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Sellersville Moose Family Center #1539
Women of the Moose Chapter #471
Serving our Members and Community
How to Get the News!
The board hopes that most of our members have logged onto our web site
( We have had a lot of positive feedback. The site has been up and
running (no pun intended) since our last newsletter.
When you see all of the information that is available to you 24/7, we think you will like having
instant access to what is going on in our lodge. The board feels that this is the best way to keep our
members informed and up to date. You can see any changes as soon as they are made.
Your input about the site is important to the board. We cannot make the site better, more user
friendly, or informative without your help. Please contact us with suggestions.
One of the ways you can help the lodge is by printing your own newsletter if you have access to
a computer. This would help the lodge save money. Printing and mailing almost 2,000 copies of the
newsletter is very costly.
We are asking members who have access to the internet to opt not to receive a printed
newsletter. The complete newsletter will be posted on the web site. This has some advantages for you:
1. You will see the newsletter as soon as it is finished.
2. You can print out the entire newsletter or any part of the newsletter that you need.
3. You can review the newsletter periodically to see any last minute changes to the schedule of
events at the lodge.
In this issue you will find a cutout to send back to the lodge. Please return promptly with your
Thank You,
The Board Sellersville Moose #1539
I (name)__________________________________, give permission to remove
my name from the mailing list. I DO NOT want to receive a printed copy of
A Message from the Governor
Brothers, Ladies and Co Workers,
The year appears to be moving entirely too
fast. Here it is May already. We will be serving our
Mothers Day Dinner on the 11th. We will once again
have our three settings at 12, at 2, and 4 P.M. The
signup sheets are at the bar and we ask you to pay for
your tickets when you sign up.
The Moose Legion will have their breakfast on
Sunday May 18th from 9 to 12 noon. Once again they
will have eggs to order as well as the normal buffet.
Please come out and support this event.
The new officers will begin serving their terms
on May 1st. Check the board by the door and see who
they are. You may want to wish them well.
The lodge is sponsoring a bus trip to
Mooseheart in October for PMA day. If you have never
been to Mooseheart, here is a wonderful opportunity to
visit and see how your endowment money is spent.
There are flyers in the lodge advertising this trip.
We will be holding the annual lodge picnic in
June. Check the calendar for the time and date.
We have ordered a new speaker system for the lodge
and by the time you read this it will have been
We are planning several fund raising events
over the next few months, to rebuild our cash on
hand. Replacing the roof was quite expensive.
Thank you for supporting your lodge in the
coming months.
Fraternally yours,
Charles E Staley
Administrator’s Message
Spring is here and our new summer menu will be
starting within the next week or so. Our Chef’s
Corner both in the newsletter and also on the web
will be bringing you suggestions for your back yard
BBQ’S. In the Chef’s Corner on the web you will be
able to get coupons for dinner specials and Moose
Soup to go.
The moose web site is there as an extension of our
newsletter and is not going to replace the
newsletter. But if there are members that would like
to just have the ability to go online and print only the
pages they want, they can. It will save the lodge
money and it is faster than waiting for the mail.
Remember the address is This month’s user name
is moose and the password is still five.
I would like to again thank the R.A.C for the new TV in
the social quarters. This group of guys is just the
best. Their support of this lodge has gotten us where
we are today.
There will be upcoming town hall meetings in regard
to dues and other issues within the lodge. Please
watch the board for times and dates. This is where
both men and women can be heard by the board
members of both organizations. Please attend at
least one a year.
In closing, I wish all a very happy and safe summer.
Please share your thoughts with us on how
Sellersville Moose Family Center can be the best in
this Fraternity.
Fraternally yours,
Phillip Febus
Women of the Moose News
Message from the Senior Regent
Chapter 471
Dear Co workers,
Spring has Sprung for us all.
As the Chapter’s newly elected
Senor Regent along with the
new officers it will be an honor
to serve you in the forthcoming
I trust we will all work to ensure
we have a successful and
wonderful year.
Our Chapter Meetings are held
on the second and fourth
Tuesday of each month. Start
time of 7:30 PM.
The officers and my self would
welcome your presence at
these meetings, so you can see
how the Chapter operates.
