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2012 Administrative Hiring Trends
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Best Apps for Busy Executive Travelers
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Handling Overwhelm With Inspired
Time Management
How To Deal With Bad Bosses:
Anytime, Anywhere
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Mek Rahmani
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Positive Attitude for Business:
The Magic of Positive Language
and How To Cultivate It
2012 Administrative
Hiring Trends
by Robert
Robert Hosking,
Hosking, Office
Office Team
New Year, new career? If you’re
sectors recruiting administrative talent, for
searching for a new position in 2012,
example, is the healthcare industry. Reasons
you might be wondering what to
include strong overall growth, the move to
expect from the administrative job
electronic medical records and the effects of
market in the year ahead. While
healthcare reform.
organizations aren’t rapidly expanding their
administrative teams, there is reason to be
Some positions with above-average forecasts
hopeful, according to findings reported in the
2012 OfficeTeam Salary Guide.
• Senior executive assistant. Salaries will rise 4.5
OfficeTeam research indicates that the average
starting salary for administrative professionals
percent to between $44,250
and $60,000.
• Administrative assistant. These professionals
in the United States is expected to increase by
will see compensation increase 4 percent
3.4 percent in 2012, but in-demand positions
to between $27,750 and $36,750.
likely will exceed this. One of the most active
• Human resources assistant. Salaries are
projected to rise 4 percent, to the range of
work for large companies and report to
$28,000 to $37,750.
C-level executives can expect to receive
• Research administrator. Forecasted salaries
are from $28,000 to $35,000, a 4.1 percent
base pay that is as much as 10 percent
higher than the average range.
gain from 2011.
• Senior office/facilities manager. Base
In addition, administrative staff with
compensation is expected to grow 4.1
specialized skills and certifications can
percent, to the range of $40,750 to
often command compensation that exceeds
average rates. The Microsoft Office Specialist
• Medical executive assistant. Starting salaries
certification can be worth up to 8 percent
are projected to increase 4.3 percent to
more, and the Certified Administrative
between $36,750 and $49,000.
Professional designation offered through the
• Medical records quality assurance specialist.
International Association of Administrative
These professionals can expect base
Professionals (IAAP) can bring in 6 percent
compensation in the range of $26,500 to
more in starting salary.
$34,000 annually – a 4.3 percent gain.
The starting salary ranges provided above
Employers want people who can adapt
will vary based upon factors including
easily to changing business conditions. This
geographic region and area of expertise.
means being capable of taking on more
For example, in major metropolitan areas,
work or even shifting job responsibilities
where the cost of living is higher, base
when necessary.
compensation for top administrative
professionals typically exceeds these ranges.
Businesses also need employees who are
The Salary Guide includes data that can help
proactive. An example would be taking
you customize ranges for your city.
the initiative to offer to help a colleague
struggling on a project rather than waiting to
Senior-level positions will see slightly
be assigned the task by management.
higher salaries compared to other positions
because their roles and responsibilities
Top-notch communication skills are
continue to expand. Many of these
imperative. Companies depend on
professionals are expected to take on
administrative professionals to make a
advanced tasks like budgeting and project
positive impression on internal and external
management. In fact, senior-level staff who
customers. It’s critical that you’re able to
interact well with a variety of audiences.
continue to be in strong demand. Other valued
Writing skills also are essential as more
aptitudes include database management
organizations rely on email and social media
software (Microsoft Access, FileMaker Pro),
as chief communication tools.
