Tutorial: How to edit eILP

Produced by the E-learning Team
Tutorial: How to edit eILP
Step 1: To edit your eILP (Electronic
Individual Learning Plan) start by logging
into Moodle. Once on your home page go
to the “Course Overview” select the
course you are currently undertaking.
Step 2: You will be taken to the course
page, next click on “My Personal Plan”
located of the right of the page.
Produced by the E-learning Team
Note: It is important to note
that only three of the sections
can be edited by the student.
These are the “Student
information”, “Targets” and
“Progression”. The others
are edited by your form tutor
and can be viewed by the user
by clicking on them. Your
“Progress Reviews” should
be added/updated at least
once per term by your tutor.
Note: Your “attendance” and
“punctuality” are also displayed on this
page using the Red, Amber, and Green
(R.A.G) system. Red meaning it is too
low, Amber meaning it is below average
and Green meaning it is good. Try your
best to keep it Green!
Step 3: you will then be
taken to your eILP where
you will able make edits
to the different sections.
To add to an entry
simply click on “Add
New”. To edit a
something pre-existing
click the name of the
section you wish to edit.
If you clicked add new
skip to Step 4.
Step 3b: If you clicked on the
name of the section, you will be
taken to this page. On this
page you can view your targets
and see if they have been
achieved. Click on “Add New”
to create a new Target or click
“Edit” to alter a pre-existing
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Step 4: Now enter the
information you want to
display and click on
“Submit” when finished.
Note: When setting targets
it is important to remember
“SMART”. Make sure your
targets are;
Step 5: Your document will now be created or changed to
the new edited version.