September 2011
How to get in touch:
Working with QMSU:
How to Run a Sports
Dominic Bell, Vice President
Student Activities
Email: [email protected]
Tel: 0207 882 8043
This document is designed to
give you an overview of how a
Sports Club functions within
QMSU. It should act as
reference for when you want to
do anything like use your Subs
or Grant account, edit your
webpage, book rooms or
facilities, and much more.
However, this is only an
introduction and it may not
answer all your questions. Get
in contact to find out more.
James Mountain, Sports Clubs
Dominic Bell
[email protected]
Tel: 0207 882 8031
Toby Emmerson, Sports Development Manager
[email protected]
Tel: 0207 882 8451
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Toby Emmerson
Your Union: An Introduction for Sport Clubs Page 2
Fixtures, Matches, and
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Setting Up A Sports Club
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Strength & Conditioning
Page 14
Controlling Finances
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Get Active
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Websites and Promoting Your Club
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Committees and Elections
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Representing Your Club
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Union Awards
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Developing your Club
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Running an Event
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Page 2
Your Union: An Introduction to Club Sport
As a Sports Club, there are
some people that you'll work
with more closely than others,
in particular the Vice
President Student Activities
(VPSA), Dominic Bell, who is
responsible for all Sports
Club, Societies, Volunteering,
and Charity Fundraising at
Queen Mary and Barts & The
also call on the Barts &
London Clubs and
Societies Officer.
There are also part-time
officers who will be
representing your needs (see
Representing Your Sports
Club). They are Dominic
Todd, Sports Officer (for
QM Sports Clubs) and the
Barts Clubs and Societies
Officer (for Barts and
London Sports Clubs).
If you're a Barts & The
London Sports Club, you can
The VPSA is a Sabbatical
Officers (“Sabb”): a student
elected by other students to
represent them. Queen
Mary Students' Union
(QMSU) employs five
Sabbatical Officers who
work full time in the Union.
You can find out who all
your sabbs are at
What You Need To
Where can you find us?
Know About The
Queen Mary Students'
Union does a lot. As well as
running Sports Clubs, the
Promotes the interests
and welfare of
students at Queen
Mary and Barts &
London to staff of the
College, in particular
to the Principal and
Vice Principals of the
Provides academic
advice and support
when you're in
difficult situations
Provides other social,
sporting, and
recreational activity
including managing
several venues across
our campuses.
As a Sports Club, there are a
number of the Students‟ Unions
venues that you can use. The most
important one for you is the
Bancroft Road (indicated on the
map below as Drapers Bar,
Qmotion). This is where the Sports
Clubs Coordinator, Sports
Development Manager and many
other staff are based. It is where
you should go if you want to
discuss anything about running
your Sports Club.
Other venues that may be
of use to you are BLSA,
Ground, Drapers Bar,
and Qmotion. These
venues can be booked for events
or sessions you may want to put
on (see Booking Facilities in
this pack to find out more).
For Barts & London Sports
Clubs and Student Groups, you
also have the Barts & London
President who is based in the
Association building, also
known as BLSA (pictured
Page 3
Setting up a Sports Club
We have 52 Sports Clubs but you still might not see something you like that QMSU
offers. If so, why not start up a new Sports Club?
All our Sports Clubs are student-led and you can apply to make your Club affiliated at
any time throughout the year. Just get in contact with Dominic Bell, Vice President
Student Activities, at [email protected] or one of the Club Sport staff.
You'll be guided through the process
summarised here...
Double-check that your idea for a Sports Club is not already offered by QMSU. If it is then your
application for a new Club won't be accepted.
Arrange a meeting with a member of Club Sport staff or the VPSA.
Write your 'core aims and objectives' as mission statements. What activities do you want to offer to
students? What do you want to be able to achieve? Is it being offered already by anyone else?
Where will you train? What equipment will you need? Will you need a coach?
Once you've decided your core aims and objectives, insert them into a Constitution. You‟ll be
guided through the process of writing a Constitution when you meet with QMSU.
You'll need to make up a Committee which needs to include as minimum a President and
Treasurer. You can create as many different positions as you think are necessary to run your Club.