Microsoft Project (or similar software), Raiser’s
Edge nonprofit management software, SAP
Technical expertise remains high on the list
and other enterprise resource planning
of important qualifications to managers.
software, and social media — including the use
Companies want administrative talent who
of Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn to monitor
are not only tech-proficient themselves but
industry activity and provide company updates.
also can train and assist others with various
applications. Microsoft Office skills, including
Word, Excel, Outlook and PowerPoint,
Companies that cut personnel levels in
recent years are realizing they can no
involved with industry associations such as
longer get by without key administrative
IAAP, and meet with recruiters.
professionals. As a result, demand is growing
for sought-after roles such as executive and
Cost control remains a key focus of
administrative assistants. Managers also are
companies. Half of managers polled in a
becoming more concerned about retaining
separate survey by OfficeTeam and IAAP said
their best employees.
support staff play a key role in helping their
organizations reduce spending. Make sure
To ensure they find just the right people for
you highlight any contributions you’ve made
their teams, managers are paying careful
to the bottom line when applying for jobs and
attention to the hiring process. It’s not
meeting with prospective employers.
uncommon for applicants to participate
in multiple rounds of interviews before a
decision is made. Also, some businesses are
( to
bringing in candidates on a temporary basis
download a free copy of the 2012 OfficeTeam
first so they can see how well a prospective
Salary Guide, which includes salary ranges
employee performs in a role before making a
for more than 60 administrative positions and
full-time offer.
additional information about hiring trends.
The Salary Center also includes our Salary
Some potentially good news for experienced
Calculator, which enables you to quickly look
job candidates: 55 percent of HR managers
up the starting salary for a specific position in
interviewed by our company said it’s difficult
your area.
to locate skilled administrative professionals
today. Many organizations are going beyond
the traditional help wanted ads and tapping
into their networks, providing employee
referral bonuses and getting help from
specialized staffing firms.
Make sure you, too, are also using a
diversified strategy to increase your odds
of connecting with potential employers.
Spread the word to everyone you know both
Robert Hosking is executive director of OfficeTeam,
the nation’s leading staffing service specializing
in the temporary placement of highly skilled
administrative and office support professionals.
OfficeTeam has 315 locations worldwide and offers
online job search services at
For more career advice, connect with us on Facebook,
LinkedIn and Twitter.
in person and through social media, get
Best Apps for Busy
Executive Travelers
by Lynda Silvestro & Santo S. Silvestro
o you have a hot new iPhone or iPad - now which apps should you download and use?
Here’s a list of the hottest apps to help you travel smarter and work more efficiently
when on the road.
FlightCaster is a free app for the iPhone that
SeatGuru is the right app for someone very
claims to predict flight delays with 95 percent
particular about their seat assignment.
accuracy. So before booking your next flight,
View detailed airplane seat charts, along
check if there’s a chance of any delays first.
with crucial information about which
GateGuru is another free app for iPhones
seats are broken, have little legroom or
that allows you to search your airport for the
misaligned windows.
restaurants, stores and services that you want
and need. You can also bookmark favorite
TravelTracker Pro was named best money-
spots, read reviews, and share your travels via
saving app by American Express. The app
Facebook and Twitter.
delivers live flight status reports and live flight
map tracking in the U.S. It also integrates
Kayak is one of the world’s leading travel
with TripIt, so you can carry all your TripIt
search engines. Kayak Mobile for the iPad and
information including flight info, hotel
iPhone lets you use Kayak’s dedicated travel
reservations, car rentals, meetings, weather
search engine to find flight prices from almost
reports and more - all without needing an
any origin to destinations around the world.
Internet connection.
Find what you need based on price, comfort
and positive feedback.
With TripAdvisor’s mobile app, you can search
for airline ticket and hotel deals, restaurants is an app powered by
and attractions and more. The app also
Lufthansa that allows you to set up auto-
offers information on vacation rentals, hotels,
Tweeting on your flight status to family,
tourist attractions and other international
friends and business associates. Your
destinations. It’s also available in one dozen
Twitter followers can even track your in-flight
languages and includes business reviews from
progress, even if you don’t have in-flight Wi-Fi.
35 million travelers.
