Services we offer About us

About us
Services we offer
The Hertfordshire Neurological Service offers
adults with long-term neurological conditions
inpatient, outpatient and community health
services across Hertfordshire.
All services are provided by teams of highly
skilled healthcare professionals who work
alongside their neurological alliance partners
to link the patient experience and to develop
person centred care.
Our services include:
We treat conditions such as:
acquired brain Injury (head injury)
acquired spinal Injury
adults with neurological conditions from
Motor Neurone Disease
Multiple Sclerosis (MS)
other rare neurological conditions
Our multi-professional team
administration staff
co-ordinator for rare and rapidly
progressing neurological conditions
clinical lead nurse
clinical neuropsychologists
clinical nurse specialists for MS & PD
occupational therapists
rehabilitation assistants
speech and language therapists
visiting doctors.
expert assessment
specialist inpatient, outpatient and
community based neurological
management and rehabilitation
self management programmes including
introduction to Personal Health Plans
support to acute hospitals to facilitate early
and appropriate discharge.
one-stop-shop clinics for timely assessment
and brief interventions (therapists and
specialist nurses)
disease modifying drug reviews for people
with MS
medication management for people with
FES (functional electrical stimulation)
assessment and appropriate provision.
assessment for specialist equipment
joint working with leisure, sports facilities,
social services (Herts Health & Community
Services), palliative and other specialist
Outpatient and community
access to therapy at our neurological units
across the county
domiciliary appointments for those who
are housebound
Nurse-led clinics for people with
Parkinson’s and MS across the county
one-stop-shop multi-professional clinics
with nurses and therapists across the
specific modules within self-management
programmes that are condition specific.
Inpatient services
There are two inpatient units (Danesbury
Neurological Centre, Welwyn; and Holywell
Neurological Unit, St Albans) which offer
intensive rehabilitation to patients at a critical
point in their neurological condition.
Therapeutic group programmes
fatigue management
memory group
mindfulness (meditation) group
problem solving group
self-management modules
stress management & relaxation
Upper Limb Group.
How to access the service
Who can be referred to the Neurological
Adult patients with neurological conditions
needing specialist nursing, therapy and
neuro-psychology input.
Patients must be over 16 for outpatient, or
18 for inpatient services. There is no upper
age limit for referral. All patients must have a
Hertfordshire GP.
Who can refer to the service?
Patients can be referred by any professional,
or through self-referral (see self-referral
section for details).
Referrals into the service
Referrals to the service should be made
through the single point of access (SPOA). The
referral forms can be found on our website
Patients are welcome to contact the service if
you have any questions, or would like to
know what we offer as a service.
The SPOA for patients with a North &
East Hertfordshire GP is
Danesbury Neurological Unit
Tel: 01438 841841
Fax: 01438 718674
Comments, compliments and
We are interested in your views about the
service you received. If you have any
comments, compliments or complaints please
contact PALS
Patient Advice & Liaison (PALS) Team
Open: Monday-Friday, 10am-2pm
(excluding bank holidays)
Tel: 0800 011 6113
Hertfordshire Community
Neurological Service
Your nearest unit is:
Hertfordshire Community NHS Trust
The SPOA for patients with a West
Hertfordshire GP is:
Jacketts Field Neurological Unit
Abbots Langley
Tel: 01923 299106
Fax: 01923 299107
For further information please visit for address and contact
If you would like a copy of this
document in LARGE PRINT, Braille
or audio tape, or would like this
information explained in your own
language, please contact
01707 388038
Authors: The Herts Neurological Service
Date: October 2011
Review: October 2013
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