard [v1.1.3]"
"Powered by MercuryBoard [v1.1.2]"
"Powered by MercuryBoard [v1.1.1]"
"Powered by MercuryBoard [v1.1.0]"
Hosted Forum
"Powered by Elgg"
CMS/Social Network
"powered by punbb"
"powered by drupal"
URL term used by several
types of profile software.
There are of course tons of footprints for unlimited software types
out there. A great place to find more footprints is Wikipedia. Just
search Wikipedia for “social networking software” for example and
you will get a huge list of software you can the research to find
footprints in.
Okay, so how do I get the links indexed
after creating them?
Once you have placed a link, or generated some content to create
your own relevant links, there is not time to sit back and feel
pleased with yourself. Your work so far means nothing if those links
and pages are not found by the search engines right?
There are three main ways that will dramatically increase the
chances of your links and sites being found and indexed:
1. Submitting your Sites RSS feed to RSS directories
2. Submitting URLs and RSS feeds to Social Bookmarking and Ping
There is also another bonus for the time you spend doing this.
Each submission also creates a link to your site in its own right, so
you are not only increasing the chances of links getting indexed, but
you are creating more links while you do it!
RSS Feed Submissions.
There are two ways to build and submit RSS feeds, manually and
free, or automatically and investing a bit of cash in getting that
To create an RSS feed manually I can do not better than to point
you at this tutorial which explains how to do it by hand, using
notepad. Of course you only need to do this for sites that do not
already have an RSS feed (you saved all those RSS feed URLs
when you created the sites right...?).
When it comes to submitting your RSS feed for free, probably the
best free resources for doing so and
which will submit a single RSS feed to 10-20 services. There is
also a list of 50+ sites in the resources section.
The problem is that it takes time to submit each feed one at a time.
Wouldn't it be great if there was something out there that did it for
you in seconds?
I use this great little program to submit my RSS feeds automatically
to 58 RSS directory sites:
RSS Feed Submitter
We will cover more on RSS in a “How TO” on getting one way links
from RSS later.
Social Bookmarking.
There are two ways to quickly submit a page to social bookmarking
sites such as Digg and Stumbleupon. The first way is to add what
are known as “bookmarklets” to the bookmarking toolbar in the
Firefox browser, and the second is to use a program to automate it
on a grand scale.
So lets set-up a load of bookmarklets on our bookmarking toolbar in
Firefox. Obviously you will need a copy of Firefox, if you do not
already use it. You then need to reveal the bookmarking toolbar, by
going to the View menu in Firefox, selecting toolbars, and then
selecting Bookmarks toolbar.
Next click on these links one by one and follow the instructions for
installing each bookmarklet, which usually just means dragging an
icon to the Bookmarking toolbar and then releasing your mouse
button to place it there.
Another method that takes a bit more time to set-up, but is
ultimately far more effective is to use Social Marker. I highly
recommend you take the time to discover the how powerful it can
be for you. My top tip to make using it even quicker is to
Pinging is a process of notifying a variety of services that you have
updated content, through sending a “ping”. The most used ping
service is ping-o-matic.
For Ping-o-matic do this:
1. Right click on your Bookmarking toolbar in Firefox.
2. Select “new bookmark”.
3. Name it “Pingomatic”.
4. Copy and paste the code below into the location field.
5. Save it.
Another timesaver is to use, which allows you to do the
same thing as bookmarklets and pings, but with a load of networks.
To update via your toolbar bookmarklets, simply be on the page you
want to submit and then click a bookmarklet. The first time you
submit you will have to creates an account or login.
Now the fully automated way of doing it is simply to use one of the
automation programs out there. My personal recommendation on
this is Bookmarking Demon. Simply install, add details, and go.
To help you get started – a list of sites you
can test to place links on.
I have harvested a list of “simple machines forum” sites for you to
use to simply follow the process outlined in this guide to start
building your own profile links. Not all these sites will work for you,
but by following the process I described you will find lots of sites in
this list that will allow you to create a profile and place a followed
anchor text link in your profile page.
All the below listed SMF forums sites have the main root domain
PageRank value listed to the right of the URL.|8,3763|8|8;u=45;sa=showPosts|8|8|8|7|7|7|7|7|7|7|7|7|7|7|7|7|7|7|7|7|7|7,391.0.html|7|7|7|7|7|7|7;u=105802|7|7|7|7|6|6|6 machines forum smf|6|6|6|6|6|6
18|6|6|6|6|6|6|6|6|6|6|6|6|6|6|6;page=post|6|6|6 simple machines forum.html|6|6|6|6|6,4.0.html|6|6|6|6|6|6|6|6|6;u=16920;sa=showPosts|6|6|6|6|6|6|6|6|6|6|6|6|6|6|6|6|6|6|6|6|6|6|6|6|6|6|6;page=profile|6|6|6|6|6|6;u=2625;sa=statPanel|6 forum powered by smf forums index|6|6|6|6|6|6|6;u=17;sa=statPanel|6|6|6
25;u=1898|4|4|4;page=registering|4|4|4 Machines Forum 1 1 8|4|4|4|4|4|4;page=registering|4|3|3|3|3|3|3|3|3|3|3|3|3|3|3|3|3|3|3|3|3|3|3|3|3|3|3|3|3|3|3|3|3|3|3|3|3|3|3|3|3|3|3|3|3|3|3|3|3|3|3|3|3|3|3|3|3|3 Machines Forum - Wikipedia, the free ...|3|3|3|3|3|3
32|2|2|2|2|2|2|2|2|2|2|2|2|2|2|2|2|2|2|2|2|2|2 by smf by design|2|2|2|2|2|2|2|2|2|2|2|2|2|2|2|2|2|2;sa=item;id=931|2|2|2|2|2|2|2;u=1|2,15399.0.html|2|2|2|2|2|2|2|2|2|2|2|2|2|2|2|2|2|2|2|2|2;u=13287|2|2|2|2|2|2|2
34|2|2|2|2|2|2|2|2|2,com_smf/Itemid,35/topic,1.msg1|2|2|2|2|2|2|2|2|2|2|2|2|2;page=post|2|2|2|2|2|2|2|2|2|2|2|2|2|2|2|2|2|2|2|2|2;u=28|2|2|2|2|2|2|2|2|2|2|2|2|2|2|2|2|2|2|2|2|2|2|2|2|2|2|2|2 by smf bally fitness center.html|2|2|2|2|2