Fill out a Basic Club Information Form downloadable from or
collect one in person from QMSU. Send it back to [email protected] with all the questions
Once you've finished all the documents and they've been authorized by the Vice President Student
Activities, you'll be given an induction session into all the basic things you'll need to know to run
your Sports Club in accordance with QMSU – most of which you can read in this guide.
Page 4
Controlling Your Finances
Controlling your finances is crucial to having a successful Club. The best way of
controlling your finances is planning your expenditure and income at the beginning of
the year.
The Subs Account
Every Club has a Subs Account. This is a bank account which is set up for you so that
you can raise funds.
It is managed by the Union so if ever you want to find out the status of your Subs
Account you should ask for an update. It is where all your membership fees and any
other income made by you is deposited. You can raise money in a number of different
ways, for instance:
Sponsorship from external organisations
Donations from individuals such as alumni
Kit fees
Transport fees
Events and ticket sales
And here are some golden rules when it comes to income you've raised:
It is very important that you deposit any income you've raised into to your Subs
Account as soon as you possibly can. Cash, cheques or online payments are accepted.
Don't use income to pay for other expenses, just go back through the Subs account for
any other expenses.
It is against our rules and regulations for any Club to have a bank account other than
those created by QMSU. There are some heavy penalties for any groups that are found
out because it can be interpreted as fraud!
If you have an accurate and healthy record of the income your club has made, the
Union will be able to see this income and reward you properly for it (see „Developing
Your Club‟ in this guide).
The Grant Account
Some clubs will have been given a Grant Account by the Union. A Grant is an award to
your club from the Union. It is a portion of the Union‟s Block Grant which is the
Union‟s own reward from the University.
The Grant that you may receive is public money and so can only be used on
aspects that are agreed as ‘core’ activity. In other words both the club committee and
the Union have to agree on what activities that you provide for your members are
directly linked to your aims and objectives.
The following areas have been identified by the Union as follows:
Promotion and Stationary
Speakers, Coaches, Instructors Expenses
Affiliations, Licences, and Entries
Equipment, services, maintenance, and hire
Travel (50% only)
Health and Safety
Page 5
Controlling Your Finances continued...
Each club‟s Grant Account is ultimately decided by the Union. However, it is
not a flippant decision. The Union asks each club to fill out a Budget Pack
over the summer before the new financial year (beginning 1 st August). The
Union then allocates its total budget out fairly and evenly.
In the lead up to the budget application deadline, the Union tries to meet and
advise with each society to help them submit the best application they can.
The budget application is just one part of the Budget Pack that is sent out to
societies in this period. The other documents in this pack include a Basic Club
Information Form and a Sports Club Development Questionnaire. The
Basic Club Information Form is important for maintaining contact with
QMSU and giving us fundamental information about your club. The
Development Questionnaire is integral to getting the best grant out of the
Union. It is explained in more depth in „Developing Your Club‟.
Claiming, Spending, and
If you need to make „quick‟
spends, then you may have to pay
up front with your own cash, but
if you keep a receipt you can
claim back your expenses. First,
check the club‟s account with
QMSU or your President or
Treasurer (who should know) to
make sure there are funds to claim
from, go to
sportsinfo to download the
‟Payment Request Form‟ and get
your President or Treasurer to
sign you off, then hand it in. And
be careful, if the funds aren‟t
available then you are liable.
2. Purchase Orders
If you don‟t want to be out of
pocket for a week or two, or what
you're trying to buy is just too
expensive for you to pay up front,
then ask us. Download the
„Purchase Order Request Form‟ and
fill in what you want to buy, who
from, and how much you think it is.
Don‟t forget to find out whether
VAT is included in the price you‟ve
been quoted and if you‟re buying
from a biggish company ask for an
Order Number.
3. Depositing cash, cheques or
making online payments into your
If you want to deposit cash or
cheque, you can bring it into the
Blomeley Centre where we‟ll cash it
up with you. Don‟t leave without a
receipt from us!
If you want to make an online
payments or coordinate a payment
from a sponsor then download the
„Sales Invoice‟ form and fill in
contact details and give us a
reference for what the deposit is for.
