2004 Lumenix® User Group Conference Informative Sessions, The Latest

2004 Lumenix® User Group Conference
September 15-16, 2004 ⏐ University Hilton, Charlotte, NC
Informative Sessions, The Latest
Information on Lumenix® Developer,
Networking Opportunities and more…
If your focus is on eLearning, the
University Hilton is the place to be on
September 15th & 16th for the first Lumenix
User Group Conference.
“eLearning is a Wonderful, Horrible Thing”
is our theme, and the Steering Committee has a
full program planned. Attendees will have the
opportunity to:
learn about the future of eLearning,
gather new ideas for using
Lumenix Developer,
network with other Lumenix users and
get the latest information on future
products and releases.
Join us for all the excitement, including a
roundtable discussion on the hottest topics
regarding the implementation and use of
Lumenix Developer.
Don’t miss out on our training sessions…
September 14th and 17th for all Conference
Attendees who are current Lumenix users:
September 14th – Lumenix Developer
Cost: FREE for Conference Attendees!
This course teaches developers how to create and
sequence course elements in Lumenix to produce
eLearning courses. Students will work in a hands-on
lab environment to practice their Lumenix skills and
build a sample course during the class.
September 17th – Lumenix Advanced Developer
Cost: $525 per person for Conference Attendees
This course teaches Lumenix developers how to
manage and maintain Lumenix courses. Students will
learn advanced design techniques, media management
strategies, and how to revise existing courses.
How to Register
Attendees may register by calling (704) 731-5310 or
by completing and returning the attached registration
form by fax to (704) 548-1939.
Registration Deadline is September 1, 2004.
2004 Conference Program
Tuesday, September 14th
7:00 PM
Welcome Reception
Executive Lounge at the University Hilton
Wednesday, September 15th
8:30 AM
Continental Breakfast
Sponsored by your Lumenix User Group Steering Committee
Lakeshore 4
9:00 AM
Welcome and Keynote Address
What Would Malcolm Say?
George M. Piskurich, Ph.D., GMP Associates
Lakeshore 4
10:00 AM General Session
Show-and-Tell from Lumenix Users
12:30 PM Lunch and Networking
2:30 PM
Lakeshore 4
Restaurants within walking distance
Breakout Sessions
1. Administrators & Managers
Tech Talk for Non-Tech Talkers
Brent Pitman and Sumita Kumar, Bank of America
This session will examine the challenges (and the humor!) of communication between highly technical
people and the technically challenged. The communication issues will be highlighted through
presentation of typical scenarios that involve Lumenix, either directly or indirectly. Communication
problems around related areas (relational databases, three-tier applications) will be discussed.
2. Content Developers
Reusability – Making the Most of Your Content
Jerry Berendt, Performance Dynamics
Lakeshore 4
There is a lot of talk about re-using learning objects, but not many people are doing it successfully yet.
Being able to re-use learning objects requires proper planning. Learning objects must be properly
defined and tagged early on in order to accommodate a plan for re-use later on.
Come share your ideas on how to make the most of your content.
2004 Conference Program
Wednesday, September 15th
3:30 PM
Breakout Sessions
1. Administrators & Managers
Implementation - Let them find themselves in your story
Barbara Thornton, People Development & Handshaw, Inc.
New initiatives create a lot of excitement but often too little attention is given to answering the question
of how the initiative will come to life. The key to a successful initiative is effective implementation
planning from the start. Implementation Planning incorporates engaging employees in the vision for
the initiative, identifying cultural gaps/ obstacles and action planning for accountability.
2. Content Developers
Lakeshore 4
Using learning objects to address skill gaps
Stephanie Jessup, U.S. Bank
This session will define learning objects and skill gap analysis. Next, we’ll discuss how customized
courses containing only the information needed to address a skill gap can be created using existing
Lumenix learning objects. The use of branching and hidden lessons within Lumenix will be
4:30 PM
Product Manager's Session
Chris Adams and Chris Prigmore, Handshaw, Inc.
5:30 PM
Networking and Social Hour on the Patio
6:30 PM
Dinner & Entertainment
Provided by Handshaw, Inc.
Lakeshore 4
University Hilton Patio
University Hilton Lakefront Restaurant
2004 Conference Program
Thursday, September 16th
8:30 AM
Breakfast and Networking
Sponsored by Handshaw, Inc.
9:00 AM
Breakout Session:
1. Administrators & Managers
Lakeshore 4
Implementing eLearning – A Case Study
Nancy Bodman, Big Brothers Big Sisters of America
We had a big challenge and a big vision. First, the vision came from our Director of Training,
Barb Kimmel. Barb had plenty of experience with eLearning at her former job at BankOne,
but no one else a BBBSA had any experience with eLearning, and few of us had experience
with instructional design. The challenge was to begin in early April with Instructional Design
and Lumenix training from Handshaw and deliver 21 job specific lessons by the end of
August. The audience consisted of 437 agencies all across the United States.