The Phone Book App from YellowBook. Using
The TripIt Travel Organizer is a free app
technology from Google Maps, this free app
that consolidates itineraries, reservations
can locate nearby businesses in a virtual
and other information, including maps and
reality format, including phone numbers, store
directions for multiple trips. Check-in for
hours and integrated maps. It also has an
flights, verify flight status and check local
automated voice search feature to access
weather from one location.
information on millions of restaurants, hotels
and businesses around the world.
WeatherBug Elite: You know where you’re
going, you know a little about the place
and you’ve booked a great hotel - but
what’s the weather like? Enter WeatherBug
Elite and you’ll get beautifully-presented
weather forecasts through an easy-tonavigate user interface. Not just the
weather, you’ll also get infrared satellite,
humidity, air pressure, wind speed, next
day high and next day low pressure data.
You even get live weather cameras.
WikiHood is consistently rated a best iPad
app. This virtual guidebook combines
Wikipedia and Google Maps to provide
you with extensive information on a place’s
culture, history and geography. It also uses
GPS technology to display local attractions
and historic information for destinations
around the world.
The XE Currency Converter is a mobile
Santo and Lynda Silvestro purchased Hoyt Livery
currency conversion tool that helps you keep
in 1987. Throughout the years, they have created
track of how much you spend when abroad.
the Hoyt Experience... first-rate service beyond your
The app automatically updates conversion
expectations... from the moment you make your initial
rates for 190 international currencies.
reservation until the time you reach
Available free with download options for all
your final destination.
iPhone platforms.
Hoyt Livery is dedicated to on-the-go business
Santo and Lynda Silvestro purchased Hoyt
professionals and today’s savvy leisure travelers.
Livery in 1987. Throughout the years, they
Find out why people throughout Fairfield County
have created the Hoyt Experience... first-rate
are saying “Hoyt’s Here.” Visit Hoyt Livery’s website
service beyond your expectations... from the
at to learn more.
moment you make your initial reservation until
the time you reach your final destination.
five benjamins
one jackson
two washingtons
You could save $522 with Esurance.*
Call 1-888-418-4347 to get
your fast, free car insurance quote.
*National average annual savings based on data from customers who reported savings by switching to Esurance between 1/1/10 and 5/19/10.
Handling Overwhelm
With Inspired Time
by Debbi
Debbi Dachinger
elcome to a new year!
First, take a moment to reflect and write down
Are you too busy? Feeling
three things you are doing right now in your life
overwhelmed? Over tasked?
that you hate doing and make your energy feel
Do you have more things to
low. Take a look at those three things. Besides
do than there are hours in
regretfully doing the chore or assignment even
the day? If you want to know solutions to manage
when it does not make your world feel lighter,
time then there is a way out and through to the
what can you do to stop doing the task or give
other side. I’ll share some tried and true methods
it to someone else? Give yourself a moment of
that will halt the feeling of drowning in tasks, and
pause to contemplate how this can show up
instead will start you creating the day the way you
differently. Can you stop if altogether? Can you
want it to look and feel.
delegate it? Can you barter? What is possible?
Come up with several solutions and choose the
one that feels right and best to implement right
the time that matters. Figure out how to bring
away. If, for instance, laundry is on the list, look
your passion more into your life. Write and freely
at taking back your time and energy around
focus on possible solutions. What’s possible?
doing laundry. There are laundry services. You
See what comes out of you - you’ll know when
can farm out your laundry every week and
you find a viable, workable solution because it
paying for the service will free you up. Or your
will feel exciting to you.
house cleaning company may be willing to also
do your laundry in addition to cleaning your
For some, poor time management is a result
home or apartment for a small addition fee. You
of waffling over choices; there are issues with
can barter with someone, or you can delegate
indecision. Indecisiveness manifests within us
the responsibility to someone else.
when we are focused on what is outside of us.
