How to Use the Multidimensional Human Design System Transits Eleanor Haspel-Portner, Ph.D.

How to Use the Multidimensional Human Design
System Transits
Eleanor Haspel-Portner, Ph.D.
Since I started writing these transit reports in June 2006, great shifts in my consciousness
occurred. Prior to writing the reports, I had struggled for many years with how to
accurately grasp the experience of the multilayered ebb and flow of planetary influences
in my life. No one system seemed to characterize my experiences. And, although I knew
that the MHDS provided such a grasp of planetary influence, I could not find the way to
even begin to understand how to use it. Now, of course, out of practical need to
communicate I began to write the transits. My beginning de-coding of this structural map
of functional consciousness on all layers on which we function showed me my way.
As I write these words, I feel the excitement in myself of knowing or of seeing something
so completely that it is apparent, or seems so easily available to anyone who knows how
to look. How do I communicate this complete knowing from these complex body graphs
of 92 daily charts? Hopefully, you do not need to de-code the information yourself. The
struggle to comprehend the code belongs to me in service of all of you. It is my job. For
all of you, the job is very different.
How to Use the MHDS Transits
Take in the short summary paragraphs I have written. Read all of them when you receive
them each week. Read them once and put them aside. Then, each day, read only the one
for the day. Either read it as one of the last things you do before going to bed, or do it as
the first thing in the morning. Or do both. Think no more about what you read. Just go on
with your day. Perhaps, if you wish, re-read the paragraph as your day progresses and
you want to check its accuracy. Notice simply, how you can time yourself to go with the
flow of the broader energy surrounding you. As you tune in to your own self, you then
come into the focus of being and the influences around you become less important. When
you feel your own space within a larger space and you have perspective of this space
with depth of vision, i.e., you feel your core of being and you feel anchored in it within a
larger whole, then you are ready to carry this energy into more and more complex
The balance of the Self vis-à-vis the world is ever crucial. The prenatal conditioning layer
of awareness interfaces with the postnatal conditioning layer of awareness and forms our
conscious waking world. The more aware we become of our predisposing perceptions,
the more we can transcend their influences to become free. Of course, dimensionality and
consciousness are both simple and complex – beyond what we can even fathom. The
MHDS charts, all 92 of them, show the layers and worlds in/on which we function over
the critical six-month conditioning field. How we function for each of us is represented
by our individual birth-charts. But, we live in a universe where others are present and we
are all influenced by the world in which we live. These transiting charts change only over
wide arcs of time because so many of our planets move relatively slowly.
Since I have looked at the charts since June 2006, I see that there is a true ebb and flow,
as in breathing, in the rhythm of the charts. So many of the charts of late are charts that
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show so little action, i.e., so few of them are actually manifesting or taking action charts
except over the 6-month time frame. This fact, strikes me as very important. Over the
years since 2000, when I first began working with the MHDS charts, I have seen periods
of time when the predominant mode was one of manifesting action. On the other hand,
this time since June had very much been an emotionally intense time with unusual twists
and turns. The emotional component of a transiting chart often produces confusion or
mistakes when not coupled with a generating chart, a chart in which people know what
instincts they feel clearly and know also how to interpret them.
Instincts, activated in the Sacral Center, drive mammals toward survival of the species.
They are automatic and reactively impulsive in terms of what goes on in the moment.
However, humans have the unique capacity of cognition. When cognition mediates it
transforms instinctively driven reactions through interpretation allowing humans
dominion over their basic drives. If your instinct tells you that any response is possible as
the current transits generally do, how can you know which action is correct? This pattern
forms the overlying pattern of late.
On some days, one possibility comes into focus, and on some days, another possibility
comes into focus. Such diverseness feeds all of us. And, it also challenges our
consciousness to perceive alternatives, all equally valid and all equally valued. Choices
become individual, unique for each person. If you choose to embrace some feelings and
actions you move in one direction, yet, if you take a different path you end up in a
slightly different direction. Who you meet and how you are carry slight shifts but the
contexts remain. You are the only one who knows what truly is your own path and/or the
one that has the power to take you “home” to your true Self. When you reach your inner
core truly, there is effortlessness and joy.
We actually live in a world very much different than most people believe. Those who live
in an expanded consciousness, in each and every field of endeavor, know the vastness of
their being through that window of exposure. We all have the potential to be in that
vastness through our own window. Take a look at the universe through any lens you
choose. All ways are equal as long as they transform your awareness and create more
ease rather than more struggle and stain for you in your life. Remember, hard work and
discipline, are different from struggle. Find your way. Empower yourself. Be.
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