How to Access Red Hat Partner Center Exclusively for Dell

How to Access Red Hat Partner
Exclusively for Dell
Step 1: Create a Red Hat Network (RHN) Login
Go to
Click to create a NEW RHN Login (even if you have an existing ID) and apply to
access Partner Center (see image below)
Step 2: Click the button labeled “Join the Program” (see image below)
NOTE: Partners must create a corporate login ID and use their corporate email
address to join. For example, Dell email address is [email protected] Email addresses
other than your corporate email will not be accepted. Also, make certain to list the
company as Dell. (See image below)
Step 3: Accept Red Hat Network Terms and Conditions and click CONTINUE (see
image below)
NOTE: You will receive an email to confirm your Red Hat login ID. After you confirm,
please go back to and proceed with step 4.
Step 4: After creating a Red Hat Login (RHN), you need to join your company
account (Dell). For Partner Type Select “OEM” from the picklist values.
For Action select “Join an Existing Partner Center Account”
Click SAVE and CONTINUE (see image below)
Step 5: Click the “Join” link next to the company name (Dell) by region. The
choices are:
Asia Pacific
Latin America
North America
Please select based on your location.
Step 6: Verify Company Information (Dell) and then click SUBMIT For APPROVAL
Step 7: An email will be sent to your corporate email account. Within the email is a
link to confirm receipt. Once you click the link contained within the email you can
login to Partner Center. (see image below)
Questions?: Contact your regional Red Hat partner help desk
Asia and Pacific (APAC): [email protected]
Europe, Middle East, and Africa (EMEA): [email protected]
Latin America (LATAM): [email protected]
North America (NA): [email protected]