In other words, when we worry about what
How about people you spend time with who
our family will think, what our friends would or
do not add anything to your life? Any kind of
wouldn’t do, what we perceive is acceptable
rut you’re in that is zapping your energy can
to society, anything that causes us to focus on
be dealt with. Sit down and freely focus on
outside validation means we have just created
solutions...just let them flow and see what is
separation with ourselves. It is vital to start - right
possible. Once you notice a solution that is
now- to listen to your heart song inside. If you
viable, start to implement the resolution, which
want to know what is or isn’t right for you listen. If
is your way out of overwhelm, and take back
you breathe, get quiet and connect to your heart
your precious time! The key here is to find the
and intuition where you can ask questions and
major tasks and/or relationships you engage
receive perfect information that is right for you.
in that are taking the life from you and are
Follow your own internal guidance. The more you
not contributing to your life. You are hereby
do it the stronger it will become until that’s all you
empowered to reverse that. Try it on just one
know to do. Stop allowing indecision to sabotage
thing and see what the result is for yourself.
your dreams and your time. Listen within anytime
Now write down three things that you LOVE
fear and indecision pops up. Wipe out all the
doing. What are they? How much of your day
chatter and voices and know what you are meant
and week is spent doing these three things you
to do and when.
love the most? If it is 65 percent and up, then
you’re doing great. If it is less than 65 percent
Healing time management means two things:
then it’s time to factor your biggest pleasure into
meditating and relaxing. Stopping doing so much
your routine much more. We are here briefly and
and finding balance in just being. That is often
time goes by quickly. It’s how we choose to fill
contrary action and contrary thinking for many
of us however it is precisely what we need to
Take what you can realistically handle and let
do. And truth be known, we know it! We know
the rest go. It’s amazing how much you can
it because we’re tired and overwhelmed and
actually accomplish this way, and how great
overburdened. To stop and breathe and do
you can feel afterwards. Use these solutions to
nothing at least one time every day - just for you.
manage time and start creating the day the way
you want it to look and feel.
Another remedy for handling time management
is to have a plan. Plan your day or plan to fail.
“When you know that you’re capable of dealing
When I see a smorgasbord of to-do’s that
with whatever comes, you have the only security
has the potential of drowning me, I take five
the world has to offer.”
minutes to look over my physical and virtual
--Harry Browne
pile of tasks. I then put everything in order,
Financial Advisor and Writer
usually on paper, and do one at a time from
the most important down. Often there are
days when realistically I know only a super
being could do everything that’s in the in-box.
I create a successful situation by choosing the
top 3 or 4 to-dos and my goal for the day is
to ONLY accomplish those 3-4 items. When I
complete them then I end my day and feel very
successful. If I finish them and have plenty of
time left over I have the option of looking at the
5th most impotent item on my list and handling
that. I create a winning situation by taking
contrary action.
It may seem we should take on everything and
multitask and not finish until the very last thing
is done, however how successful have you ever
been at that? Probably never. And if you even
did it I know you were wiped out afterwards.
We’re too important. To-do’s will always be
there. We’re going for feeling terrific, successful
and confident.
Debbi Dachinger is a radio personality on “Dare to
Dream,” a syndicated, award winning talk show, that’s
been featured in global news sources. Author of the
bestselling book “Dare to Dream: This Life Counts,”
Debbi is often heard as an interview guest on radio &
TV & is a keynote speaker. “Dare to Dream” radio is live
or podcast on
How To Deal With
Bad Bosses: Anytime,
by Natasha Blynne
o you have a boss from hell?
The fact is there are MANY people in the
Being in the unenviable position
business world who have been placed
of having to suffer a bad boss is,
in managerial positions and given the
without doubt, one of the most
responsibility of leading others... but who
stressful workplace situations
simply have no ability or competence to
to be in. And the awful reality is this: millions of
do so. You may have recognized that your
people struggle with the frustration, tension,
boss is one of them, and you are currently
difficulty and sheer unhappiness of coping with
in the unfortunate position of needing to
bad bosses, every day of their working lives.
deal with managerial incompetence on a
daily basis.
