How to schedule on Google Calendar How to add an event:

How to schedule on Google Calendar
Log into your Google Calendar and make sure you are viewing the WG Special Ed
How to add an event:
Click on the day/time you want to add the event (or somewhere NEAR that day/time. You will
edit the specifics next).
Once a box pops up to add an event, just click on “Edit event details”
It is in this screen where you add the details:
For What—Type “Jones IEP Mtg ” or other short description with YOUR name included (not
Check the date and set the start and end times. (Typically the “All day” box will not need to be
checked, but if it is you don’t enter specific start/end times).
Typically “Does not repeat” should stay as the default
Where: Put the building!! and specific room location
Make sure the Calendar says “WG Special Ed DISTRICT CALENDAR” that you are adding to!!
Under description,
 Initials of Student- Grade (ex: DR-1st)*
 List who is invited: Your name first, gen ed. teacher(s), related service provider(s), guidance
counselors, administrators, psych, District rep (Erin or Debra), home school rep, etc.
Page 1
 Any additional information needed to know in advance (ex: ESY meeting or Amending IEP), if
there is a special need for coverage, etc.
*Important and a change from last year—ONLY put the initials and grade of the
student. With that information and your name listed we will be able to
determine the student.
Under the Options Section of this screen, you can set a reminder to yourself if desired.
You can leave the “Show me as “ busy and Privacy as “Default” (this means it will automatically
be private since our calendar is private/ non-searchable to those not specifically included).
Important… You must hit SAVE at the bottom of the screen!!!
Page 2
This will take you back to the main calendar page. If you want to go back to this screen
with the details, just click on the event in the calendar.
Anytime you are in the event and want to return to the calendar, hit the blue link that
says “Back to Calendar” near the top left.
To invite Guests to the meeting:
Either when initially scheduling the meeting or at a later time (by clicking on the event), you can
add guests (primarily just those in our Google calendar list).
Click on Add guests. Separate each name with a COMMA
I would leave the “Guests can” option as is (where they can invite others and see guest list). This
way, if someone was excluded or there is a need to invite additional staff (such as Erin inviting
Debra), this option exists. I would not allow others to modify event, just to prevent accidental
Again, You MUST HIT SAVE at the bottom of the screen!!!
It will ask if you want to send invitations to new guests. Click Yes.
This generates an email to all invited guests, to which they reply if they are attending. If you
receive an invitation, respond by hitting accept, tentative or decline. You can view a PDF of the
invite as well and set a reminder, etc. (If you open on your mobile phone, it will ask you to
complete action using either Calendar or Internet. Pick Internet).
Page 3
Now the event on the calendar will begin to show replies as to who is attending. From this
information, you MAY need to reschedule the event (if a district rep or critical team member
cannot be in attendance!). You would do that by editing the event details as explained above.
***Although this may serve as an invitation to others, it DOES NOT serve as the
official invitation. You must still create the invitation in IEP Anywhere (esis for out of
District) and send to parents and those NOT using Google Calendar!!*** (Until
everyone gets familiar with the program, I would still send PDF or paper invites to
every invited person).
You can delete an event at any time by clicking “delete” (if you are the creator) on the calendar
or on the event details page. It will ask if you want to notify guests of the cancellation. You
should click yes.
Using the tabs at the top of the main calendar page, you can view the day, week, month or 4 day
calendar. You can also see a list of events by clicking “agenda”.
Clicking PRINT on the main calendar page will show you a preview based on the screen set up of
your calendar at that time. You can configure your options on the print preview page. You can
also save as a PDF file from this page if you desire.
Page 4
How to set up your mobile phone (optional):
Near the top of the calendar, you see a “Settings” tab. Click this tab and select “Calendar
Click “Mobile Setup” and follow the steps. This will allow you to receive notifications via your
If you have a “smart phone”, go to through your cell phone (no www.) Click the
calendar icon and sign in with the email/ password you used to set up your account. This should
take you to your same calendar page. If you have specific questions, we can address them
Just a reminder, although identifiable information is limited on this WG Special ED DISTRICT
calendar, still treat it as confidential information, just as you do any other paperwork.
Page 5