How to e-Sign-Up (Withholding Agent) Withholding Agent:

How to e-Sign-Up (Withholding Agent)
Withholding Agent:
The withholding agent under these rules and includes the accounting office which is responsible
for making payment against the taxable services received by a government department or government
Step 01: Visit
To sign-up with e-SRB Portal, please visit:
Click on Main menu Tab “e-Registration”
Select “Sign-up for withholding Agent & Franchisor (Not Having SNTN)”
Step 02: Enter Your NTN
If You Already Have NTN
Please enter your NTN.
The system will automatically show your registration Particulars as in FBR.
Enter image character and click OK.
Sign-up Form will appear (Sign-up Form for SRB Withholding Agents & Franchisors Not Having
Form will show your particulars pre-filled as had been recorded in FBR.
Step 03: Fill the Sign-up Form ( All Fields/columns are mandatory)
You need to fill all the above fields
Enter particulars
After filling the form click on “Save Registry” and move to other section to complete the form
Enter your correct cell phone number and Active/Valid Email Address.
Once you are finished, confirm it that you have provided correct Email ID and Cell Phone
Number as Sign-up process sends you the password and pin code on your cell phone and email.
Formally Declare that the information you have given is correct and complete
Official Area
This is official section and shows USER ID allotted to you and Tax Office.
Save the form.
You can make changes if necessary, but you can save again after making changes.
Verification of Application
After completing your form click on “Verify Application”
A pop up window will ask for verification
Enter required information (CNIC/NTN/PP) to verify your application
Print Application
After Application verification, you can Print Application through (Print Application)
Submit your application
After verification click on “Submit Application”.
After successful submission you will be allotted USER ID and PASSWORD through
Please e-Enroll to activate your account and avail all facilities provided by SRB.
2.2 Have NTN but No Record Found
If you have NTN but when you enter your NTN the error reports as “No Taxpayer Found”
o Please make sure that you have entered the correct NTN and Check digit.
o If NTN and its check digit is correct and still message appears “No Taxpayer Found for
This NTN” , Please email your particulars to [[email protected]] as follow:
 Subject of email: Add NTN in database
 Business Name
 Service Category
o The support officer will forward your application and will reply you through email when
Thank You.