Tharshika Rajendran on show o Aug. 1

Friday 31st July 2009
It’s sometime late
on a breezy Monday
evening and I am
trotting down Fife
road. Looking for
Ezra, I have directions; I know who I am
supposed to meet. I am
excited. I met one of
the band members; I
was taken to a little
studio where the band
is supposed to gather.
I hear that the band
members have not met
in a while either. Why,
they have been silent
for so long and now
the time has finally
come for all of them to
come out and start
performing what they
do best, make music
for the wider audience.
I come face to face
to with an odd, almost
out of place picture
that is browned with
age but is not hard to
make out the two people pausing. That’s my
father, says Billy
Fernando simply
known as Billy, pointing to one in the picture. I know the other
person. Amaradeva. I
am awed.
When I finally meet
the gang who makes
up the Gospel rock
band, Ezra, I am overcome by a sense of elation as if I have actually found good music.
One by one, each
one of them fill the
place and I sit back ,
letting them chat and
catch up, the friendly
people that they are,
and I am finally introduced.
Billy, sings and
plays guitar ( or any
other instrument
points out a band
member ) , who I note
is a simple person who
enjoys a good laugh
and puts others at
The beautiful two
Opt for a monochromatic outfit.
Head-to-toe dark
neutrals are visually lengthening
and slimming.
K e e p
Exclusively for youth
Billy Fernando
silent side because of a dentist
appointment prior to my interview
with them, had a witty come back
and is quite sunny to be around.
Nigel, the guitar player, the skinny, friendly
young one
apparently is
also a guitar
teacher. This
is the one I
did not mistake for the
stick figure
to take it. “Let people discover God
in their own way” said Devashrie.
And I’d say if music is to be a religion, then so be it.
It’s about the zest of life. Their
music is supposed to bring hope.
“Deep” Selomi notes.
They began their singing; this is
say. Asked when they hope to do so,
Billy said to look out for them
around next September.
The event will be hosted by Tharshika
ments and cuts short the illusion of
leaness. Remember you do not have to
limit yourself to Black to look your
sleekest. Mix textures and shades of a
colour to keep the look interesting.
Any stripes on the garment should be
Prints should be scaled for your body- no
ditzy large prints if you are large.
Avoid big belts, which can
cut you in half visually.
Instead opt for thin belts
or wraparound dresses.
They not only give you a
waist but enhance your
hips to show off a curvier
Wear skirts that are long &
avoid wide skirts.
Always wear high- heels.
your eye
NorthSouth as
opposed to
E a s t - We s t .
colour combinations, your
figure breaks
in too many ele-
on show o
Aug. 1
If you are petite ( 5’3 or under)
make sure you scale everything down:
smaller prints , pockets etc.. so they
don’t overpower your figure. Just
because you are a plus size don’t cover
f i g u r e
with tent
Just follow
o f
and accent
your best
features. If
you have a
curvy bust,
cover up from
head to toe
just because
Fashion Tips for Plus sizes:
How to look Taller
and Slimmer
Contributions and poems to this section could
<[email protected]>,
<[email protected]> or by post to ‘Yo
Newspapers Ltd. 223, Bloemendhal Rd, Colomb
you’re a plus size.
Always choose darker colours as
the basis of your wardrobe. Navy,
Black, Brown, Dark green, Dark red,
Charcoal grey etc..
Focus on playing up your best features, for example showing off shapely legs with a knee-length skirt.
Avoid anything too tight or clingy.
Choose clean lined clothing without
big emblishments or buttons.
Don’t wear overly baggy clothes.
Body conscious clothes that hint at
your curves, without being clingy or
tight, are the most flattering.
One – piece dresses look smarter
than separates. If you do separates,
remember the brightest or lightest
colour or print , “ pops” and accents
whatever It’s on. A good way to balance out a top heavy figure: printed
skirt with a plain black top. If you are
bottom heavy, wear tops with broad
shoulders or a horizontal stripe to
look more balanced.
Don’t be afraid to wear sleeveless
garments, especially Evening wear. If
you don’t feel comfortable with your
upper arms, drape a beautiful sheer
shawl around your shoulders or wear
a sheer top or even a Bolero jacket.
Keep styling simple, yet edgy and
forget frills. The fussier your outfit
gets, the fuller you look.
Accessories- Make sure you scale
your accessories – from your hand bag
to your- earrings-to your size.
Accessories are a smart trick for looking
slimmer. Wearing an elegant pendant
or a brooch can draw attention to
your face. Adding bangles or a nice
pair of earrings is a great way to
add a splash of colour to a monochromatic look.
Give preference to pointed shoes
as they elongate your
And last but
not least always
stand straight
and be aware of
your posture. If
you hold your
instead of
slouching ,
you’ll add
at least an
y o u r
Finding Ezr a
Text and Pix
by S. Peiris
I am forced to keep my jaw where it
is supposed to stay without letting
it drop to the floor.
I clap suppressing the goose
bumps, for they just sang Amazing
Grace for me and I am amazed by
the harmony of the voices, so different yet so equally pleasing and
mind blowingly good. It turned out
that they had not sung together in a
while, but who could tell! Not me.
They emphasize that they have
not disbanded. They never did.
What did happen was that some of
the band members moved on to
greener pastures, some started pursuing higher education and new
individuals started filling the
spaces of the one’s who had left.
But the band worked in such a way
that they have ended up with everyone who played in the band at different times. Thus they have stayed
true to their band, the band that
promises optimism and a boost to
They seem to have stuck through
with their music even though the
band has been largely inactive for
the past year or so. But, they have
decided to come back, for the sake
of the music, for the sake of their
fans, for the sake of anyone who
enjoys good music, such as me.
“Expect us to re-emerge” They
by Ruchira Silva
“We are not
says Billy
ladies are Devashrie and Selomi
who are strictly vocalists.
Devashrie is soft spoken and mild
but when she sings she takes you by
surprise, and makes you wonder
how such a tiny person
can have such a powerful voice. Selomi,
though she
found on the door outside.
Joshua and Dale also plays guitar. Dale helps with the vocals too.
Romesh and Ruban, play the
drums but were not present at the
time I met the rest of the gang. Also
Yohan, who played bass and Rajiv
Fernando who helped with sounds
were mentioned with warm feelings
by the gang.
Asked what they have to say
about their music they explained to
me that even though they are based
on Gospel rock, they do not like to
limit themselves. “We do not want
to put off people” said Billy.
What we play is called “Positive
Music”, the kind of music that lifts
your spirits, and makes you feel
good, and if you are hopeless, you
find some sort of solace. I for one,
can do with that kind of music, I
tell myself.
This band is named after a
Biblical prophet who was called
Ezra. According to legend he led
about 5000 Israelites to their homeland and reconstituted the dispersed Jewish community. Ezra, the
rock band,seem to work more or
less on the same concept that, even
if you do not believe in God , everyone is equal on the grounds of
music and if their music can reach
out to people , then they are willing