The ‘good’ news is no matter what job
• Does your boss surround him or herself
you are in, or wherever you are in the
only with “yes” people who agree with
world, you are definitely not alone in your
everything the boss says? The boss is
ordeal of working with an unprofessional
almost definitely insecure about his or
manager. And what this means is that
her own abilities, and feels threatened
regardless of the type, size, location,
by those who are vocal, competent and
culture or industry nature of your
possess a strong mind of their own.
employment - anytime, anywhere - there
• Does your boss insist on his/her view
are effective, constructive and tried-and-
or approach always being correct, and
tested actions you CAN take to break free
push the blame to others when things go
from the chains of your bad boss.
astray? It might be that the boss is deeply
knowledgeable and experienced about
Why is it possible to deal with a bad boss...
the subject... or it is more likely that the
anytime, anywhere? In exactly the same way
boss is an egoist who is too proud to
that GREAT bosses are known to share a
admit mistakes or fallibility.
common set of positive leadership attributes,
• Does your boss seem to create
professional strengths and valuable skills,
unnecessary chaos and confusion in
BAD bosses also share a common set of
the team? It is likely that the boss has
counterproductive mentalities, self-defeating
poor communication skills, and even
attitudes and questionable behaviours. And
lacks interpersonal sensitivity. Otherwise
in both cases - good boss or bad boss -
if you believe that the boss is a strong
these inherent interpersonal characteristics
communicator, then it can only mean
will consistently manifest, regardless of the
that the boss has no clue what is going
environment the individual is in.
on and is unable to handle the work
assigned to him or her. (Bad boss
Hence when working with a bad boss, it
philosophy: if you can’t convince your
is actually very easy to identify his or her
team, confuse them).
weaknesses, and to subsequently leverage on
the boss’s weak spots and fears to break him or
The list of bad boss behaviours could go on
her down!
and on, but here’s the rub. Once you put your
boss’s behaviour under close scrutiny, you will
Observing the behaviour of your bad boss is the
know precisely what to do (or at the very least,
first step to clearly identifying the weaknesses of
what not to do), to effectively deal with your bad
your bad boss. Here are a few typical examples:
boss. How so?
Clearly the LAST thing you want to do, in any
encounter with your bad boss, is to clash
head-on with him or her. For example, if you
know that the boss is insecure, it will be in
your best interest to make him or her feel less
threatened by you.
This does not mean that you have to change
who you are or be someone you are not;
you just have to fine-tune your approach
with the bad boss... because the bad boss
is obviously not going to change who he or
she is either. So in the case of dealing with an
insecure boss, you may carry on being vocal
if you are an outspoken individual by nature,
Natasha Blynne is the author of My Boss Is A
but you need to be vocal in a way that makes
Moron, a book that was titled after a phrase which
the insecure boss recognize that you are not a
she found herself repeating on a daily basis, during
threat to him or her.
the 351 days when she was forced to suffer an
unfortunate manager. She succeeded in leaving her
In summary, the trick to dealing with bad
boss behind on the 352nd day: two weeks before
bosses - anytime, anywhere - is to be
her personal deadline to be rid of the boss within
proactive yet non-hostile in your approach.
one year.
When you have a boss who is insecure,
egoistic, micromanaging, political, abusive,
Natasha has over 10 years of professional and senior
unreasonable, unprofessional or just plain
management experience, within the areas of corporate
BAD, you must take action to keep your
communications and general business operations.
bad boss under control (and to keep your
Most of her career has developed with regional roles in
sanity)... don’t allow yourself to be a silent
multinational companies and institutions, and until this
victim of a bad boss! However, to minimize
point she has lived and worked in 4 different countries
the risk that you may be later on faulted for
across Europe and Asia. Her background is in Business
your actions, your approach must always be
Administration, specializing in Marketing Management.
non-confrontational, and based on a clear
My Boss Is A Moron is her first book. You can visit the
understanding of the weaknesses of your
author’s book site at
bad boss.