―Each Clubs
Grant Account
is ultimately
decided by the
Page 6
Websites and Promoting Your Club
There are a number of ways you can promote your Club, whether it's online through a website,
facebook, other social media, our Student Bulletin, or in physical forms such as postering, flyering,
booking stalls on campus or advertising in our student newspapers Qmessenger and Vulture. The best
thing to do is to use all of them. In this section we'll tell you how you can make the best of each
1. Website—
The QMSU website gets approximately 10,000 hits from unique users every month. The Clubs and
Societies main page was in the top 5 nearly every month last year.
Every Sports Club is given a mini-site when it's set up and affiliated with the Union eg
Page 7
1. Website continued...
If you haven't logged in to the qmsu website or
you're not a member of the Club then this is the
screen you'll see. There is an email address,
link to another website, short blurb describing
the Club, its President, contacts and the option
to join the society.
with whatever email address you tell us is
your main contact. It's recommended that you
create an email account for your Club in case
you don't want mail going to your personal
account. Make sure you make the Union
aware of the best contact address for your
Club so we know who to send news and
important information to.
The email address shown is an address that the
Union will give you but it will be hooked up
Getting Admin Access to Edit
Your Website Further
website gets
10,000 hits
Once you're logged into the QMSU website and join a Club you'll be
able to see a lot more on this page. The possibilities of what you can put
up on this webpage are virtually limitless. If you want to be able to edit
your website further then you'll need to get admin access. We will only
give admin access to students who are members of the Club and who
have had a training session on how to use the website. This is because
with admin access you're able to make a lot of changes including
deleting important web content!
Enquire at the Union on how to get a one-to-one training session so that
you can become a web admin or email [email protected]
There's literally no end to what you can do on the website such as
upload videos and pictures, create news feeds, fundraise for charity,
post your work and literature, link up with your facebook groups etc,
sell tickets and products and more.
from unique
users every
Page 8
2. Social Media – Facebook, Twitter, Youtube
QMSU has its own
Facebook, Twitter, and
Youtube accounts. As a
Club you should become
friends, follow, and add
your videos to these to
get the most coverage.
Our Facebook page is
called 'Queen Mary
Students Union
(QMSU)' and our group
is called 'Queen Mary /
Freshers 2011'. Make
sure you also add „Qmsu
Sport‟ as a friend as a lot
of updates get on its
Beware! There are a lot
of rogue Facebook
accounts out there
pretending to be us but if
you don't see the Vice
President Student
Activities on the group
or any other
recognisable member of
staff then you can be
sure it's not one of ours.
Our Twitter account is
called QM Students'
Union and you can
follow QMSU sport
Our Youtube account is
called qmsulovesu.
You can find all the
links at
Make sure you've
invited Dominic Bell,
Vice President Student
Activities, and Qmsu
Sport to your facebook
groups and made QMSU
aware of your groups so
we can keep you and
your members up to date
with what's going on at
3. QMessenger
―Shout about
the success of
your Club.‖
Qmessenger is our student newspaper. It goes out every week and is written by
students. It's a perfect medium to advertise and write about your Club. We're
always looking for articles about your activities but we also give space to free
advertising so if you want to reach the wider student community then this is a
good way of getting attention.
To get something in the paper, enquire with our Vice President Communications
at [email protected] and find out who the sports editors are.
4. Student Bulletin
QMSU sends out a Student Bulletin
to every student via email every
Monday. Queen Mary and Barts &
London has approximately 17,000
If you want to send a message to the
entire student body enquire with Vice
President Student Activities at
[email protected] You'll need
to have your message authorized
because you can probably imagine
that there is a lot of competition to
send messages out on the Student
Bulletin. QMSU has to monitor what
information it sends out.
Some good advice is to use the
student bulletin sparingly and
wisely. You'll only be given the
privilege in exceptional
Lastly, the Student Bulletin can
only take plain text. Sadly, that
means no pictures, no bold
lettering, no change of font – so
think about your text carefully.