This is an opportunity for all Co
Workers to offer suggestions,
ideas and comments.
We now have a web site
where you can access all
the upcoming events and
If you cannot get to a
computer the Moose News
will still keep you up to date.
Sherrie and I would like to
thank all those who assisted
in making the Easter Egg
Hunt a hit for the 100 plus
kids who attended. A great
time was had by all. Our
thanks also go to Sarah,
Joyce and Sandi for their
dedication and hard work in
making the Cake sale, the
Flower sale and the Raffle
the outstanding success
they were.
We encourage you to ask
your friends and neighbors
to join our FRIENDLY family
oriented organization.
Sellersville Moose Golf
League News!
Calling all golfers, men and women:
As announced in the March/April 2008
issue of the Moose News, the golf league is
sponsoring a 2008 Golf Invitational on
Saturday, June 28. If you have not already
done so, NOW is the time to sign up for
this tournament. Entry deadline is June 8!
Hole sponsorships are only $25. We look
forward to your participation and support.
As a reminder, a portion of the proceeds
Chef Jack’s Corner
Thanks for coming out over the winter months. It was an easy winter this
Stop in often and check out the new items which I have been putting on
the menu. Have you tried the Italian Moose Sandwich or Zings or Dings?
At this time I would like to remind everybody that most of the orders
coming into the kitchen are cooked to order. For instance: Steak 7-15
minutes, Ravioli 20 minutes, Seafood 10 minutes.
Don’t forget MOTHERS DAY MAY 11.
Thanks for your support.
Sports Committee Report
Spring is here and I hope we are ready for some nice
weather. By the time you read this the signup sheets
for Quoits, (Monday and Wednesday) league will be on
the board in the lodge. If you have not already signed
up please stop in and do so. There will be a meeting on
May 14th at 7:00 pm to pick the teams. We hope to see
you there.
Sports committee Chairman
Glenn (Up and Running) Miller
Valentine’s Day at the Moose
February Loyce Frankenfield
Dottie DeWolf
April Joyce Koehler
Julia Karcher
Congratulations to all the above
May 11 Mother’s Day No Breakfast
May 13 Academy of Friendship Annual
Dinner 6:00 PM
May 13 Community Activities Mtg. 7:30 PM
May 20 Officers Mtg. 7:00 PM
May 20 Business Mtg. 7:30 PM
June 8 WOTM Breakfast 9:00 – 12:00 PM
June 10 Community Activities Mtg. 7:30 PM
June 17 Officers Mtg. 7:00 PM
June 24 Business Mtg. 7:30 PM
Please Contact our Chaplain
Kathy Ferrigano
At 215-538-2960
If you have information about a Co-Worker that is
ill, or has suffered a death in the family, so that
appropriate actions may be taken.
TRIVIA 5 took place on Friday February 15.
We had new winners with the team of Kay Erney
and Tony Bickert.
Can they do it again? We will see.
TRIVIA 6 took place on Friday APRIL 4
Winners will be highlighted in the next issue.
We start at 9.00 pm and it is all over by
TRIVIA 7 will take place JUNE 6
Once again we have a new winner for the adult part
of the FUN PAGE.
The KIDS part of the FUN PAGE also has a NEW
No one had the crossword correct. However two
people had only one incorrect.
They both had 13 across as EX when it should have
been EG “ for example”.
A drawing was made between these two people so
we could have a winner.
To all you adults get your KIDS to participate and
put the entries in.
Extra copies of the FUN PAGE are always available
in the MOOSE.
Just ask your friendly bartenders or waitresses for a
copy when you are at the
MOOSE and fill it in while you are there sitting at the
bar or in the restaurant.
Upon completion drop it in the box for a chance to
The game is loosely based on WHEEL OF
We expect to do this on Friday JULY 18.
For this to be a success we NEED have your
Be a PARTICIPANT in all of our activities remember
Where fun can be enjoyed by all ages.
Is there any thing you would like to see or do?
Let me Know.
Blair Thomson (Activities
Attention all Moose Members
Sellersville 1539 Moose Legion Committee
Is having an all you can eat breakfast
With eggs made to order.
