How to Adjust Marketo Landing Page Lengths

How to Adjust Marketo Landing Page Lengths
Step 1: Open the landing page that needs to be resized. You can see that the page
below has too much content for the landing page length.
Step 2: On the right-hand side, select the HTML element and drag it onto the landing
Step 3: In the HTML Editor, insert the following html and select Save.
div#mktContent {
height: 650px;
width: 100%; }
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Step 4: If the landing page is now too long or is still too short, adjust the pixel count in
the HTML Editor. To locate the HTML block again in order to make updates, select the
HTML block on the right-hand side under page elements (highlighted in green below).
The invisible block will then appear layered on the landing page (as seen below). Click
the gray “gear” to the right of the block in order to edit the HTML block.
Example: If your landing page is now too long: update the height from height: 650px to
height: 600px. Resave and see if any further length adjustments are needed.
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Step 5: Rename HTML block for quick reference during future updates. Double-click on
HTML 1 as seen highlighted in green below. This is where you can rename the HTML
See updated name below.
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