How to Heal Yourself and Others with Quantum Techniques

How to Heal Yourself and Others with Quantum Techniques®
Date: Tuesday, January 3rd, 2012
Time: 6:00 PM Pacific
Attend by Phone: (623) 255-3832 –OR- (513) 233-7881 (backup)
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Description: Dr. Stephen and Beth Daniel step up to their mics for a round of questions and answers
about Quantum Techniques and energy healing. Questions from previous teleclinics will be addressed, as
time permits. Due to the popularity of these Q & A teleclinics, we will only be able to address 1 or 2
questions per client during each event.
When submitting your questions to ASK Quantum Techniques, please make certain you include your email
address so that we may contact you before the teleclinic for clarification of your question if necessary. We
will give priority to questions that have an email address associated with them. On rare occasion, we may
respond directly if that is more appropriate. If you have an urgent issue, email or call a practitioner
directly for not wait for a teleclinic to receive an answer to your question.
1. Adrenal exhaustion and allergies: I am suffering from multiple health problems diagnosed as
adrenal exhaustion. How can i heal myself?
2. Hi. I was listening to a talk from a chiropractor that has found a correlation with the ileocecal valve and
almost all digestion/elimination problems. He has discovered that most have a valve that opens both ways,
allowing fecal matter to go back to the small intestine. He finds this for colitis, Crohns, diverticulitis, IBS,
GERD, and food sensitivities. Practically all issues! In fact, he finds that people with chronic sinus issues
have the same problem, as the body is trying to release the toxins anyway it can. He has also found that
almost always there is an unresolved emotional issue that causes it, and sometimes there are some other
factors involved too. This makes perfect sense to me. I have had several QT sessions for chronic sinus,
and I could feel the immune be activated, and there was a difference, however, things never really cleared
totally up & in fact reverted back - even if I redid the code & used the Truth Technique codes for clearing
various kinds of toxins. I find this whole possibility very exciting, and if you also find that the ileocecal valve
is the culprit, it could improve your success rate as well. Would make sense for me, to a lifetime of skin
problems, poor eyesight, food sensitivities & digestion issues. My system could be swimming in a cesspool!
If you find this a possibility, I am more than open to being a test subject for teleclass, or for some research!
I think QT would be a great way to handle the toxins, underlying emotions, and physical malfunction of the
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3. What can I do to help an ailing relative? My brother-in-law is struggling with Leukemia for almost 2 years,
and chemotherapy is not helping. I have had experience receiving QT healing but I don't have experience
doing QT healing to others, although I have done other healing modalities including EFT, pranic healing,
and others. Is there a QT technique that I can learn quickly that I can use on a regular basis to help my
brother-in-law with his recovery?
4. How Do I Know What to Buy Next? I am using QT to help myself between sessions for most of this year
and when we hear Curtains, Lock and Key and other terms, I wonder what materials I should be studying
so that I can move from the most basic things I am doing to be more thorough. How can I find the right
thing in a logical order to purchase? What LISTS are you often referring to that I could also have to
pinpoint my issues that I cannot clear with my limited exposure? You say is it here, here, here? What lists
are you looking at and how can I work with them too?
5. Have you successfully treated autoimmune disorders - particularly Sjogren's, Hashimoto's and Lupus? Do
you have a general code or codes you can give for bringing the immune system to balance? By balance I
mean that it is not suppressed and is able to kill off invaders, but is not confused or overactive and
attacking the body itself. What can a patient do for themselves at home if they are dealing with
autoimmune issues? Also do you have a code or info for helping the lymphatic system?
6. My wife has Raynaud Syndrome with cold hands and feet. What can be done to help her?
7. How do I use the Truth Techniques manual to learn testing? Dear Beth and Steven, I bought the truth
Techniques VOL 1 and have read it cover to cover several times. I seem to get a yes for everything! I even
had myself muscle tested for the methods (3,10,12) that would best work for me, but I can't feel any
difference (that I trust). How should I practice and how often? How long does it take to feel confident? I
am trying to learn to test myself first. I am no stranger to AK, but I have never been able to test without
feeling that I influence the results just with my thoughts.
8. Too much processing! I was first diagnosed w/MPD 20+ yrs ago. I have been diligently processing ever
since. I am worn out, but new parts just keep showing up with their version of what happened, almost as
though it had never been worked on before. My adrenals have moved into the exhaustion phase, and still
it keeps coming. Food is disgusting, my gut is on fire, I'm not resting well, etc. It helps some to put
"everything" into the vault, but of course it's not going to just stay there. How do I get a break? I need to
work at least part-time and it's getting almost impossible.
9. I'm supposedly in menopause, but my estrogen level has spiked! Hi- My doctor has told me I'm in
menopause. Blood test in Oct. supported this. LMP was Jan. 2010. Right before Thanksgiving, I could tell
my estrogen level had gone up, due to painful, swollen breasts. I went in for another blood test and in fact it
had, no sign of ovulation. I was advised to wait and see if it resolves itself. I've been doing Reiki, not seeing
any change. Can QT help? Oct bloods: Estrogen 11.8, Progesterone .37, FSH 72.9; 11/22 bloods:
Estrogen 85.5, Progesterone 033. FSH 47.6
10. Pathogen scan: Hi Stephen and Beth, as I do more and more of this testing not only for myself, but for my
family, I want to ensure that I am thorough, but sometimes, the pathogen scan seems lengthy when I am
trying to see what organs, glands and tissues are involved. Is it sufficient to run the pathogen scan and just
know the Truth of what is present in that person's field, bring it into awareness and into the treatment field,
and then move on without seeing where these critter frequencies are resonating? I have not yet learned
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the curtains and the lock and key, but I am sure that too is on the horizon for me soon. Thx again for the
love and healing that you so divinely share with me and my family. We love you!!!
11. In Basic Foundations, you briefly mention that you have a great way to clear miasms. Could you please
expand on that?
12. I have difficulty with self testing; How do I clear for dehydration? Standard chakra technique when called to
read twice, do I read one and two twice or just one twice or two twice or one and two?
13. Insomnia; I've had Lyme Disease for 23 yrs but was diagnosed only 13 yrs ago. Insomnia is a serious
problem for me. Until last June, the protocol of 20 mg of Ambien, 30 mgs of Doral,1 mg of Xanax & 2
capsules of "Twilight Time" from Progressive Labs would allow me to sleep, waking 2-3 times per night to
pee & then able to go back to sleep. With Medicare, Doral is 300/mo so doc change to 30 mgs or
Fluorapam. This protocol allows me 3 hrs of sleep & then not being able to go back to sleep. Adding CALM,
1st night I slept 11 hrs straight. After that 5 hrs, then up to pee & no further sleep. 200 mgs L-Thianine
allowed 8 hrs straight 1st night, then back to 5 Any suggestions???
14. How do you scan for DNA damage ?
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