How to view and pay your Harwich water bill online

How to
view and pay
your Harwich
water bill online
Why Use this Service?
When Harwich Water customers use the online services, it helps us to serve
residents more quickly and lowers the Town’s billing costs. Dollars saved can
then be used for other important Town programs.
Step 1:
Go to
“View or Pay a Bill”
Step 2:
You may register
or make a one
time payment.
Registration is not required to view or
pay your bill.
It is required to view payment history or
sign up for paperless billing or Auto-Pay.
Step 3:
Enter your exact
account number &
service address.
150 Chatham Rd*
*remember to
After pressing “submit” you’ll see a list
of your bills when you scroll down.
If you want to save an electronic copy of
your bill, choose the PDF option.
Step 4:
View your bill by
clicking Options,
or continue with
Register Now
to view account
You can register or just make a payment.
For this demonstration, we are going to
make a one time payment.
Your online
bill looks just
like your
paper bill
Since you can access a copy of your bill
online, you won’t need to store paper bills
anymore of you elect to go paperless!
Step 5:
How would you like to
pay? Choose EFT or
Credit Card from the
drop down menu
Enter your billing &
payment information.
Processing fees are:
$0.40 for EFT
2.95% FOR Credit Cards
Payments can be made with a credit/debit card
or e-check using checking or savings account.
Account information is securely stored &
encrypted for registered users.
You may pay the
full amount or a
partial amount.
You can also see
the service fee.
Select continue or
go back and
change the
payment type if
Step 6:
This is where you
review payment details
& terms. You can also
choose to go paperless!
Select Process Payment
when done.
The process is
A payment
confirmation will be
sent via email.
Thank you for viewing this demo
Harwich Water is pleased to provide
trusted & secure E-Water Payments.