BL Clubs can also send ask
George Ryan, BL President, to put
in a message into the BL student
Page 9
4. Postering, Flyering and Stalls
Space is at a premium at
Queen Mary and Barts so we
have to control the amount of
posters on campus. That
means that if you want to put
posters up you need to get
your posters authorized by
QMSU. Make sure what's on
your poster won't be offensive
to anyone because we won't
be able to authorize your
posters and it could cost you
The current regulation states
that only 40 A4 or 20 A3 can
be posted by any one Club at
any one time. If you go above
your quota you may find that
your posters are taken down by
staff – again costing you
There are also designated poster
boards where you can put up
your posters. They are dotted all
around campus but mainly you
can find them in QMSU
buildings or academic
departments. Posters are strictly
prohibited from walls, doors,
windows, and monuments so if
you put up posters on buildings
etc that aren't designated then
your posters will be taken down
and repeat offenders could have
other sanctions put on their
There is no cap on the amount
of flyers that you can have
authorized but again make
sure your flyer won't be
misconstrued or found to be
Finally, if you want to book a
stall to have on campus, then
you can do so by asking
QMSU reception. We are able
to provide a limited number of
tables which you can borrow
and you can collect from the
Blomeley Centre.
Committees and Elections
The size of your committee, what positions you have, and who is in them is
largely up to the club and what you think is best. There are so many different
variations but here are some basics. Remember they should be clearly shown
in your constitution:
Every Club must have a President. The President is responsible for the Club
and all its dealings. He/she should ensure that the Club is fulfilling all its basic
functions while also driving the Club forward as they see fit. The President is
also the signatory for any expenses (see Controlling Your Finance) as well as
making room bookings with the University (see Booking Facilities). The
President is usually the main contact with QMSU.
Every Club must also have a Treasurer. The Treasurer is responsible for the
Club's finance and can also sign expenses. They should chase and keep records
of all the Club's finances. They are also responsible for the forward planning of
the Club. The Treasurer acts very much like a Vice President.
Many Clubs have other positions such as a Vice President, Secretary, Social
Secretary or Events Secretary, Communications Secretary or Webmaster, Kit
Secretary, etc
The terms of reference and the relevance of each officer you can decide for
yourself and depends very much on what the Club is set up to do. You can also
discuss with the Union your committee structure.
―Acting as a
Club President
or Treasurer
will develop a
wide range of
skills, making
you more
Page 10
You've decided your committee structure. Now how do you run your
There are some strict procedures for running elections because they have to be fair and democratic. It is
the President's responsibility to organise the elections.
Here’s a suggested way of running your election:
The President will announce the date of the Club‟s Annual General Meeting (AGM) and will notify the Vice
President Student Activities of when nominations will open and close.
Nominations must open with at least seven days notice of the date of the AGM.
It's recommended that each candidate speak for a limited time and answer a round of questions from members.
Even if there is only one candidate, the candidate should still supply a nomination form before end of
nominations as members may choose not to vote for the uncontested candidate but instead vote for re-open
nominations (RON).
For any AGM to stand a minimum number of votes to make it all count must be decided by the Club. This
should be written into your Constitution as percentage of total signed up members.
Any student running for election or intending to vote must be a fully paid member of the Club. We track
students joining up to Clubs so you can get an official members list from the Union.
If it is too difficult for the Club to get enough members to the AGM then the election can be postponed to
another date or an election can be held over email. The same rules will apply for an election taken place over
The count should be conducted by at least two impartial committee members who are at not running for election
and the result should be communicated to the VPSA.
The result should be published to all members and to the Vice President Student Activities at
[email protected]
Representing Your Club
Ever wanted to change the way something is done at QMSU? Ever
wanted to get more out of the Union? Or ever wanted to be a bigger
figure in the Union?
If so, then you should start representing yourself and your peers.
Up until now Clubs have been represented by the Vice President
Student Activities, Sports Officer, and Barts & London Clubs &
Societies Officer. They are elected into position to lead and voice
student opinion. These positions are still currently in place and so you
should get to know these people if you have an issue, concern, or new
idea you want to see happen at University.
But now, for the first time there are going to be more and better
chances for you to voice your opinions...
Dominic Bell – Vice President Student Activities
email: [email protected]
tel: 0207 882 8043
Dominic Todd – Sports Officer
email: [email protected]
Position to be filled – Whitechapel
Clubs and Societies Officers
email: [email protected]
Page 11
New to 2011-2012
New to 2011-12 is the Club Sport Advisory Board (CSAB) which will be made up of the Vice
President Student Activities, the Sports Officer, and the Barts & London Clubs and Societies Officer,
as well as a number of students representing the following different areas of Club Sport:
―The Club Sport
Advisory Board
Martial Arts
is new for
Get yourself nominated into one of these positions and become an Advisor to the Union and Sabbs.
