How to register as collector with E-Cycle Washington on behalf...

How to register as collector with E-Cycle Washington on behalf of MRM
To be a collector for E-Cycle Washington on behalf of the Manufacturers Recycling Management (MRM)
group you must:
Register annually with Ecology and keep the registration up to date.
Meet certain performance standards defined in WAC 173-900-450.
Be listed as “in compliance” on the Collector Registration List.
If you don't complete this process, you will not be able to collect CEPs (Covered Electronics Products) for
the Electronic Product Recycling Program. However, you may collect electronic products to recycle
outside of this program.
Procedure to register:
If you are a new collector, this must be completed by September 28, 2010:
Got to
Step 1: Sign up for a SecureAccess Washington account
Got to to sign up for SecureAccess
Washington (SAW). Click on the big, blue “Sign Up” button on that web page. Enter your information
including your name and email address. You will receive an email confirmation from SAW. Click on
the link in the email.
Step 2: Add service for Electronic Product Recycling
Login to SecureAccess Washington. Under “Add a new Service,” look for “Electronic Product
Recycling Program.” Click “Apply” in the left column. Your SAW request will be sent to the
Washington State Department of Ecology. Approval could take one or more business days. You will
receive an approval email. Click on the link in the approval email.
Step 3: Go to registration forms for Electronic Product Recycling
Login to SecureAccess Washington. On first page select “Click here to add services”. On the next
page select the Department of Ecology on the list on the left to add a service. Click on the “apply”
button to the left of the Electronics Product Recycling registration box on the third page. Enter your
company name on the Service Registration page and check the “collector” box. You will be notified
by e-mail within a few days of your status. If you are approved you can log back into your SAW
account and see your assigned EPR number.
Step 4: Inform MRM of your EPR number by September 30, 2010
Send an email to Betty Patton at [email protected] containing your company or site
name, address, and newly assigned EPR number. This information is required for MRM to submit
their plan proposal request on or before October 1, 2010.
Performance standards
There are performance standards you must adhere to:
Operation: You must staff the collection site during defined operating hours. You must notify
the CEP recycling plan if those hours change.
Handling of electronic products: You must store CEPs in enclosed areas with impervious floors.
You may not dismantle CEPs to recycle the components unless you are also a registered direct
processor. Visit the Processor page on this website for information on registering as a processor.
Information: You must post, in a readily visible location, information about how and where the
program recycles the CEPs it receives.
Access: You must allow Ecology to access your facilities to inspect for compliance with these
standards or to conduct sampling.
In addition to these requirements, you must also comply with applicable environmental laws, rules, and
local ordinances. Visit the Washington State Department of Licensing City and County License page to
contact your local government and see if any local requirements apply.
More information can be found at
Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions or need assistance. Thank you.
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