Positive Attitude for
Business: The Magic of
Positive Language and
How To Cultivate It
by Adam Bauthues
hat is the deal with everyone talking
positive people
mental attitude?
fact maintaining
is there area MANY
in the
What does maintaining a positivebusiness
attitude forworld
to been
do withplaced
success? Friends, family and business
all say things
in managerial
chin up”, “Look for the silver lining,”
and “Look onofthe
bright side.”
million of these sayings and theysimply
all pointhave
to theno
magic in to
positive language and in maintaining a positive attitude
so. You
may have recognized that your
boss is one of them, and you are currently
in the unfortunate position of needing to
deal with managerial incompetence on a
daily basis.
past, it’s just that challenges have less of an effect
When you have a positive attitude and use
on their life and their outlook than they do for
positive language like, “I can save money,” “I
negative people. If you have a negative attitude,
can lose weight,” “I can reach my profit goals,”
the smallest setback can feel like Mount Everest.
then it just makes you feel better. You certainly
If, on the other hand, you have a positive attitude,
feel better than you would if you spent the whole
even major setbacks feel do-able.
day focusing on what you can’t do. And it’s
been proven that when we believe (or act like
Creating a positive attitude for business helps
we believe) something to be true, it has a better
you see opportunities rather than limitations.
chance of coming true. If we believe, for example,
Opportunities, recognizing them and seizing
that we can lose 50 pounds, we can lose 50
them, is often the difference between tremendous
pounds. The mind is a very powerful thing and
success and just making a living. When you
our thoughts and the language we use affect our
have a positive attitude, you view the world as
beliefs, actions and even our abilities.
a welcoming and friendly place and you expect,
recognize and grab opportunities as they come
Maintaining a positive attitude for business works
to you. If you’re negative then it’s easy to view the
the same way. It works whether you use it on
world as your enemy and everything as a problem
yourself or to bolster others. You are going to be
or limitation. Being positive makes a huge
much more effective telling your sales agent to
difference in your success.
“go win that contract like I know you can” then to
say to them, “don’t you lose that contract!”
A positive attitude for business also attracts
When you say, “don’t you lose that contract” the
people to you. It makes them want to do
image that one is left with is one of a contract
business with you and it brings opportunities,
being lost. Isn’t that what you picture when you
business partners, customers and friends to you.
make that statement? It paints a negative image
You’re able to surround yourself with positive
because it is a negative statement. Practice
people and success easily.
turning negative statements into positive ones.
You end up saying the same thing, yet you paint a
Having a positive, can do attitude, gives you the
better picture and will thus get a better result.
extra edge to dream big and accomplish your
Cultivating a positive attitude for business helps
goals. When you believe you can accomplish
you get over challenges without even realizing it.
something, you’re able to make it happen. You’re
When we have a positive attitude, challenges just
able to sit down and plan how you’re going
seem to be less significant. It’s not that positive
to achieve your goals. You’re able to focus on
people don’t have challenges to overcome or get
accomplishing the steps it takes to get where you
want to go and you’re able to celebrate and share
your success with others.
Most of us as children have a very positive
outlook on life. It is over time, as we grow up, that
we begin to develop negative attitudes towards
life. There is good news though...You can learn to
be positive, to use positive language and to look
on the bright side. It just takes practice. We are
very much out of practice, but that is all it is. You
are not having to learn anything new. In fact, you
are just reclaiming your youth!
Once you can learn to recognize or be conscious
of your thoughts, then you can begin to eliminate
or change the negative thoughts into positive
ones. Don’t give up when you find this process
difficult, it is and it takes time and practice.
However the effort is well worth it. When you’re
able to see the world in a positive light, everything
And now I would like to invite you to receive Free Instant
Access to my business success training newsletter and
blog, The Project Marketer. It is your complete resource
for absolute victory in marketing and advertising your
services online:
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Fedex shipping,
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