How to Read My Transcript

How to Read My Transcript
In the top section of Page 1, you will find Demographic Information (personal student information). Please review and
confirm that it is correct. If information is incorrect, please stop by Student Services to see Mrs. Torres or Mrs. Woodham
to correct/update any errors.
--------------------------------------------------------------------------Course Information---------------------------------------------------------------------------• In this section, you will find a list of the high school courses taken over the past years along with final grades, number of
credits earned, and GPA.
--------------------------------------------------------------------------Course In Progress----------------------------------------------------------------------------• In this section you will find a list of the classes currently in progress for this school year.
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********************************************Cumulative Summary**********************************************
(this is a sample of what you will find on your transcript)
This is a summary of your graduation requirements.
At the bottom of this summary box, you will see the words “District” and “State”. The District number represents the
student’s weighted cumulative GPA and the State number represents the student’s cumulative un-weighted GPA. A
cumulative GPA is your overall GPA that averages the final grades of every high school course that you have ever taken.
GPA’s are recalculated at the end of each semester and at the end of the school year. Additionally, the GPA is recalculated
when a student completes a virtual, E2020, or night school course.
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In this section, comments that are pertinent to college admission, but not already on transcripts are added.
-------------------------------------------------------------------State Defined Course Flags----------------------------------------------------------------------• This is a key (legend) that describes items on the transcript.
----------------------------------------------------------------------------Test Information----------------------------------------------------------------------------• In this section, standardized tests taken are listed, i.e. FCAT, EOC, ACT and SAT, along with the scores that were earned, the
grade the student was in when the test was taken, the date it was taken, the test name and the scores earned.