There are no restrictions except to be a member of a Sports Club.
Club Sport Advisory Board (CSAB)
The Club Sport Advisory Board will take into account Mile End and Whitechapel Sports Clubs. It
will meet twice a term to discuss the most important issues relating to Clubs such as:
- Clubs Rules and Regulations
- Development of Sports Clubs
- Clubs events such as Colours & Honours, Association Dinner, Merger Cup, and events in Drapers and at BLSA
The Union Awards
Every year at the end of the second
semester QMSU holds its Colours &
Honours Awards.
It's a ceremony put on to celebrate
every aspect of the Union, of which
Sports Clubs are an important part.
Page 12
The Union Awards continued...
QMSU holds it‟s Colours and Honours Awards for students who have gone above and beyond the call of duty
to advance their year at the end of the second semester. It's a ceremony put on to celebrate every aspect of the
Union, of which Societies and Student Groups are an important part. Students who have gone above and
beyond the call of duty to advance their Club can be nominated for Club Colours by the President of the Club.
There are also the coveted awards for „Club of The Year‟ and „Best New Student Group of the Year.‟
How do you win these?
By fulfilling and going beyond your 'core aims and objectives'
By involving a great number of students and driving participation
By improving the image of Clubs
By managing and communicating well with QMSU
Last year QM Football Club won the „Club of The Year‟!
BLSA holds it‟s Association Dinner every year in celebration of its Clubs & Societies and awards its members
at the end of their degree at Rites of Passage.
Developing Your Sports Club
Over the past year QMSU has had a keen eye on developing sport. A strategy group with two of the Vice
Principals of the University has been meeting for a year with QMSU, an external consultant has been hired,
and now the message is getting round that we‟re looking for Sports Clubs to join in.
Significant sums of money have been granted from the University in previous years to raise capital and
equipment for our Clubs and bring them up to spec. Now, we‟re looking to invest into Coaching so if you
have a Coach or are looking for one let us know because we will look to support.
In the summer just gone we asked Clubs to fill out a Development Questionnaire as part of the Budgeting
Pack for 2011 . We asked how Committees would like to develop their Club for the next year. It was a simple
tick box exercise with the chance also to elaborate on why you had ticked certain boxes were and not others.
This has given us some idea of where you want to go and we‟ll be building on this and feeding your plans into
what we‟re doing.
Here are some areas that we see a Club could develop. Clearly some of the
options are not applicable for some groups but that's because we cater for such a
wide variety of different groups:
in a Sports
Club opens up
- Facilities
- Coaching
- Competition and Performance
- Increasing Participation and Sustainable Growth
- Leadership, Skills, Personal Development and Governance
- External Relations
And more...If you would like to start work on a Development Plan
with QMSU contact James Mountain at [email protected]
Page 13
Running an Event
Decide with the committee how the event relates to the aims and objectives of your Club.
Arrange a meeting with the VPSA or SSC to discuss your
Following the meeting complete the Event Budget Proposal Form.
STAGE 1 – 6 weeks prior to the event
STAGE 4 – Step 1
SETTLING FINANCES – Ensure all final payments are completed with suppliers.
All receipts and sales need to match up with expenditure. Hand this information into the QMSU.
Speak to the SSGC or VPSA.
EVALUATION – analyse the information from your evaluation sheets. If you forgot to do this you
could send out an on-line questionnaire to assess the strengths and weaknesses of your event.
DEBRIEF - the committee and QMSU with your results.
EXPENDITURE - Payments need to be made through QMSU (Promo Material, Venue Bookings, tickets). Speak to the Sports Clubs Coordinator or VPSA. Tickets can be sold on the QMSU website or you
can sell hard copies of tickets. All money to be paid into the QMSU. Make sure you give people a receipt when you sell a ticket.
INCOME – Any money generated from your event needs to be paid into your Subs Account through
QMSU. Speak to the SSC or VPSA.
All promotional material needs to be authorised by the VPSA and include the QMSU stamp / logo. Remember to promote your event on your social networking sites.