2. Content Developers
Lakeshore 4
Preparing Graphics for the Web
David Carmichael, Handshaw, Inc.
Faced with the challenge of making compliance training fun? Equipment qualification
training interesting? One of the best ways to engage your learners is to give them
something other than text on a page to look at. It is a well-known fact that graphics, from
simple bullet illustrations to detailed photographs, make a difference in the visual impression
of a page and assist in engaging learners. Of course, that’s only if the graphic loads properly
and doesn’t take all day to do so.
In this session, you will learn how to find and manipulate graphics to import into your
courses. You will also learn about Handshaw’s best practices for resizing and saving
images for use in courses. Finally, you will learn how to incorporate images into the design
of your page.
2004 Conference Program
Thursday, September 16th
10:00 AM Breakout Session:
1. Administrators & Managers
Roundtable Discussion
Facilitated by Neil Carmichael, American Arbitration Association
In this facilitated roundtable discussion, conference attendees – by sharing their own
experiences – will learn from one another how different organizations have dealt with a
variety of practical issues related to the implementation and use of Lumenix.
2. Content Developers
Combining Lumenix and RoboDemo to Create Interactive Learner Experiences
Nicole Dalton, First Citizens Bank
Lakeshore 4
Looking for ways to make your online learning more realistic and interesting for your
learners? Is participant interaction missing from your online learning materials? This session
introduces Lumenix users to the use of Flash movies to enhance learner experiences and
increase knowledge retention and transfer.
11:00 AM General Session
Lakeshore 4
Capitalizing on the 'Softer-Side' of Technology
Lou Solomon, Interact! and Jerry Berendt, Performance Dynamics
Jerry Berendt has succeeded where others in the training industry have failed to put sales
training on the web. He has helped Financial Selling Systems (FSS) reduce their 3-day live
session to a day and a half by putting a component on the web.
Lou Solomon owns a company called Interact that specializes in intensive on-camera
training for Authentic Speaking and Presenting. Typically the live sessions are a day and
half. She is developing an 8-week course to extend the learning experience through
Lumenix. The course will teach the learner to use the power of storytelling in conversations
and presentations.
If you’ve heard the old mantra that you cannot teach soft skills on the web, come to the
session conducted by Jerry Berendt and Lou Solomon.
12:00 PM General Session & Lunch (Provided by Handshaw, Inc.)
eLearning Principles Even Einstein Didn’t Think About
Dawn Adams, Microsoft
Lakeshore 3
1:00 PM
Lakeshore 3
Business Meeting
Led by the Steering Committee Chairman, Brent Pitman
2:00 PM
Conference Adjourned
2004 Conference Program
Keynote Speakers
What would Malcolm say?
Keynote Speaker: George M. Piskurich, Ph.D.
ELearning is a wonderful, horrible thing. When designed well and used in the right situations it
informs and challenges learners while sharpening their independent learning skills. If designed poorly,
or forced into learning environments where it does not fit, it bores learners, can actually detract from
the learning, and reinforces the learners’ dependence on others to “teach” them.
One of the ways we can create wonderful instead of horrible eLearning is to understand what learners
really want and need from their learning experience, and then design our eLearning so it meets those
In this presentation we will discuss what learners require of their learning programs in order to learn
most effectively, based on our understanding of how adults learn. We’ll then consider how we might
provide those requirements in eLearning initiatives that go well beyond the linear learning processes
that are the mainstay of most eLearning programs and curricula today.
George Piskurich is an organizational learning and performance consultant based in Macon,
Georgia. He provides consulting services and workshops in Instructional Design,
Management Development, and Performance Improvement to clients throughout the country.
He specializes in eLearning interventions, performance/training analysis, distance learning,
the design and development of self-directed/individualized learning programs for all levels of
the organization, telecommuting interventions, and knowledge centers.
With over twenty years of experience in every phase of Learning Technology, he has been a
classroom instructor in both the public and private sector, designed development systems for
managers, developed and instructed programs ranging from communications theory to
computer based training techniques, and created both industrial and health care training
departments as a corporate training director. He has created classroom seminars, distance
learning programs, and eLearning interventions.
George Piskurich
GMP Associates
He has been a presenter and workshop leader at over thirty conferences and symposia
including; the International Self-directed Learning Symposium, the Best of America
Conference, and the ISPI and ASTD international conferences. He is an active member of
both ISPI and ASTD, where he has held local and national leadership positions.
