How to enhance your pictures Getting started

How to enhance your pictures
Getting started
Shutterfly can help you make your pictures look their best
with our easy-to-use online tools. We’re going to show you
the different ways to enhance your pictures.
To begin, sign in and go to the My Pictures page. Open any
album to view the pictures contained within it. To get a better
idea of which images could use enhancing, you may wish to
adjust the size of the thumbnails. Do this by clicking on the
large thumbnail picture icon in the lower-right corner of the
main work area.
Now you’ve got a better look at your pictures. What sort of
fixes and enhancements need to be made? Perhaps some
were taken using a flash, and the subjects have a case of the
dreaded “red eye.” Maybe a few of them could use cropping
to remove some distracting objects in the background. Others
might benefit from a soft-focus effect, or you may wish to
add a border to make your prints look more stylish.
Select the pictures you’d like to enhance. If you’re only
selecting a few of them from your album, you can click
on the specific picture thumbnails. If you’d like to make
enhancements to each picture in the album, select “all” at the
top of the main work area, then click the “Enhance” button at
the top of the page.
How to enhance your pictures
Fix red-eye
The pictures that you selected for enhancing can be edited
one-by-one on the “Enhance Picture” page. Let’s tackle
fixing red-eye first. You’ll notice there are two arrows on the
right side of the page. Click on these to scroll forwards and
backwards through the series of selected pictures.
When you’ve found one with a red-eye problem, choose the
“Fix” tab on the left side of the page. Then move your cursor
over the large thumbnail in the middle of the page until you
are directly over the red eye. Click once and you’ll notice a
preview thumbnail of the eye in the “Fix” palette. Click on
the red-eye in the preview and the red-eye should disappear.
Select the “Save Fix” button right below the preview
thumbnail to save the fix, or select “Cancel Fix” to undo it.
How to enhance your pictures
Crop and center subjects
To crop your pictures, click on the “Crop” tab on the left side
of the page. You’ll notice that the large image in the middle
of the page now displays a transparent box with black edges
and white boxes at the corner. Also, when you mouse over
the thumbnail, the cursor icon has changed from a hand to
four arrows. The edges, corners and icon are your cropping
To crop, click and hold on any of the edges or corners, then
drag your mouse up, down, left or right to see what effect it
has on the crop. Click inside the boundary lines to drag the
cropped area around the page until it’s placed just right. Go
ahead and play around with this tool. You can also adjust
the crop shape using the options under the “Crop” tab.
Move from “EasyCrop” to “4x6”, “5x7”, “8x10” or the two
orientations, to see the difference. Select the “Custom Crop
Tool” link for Free Crop or Square Crop.
How to enhance your pictures
To see how your crop looks, click the “Print Preview” button
below the large thumbnail. Click “Done” to finish, or to
change your crop. Remember, you can always choose the
“Revert to original” link on the right side of the page to undo
the changes.
Add effects
To add effects to your pictures, click the “Effects” tab on the
left side of the page. The large image in the middle of the
page displays your picture in the “No Effect” mode. You can
add an effect by choosing from the list in the tab – Black &
White, Color tone (similar to Sepia-tone), Saturate (which
deepens the colors), and Soft Focus (which is adjustable by
dragging the control bar at the bottom of the “Effects” tab).
Choose the color effect that works best for your image.
NOTE: Shutterfly uses exclusive VIVIDPICS® technology to
improve color and sharpness automatically. If you’ve used
photo editing software, such as Photoshop, on your pictures,
before uploading them to Shutterfly, be sure to check the box
that says “Don’t apply automatic corrections to picture.”
How to enhance your pictures
Add borders
You can add any of more than 500 exclusive borders to your
pictures, including ones specifically created for baby, birthday
and wedding images. To add borders to your pictures, click
the “Borders” tab on the left side of the page. The pull-down
menu in the tab defaults to “Simple” style. Choose from
white, black line, black, shadow box and blur borders, or
choose a different style from the pulldown menu.
With “Simple” style, you can adjust the width of the borders
and trim your picture to make the border an even width. With
other styles selected, use the Zoom buttons in the tab to
zoom in and out on your picture, and use the move arrows to
place the image the way you want.
If you’d like to apply the border you’ve chosen on any single
picture to the other selected pictures from your album, simply
select the link on the right side of the page that says “Apply
this border to this set of pictures.”