STAGE 4 – 1 week
after the event
STAGE 2 – 3
weeks prior to the
Complete a Financial Risk Assessment Form and contingency plan. Complete a Health and Safety risk
Page 14
Fixtures, Matches, and Appeals
Considering the number of leagues and competitions that Clubs play in it would be difficult to discuss all their rules and regulations. However, it advisable that the team captains (and chairpersons)
familiarise themselves with the rules and regulations of what ever competition they‟re playing in. The
most important information to take note of is the process of appealing if you think the opposition is
playing sour. For BUCS competitions there is a „Playing Under Protest‟ form. It is always worth having one of these residing in your kit bag as not all opponents are as honourable and chivalrous as us!
For ULU fixtures, it‟s your team captain‟s reSome
should always
give much tips:
more time than you would
think for to organise fixtures.
planning an event. QMSU's policy on events says that unless you have an
Do budget
not sitapproved
on problems.
the Sports
six weeks
in advance
of the dateMake
of your
know when your bookings are for
the yourpitches
it cannot go ahead. That means you'll need toofmake
case toorQMSU
the sports
hall. Ask us to find out if
time Department
in advance for
an agreement to be reached. And
case the more time you'll need to get to approval.
If a problem
let us know,
wants to comes
to support
help us in booking travel for you so
students' activities. That's why we have a responsibility
to make
sure that
us what
you want. You‟re responsible for
our website
event Under
we approve
in from
on budget.
referees if needed but ask if you‟re unsure how
If you
If you
have an event approved, you also,
as andon‟t
of QMSU,
go about
have a responsibility to make sure it's a financial success. In having your
event approved, you have reached a privileged position and have effectively
that towhen
given the right
money thansign,
was actually awarded to you
witness‟ of
in your
at the to
year (see Controlling Your
agreeing with anything.
BUCS fixtures are organised by QMSU.
Strength & Conditioning
QMSU have been running a Strength & Conditioning programme for a select few clubs for 3 years
now and we‟re hoping to get a few more on board.
The programme is coordinated by our Fitness Manager of Qmotion, who tests, monitors, and develops the strength of athletes to improve their performance in competition.
There is a panel who decide which clubs can feature in the programme and base their decision on a
written application, interview with the club, and its history.
QMSU want to get a group of committed individuals and committed clubs to push through the programme
If you‟re interested get in contact with Mark Morrison at [email protected] or another member of the Sports Department.
Page 15
„Get Active‟ is a new scheme being run by QMSU which utilises some of the Sport England funding. The program‟s aim is to provide fun, convenient and affordable sporting
opportunities so anyone can just „turn-up-and-play‟.
There will be over 40 sessions each week in a variety of sports. The general idea is to
provide sporting opportunities to people that do not wish to heavily commit to one of the
established clubs, or wish to try their hand at something new. People will be able to attend on the day, pay a small fee (no more than £1.50 each session if it isn‟t free). There
will also be the potential for groups of friends or different departments to enter a team
into competitions. You can enter with hall mates, course mates, or anyone.
It is unlikely that this scheme will have a major impact upon Clubs. For larger clubs it
may push you on to realise your potential by putting out stronger teams.
The sports that are running are:
Table Tennis
Go on the website to see the full timetable and sessions available
Address: Queen Mary Students‟ Union, 432 Bancroft Road, London, E1 4DH
Queen Mary Students‟ Union, The Blomeley Centre, Feilden House, Westfield Way, London,
E1 4NP
Reception Tel: 0207 882 8030
Sports Clubs Coordinator, James Mountain (based at Bancroft Road)
Email: [email protected]
Tel: 0207 882 8031
Sports Development Manager, Toby Emmerson (based at Bancroft Road)
Email: [email protected]
Tel: 0207 882 8451
Sport & Fitness Manager, Charlotte Kendrick (based at Bancroft Road)
Email: [email protected]
Tel: 0207 882 8457
Get Active Coordinator, Damian Lyons (based at Bancroft Road)
Email: [email protected]
Tel: 0207 882 5765
Fitness Manager, Mark Morrison (based at Bancroft Road)
Email: [email protected]
Tel: 0207 882 8044
Contact Sabbs...
President, Sophie Richardson
Email: [email protected]
BLSA President, George Ryan
Email: [email protected]
Vice President Student Activities, Dominic Bell
Email: [email protected]
Vice President Education and Welfare, Oscar Williamson
Email: [email protected]
Vice President Communications, Sam Creighton
E-mail: [email protected]
Registered Charity No. 1142843