George has edited books on Instructional Technology, Performance Improvement, and
eLearning, written books on Self-directed Learning, Instructional Design and Telecommuting,
and authored many journal articles and book chapters on various topics including Customer
Service, Structured Mentoring, and Corporate Downsizing. He is currently authoring or editing
books on Classroom Instruction and Preparing Organizations and Learners for eLearning. In
1986 he was ASTD's "Instructional Technologist of the Year," and won the "Best Use of
Instructional Technology in Business" award in 1992 for his distributed SDL technical skills
training design.
2004 Conference Program
eLearning Principles Even Einstein Didn’t Think About
Keynote Speaker: Dawn Adams
Over the last few years, it’s become easier and easier to create and deploy eLearning. Tools and
processes have become defined and more and more people have gotten experience using them.
But, as with any set of tools and processes, “garbage in--garbage out”. I’m sure we’ve all seen web
sites that make our eyes cross because something like FrontPage was given to someone who had no
idea how to design a web site. The same can be said for eLearning. While we are gaining
efficiencies in creating it, it’s also easier to create bad eLearning. The tools can’t save us from
This session presents some of the more common errors that fledgling eLearning
designers/developers make when designing eLearning. Suggestions for how to avoid these common
problems as well as examples are presented as Laws of Physics that Einstein might have thought of
had he been an eLearning designer! Clear examples of how these suggestions can be applied to
create more effective eLearning will also be supplied, along with guidelines for creating your own
Come to this entertaining and enlightening session and be prepared to provide some of your own
insights and experiences.
Dawn Adams is a Development Lead in Microsoft’s Sales, Marketing and Services
Readiness group where she manages training solution development and deployment for
internal sales, support and consulting personnel. Prior to joining Microsoft in 2001, Dawn
was Manager for Learning Technologies for NASCO, Inc. where she worked on computerbased and web-based training initiatives, knowledge management projects and technical
documentation. Prior to joining NASCO she was a Manager for Intellinex, a Senior
Manager of Learning Services for Click2Learn and president of TechKnowledgy, Inc. a firm
specializing in the custom design and development of technology delivered courseware.
Dawn has worked with such clients as Covad Communications, Cisco Systems, IBM,
Compaq, Dell Computers, AT&T, Health Alliance, PriceWaterhouseCoopers, First Union,
First National Bank of Chicago, NationsBank, First USA, GE Capital and Union Camp to
design and develop technology delivered instruction.
Dawn Adams
Development Lead
Microsoft, Inc.
Dawn has been a national member of ASTD since 1989. She’s also been an active
member of a few ASTD chapters including Winston-Salem for 10 years, Atlanta for two
years, and now Charlotte for the last year. Dawn was on the Editorial Board of Technical
Training magazine (the precursor to ASTD’s online webzine) and has written articles that
have been published in Technical Training and other ASTD volumes. She has also spoken
at ASTD national and TechKnowledge conferences. She is a presenter at the ASTD
TechKnowledge conference in Anaheim in 2004.
2004 Conference Program
and Travel
University Hilton
The Lumenix User Group
Conference is being held at the
Hilton Charlotte University Place,
8629 JM Keynes Drive,
Charlotte, North Carolina.
Tel: (704) 547-7444
Travel Information
The University Hilton is
conveniently located in the
growing Northeast section of the
city, only 15 minutes from the
Uptown area and the Charlotte
Douglas International Airport.
Easily accessible via major
Interstates 77 & 85, University
Place offers a variety of dining,
shopping and entertainment
options within walking distance.
A shuttle service will be provided
free of charge to all conference
attendees who will be arriving at
the Charlotte Douglas International
Airport. Please provide your flight
information and estimated time of
arrival on the attached Conference
Attendee Registration Form.
Discount Hotel Rates
Conference Information
The University Hilton is a 393guest room, newly renovated fullservice hotel. All of the Hilton’s
rooms feature coffee makers, hair
dryers, irons and ironing boards,
cable TV, direct-dial telephones
with voicemail, data port and high
speed Internet access.
With gorgeous views, a new grand
ballroom and 20,000 square feet of
premium meeting and banquet
space, the University Hilton is one
of Charlotte’s finest conference
facilities. The Lumenix User
Group Conference will occupy
three of the premiere meeting
rooms. Conference attendees will
dine in a lakefront banquet room
for dinner on Wednesday evening.
The conference will conclude on
Thursday with a buffet luncheon.
The hotel is offering two different
rates for Lumenix User Group
Conference attendees:
Standard King or Double
Executive King
*Room rates are subject to sales tax
(currently 13.5%).
Reservations can be made by
calling (800) 445-8667 or online at
Space is limited. Please make
your reservations no later than
September 10, 2004. Be sure to
mention or indicate the group code
Complimentary parking is available
to all hotel guests and conference
attendees. Valet parking is also
available for a minimal fee.
How to Register
Complete the attached Attendee
Registration Form and fax to:
(704) 548-1939
For More Information
Call us at (704) 731-5310 or visit our
website at www.handshaw.com