Along with the all you can eat Buffet
Mark this date, We hope to see you here
May 18, 2008
9A.M. to 12 Noon
Adults $6.00
Children 3 to 10 $3.00
Under 3 free
Attention all Moose
Lehigh Valley Moose Legion #118 is having
their Annual Celebration. Election and
Installation of Directors will be held Saturday
April 5, 2008 At Quakertown F. C. #1622 at 2
P.M. There will be Buffet Food and Draft Beer.
Following the meeting, the D.J. will play from 5
to 8 P.M. Legionnaires and Guests are invited.
You must RSVP to Quakertown Moose by April
1, 2008 Call Rod at 215-536-6310 or E-mail –
[email protected]
Clambake is April 12, 2008
at E Stroudsburg Lodge #1336.
Tickets are $30.00 per person. If
interested see Gerald Erb.
Sellersville Family Center #1539
Moose Legion Activities Committee
By the time you read this the Lodge’s
Elections for Officers will have taken place.
I would like to take this opportunity to thank
the Board of Officers for all that they did to make
this Lodge the success that it was last year.
I’m sure the new Board of Officers is ready
and willing to make the Lodge even better this
On behalf of the Moose Legion Activities
Committee, I would like to thank the Board of
Officers for all the support, given to the
Committee. Thank You, Thank You.
I would like to thank all the Moose
Legionnaires for their support, and all the
Members of the Lodge that supported the
Committees Financial endeavors on Thursday
nights. Thank You, Thank You,
I would like everyone to support our new
Moose Legion committee chairman
George Keefer. I know I will.
Thank you again
Your friend,
Gerald A. Erb
Saturday, June 28, 2008
Shotgun start 1:00 pm
Please be at the course by 12:15 pm
Fox Hollow Golf Club, Quakertown, PA
Four person scramble - Open to men & women
Note: At lease one member of each foursome MUST be a current Moose
$70 per golfer (Includes greens fees, cart, light snack & beverages on
course, prizes, dinner & beverages - Dinner served at 7:00 pm at Sellersville
Moose grove). Payment is due at time of registration. Entry deadline, June
8, 2008
Hole sponsorships are available for only $25. Indicate on entry form, call or e-mail
Terry Weirback at [email protected]
-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------(Please detach and return this form with payment in full)
[ ] YES, I would like to be a hole sponsor Please print name of golfers: Print name, address
& phone number of team captain:
Phone (home) _______________ Cell ________________
1. ____________________________________
2. ____________________________________
3. ____________________________________
4. ____________________________________
Address _________________________________________
City ______________________ State ____ Zip _________
Make check payable to “Sellersville Moose
Golf League” and mail to Terry Weirback,
110 Cambridge Way, Harleysville, PA 19438.
A portion of the proceeds will go to support
Moose charities, in particular, the “Gimme
Five” program to help ensure the future of
Mooseheart and Moosehaven.
Charles Staley, Governor
George Keefer, Jr. Past Governor
Joe Borrajo, Jr. Governor
Phillip Febus, Administrator
Al Erney, Prelate
Steve Wampole, Treasurer
Glenn W. Miller , Trustee #1
Harry Ricker, Trustee #2
Mike Sagel, Trustee #3
Russ Handy, Sgt of Arms
TBA, Inner Guard
TBA, Outer Guard
WOMEN of the Moose
Betty Thomson, Sr. Regent
Sherri Welch, Jr. Grad Regent
Maureen Frey, Jr. Regent
Kathy Ferrigno, Chaplain
Fran Demarco, Recorder
Dottie DeWolf, Secretary/Treasurer
Jeanette Miller, Sentinel
Elaine Balinski, Musician
TBA, Argus
Julia Karcher, Guide
TBA, Asst. Guide
TBA, Ritual Director
Questions or information on hall or grove rental for Weddings, Parties,
Picnics, etc. can be directed to the lodge office at 215-257-4380
301 W. Park Avenue
P.O. Box 147
Sellersville, Pennsylvania 18960-0147
“Moose News”
Published every two months. Subscription paid
automatically as part of annual membership dues.