How do you know how to pick the right enterprise

Hyland Software’s ECM Expertise
Go with the Experts
How do you know how to pick the right enterprise
content management vendor? Go with the experts.
Hyland Software is 100% focused on ECM and has been for
more than 20 years. Just ask any of our 10,500 lifetime customers.
The Importance Of ECM Expertise
Partnering with a solution provider that has enterprise content management (ECM) solution expertise is
vital. ECM isn’t just a technology; it’s an enterprise strategy. And knowing how to apply that strategy to
make your organization run more efficiently and profitably requires ECM expertise.
The effective use of ECM solutions is a differentiator for organizations. Core business software
applications like ECM are highly-valued assets and are typically used every day throughout an organization
for as many as five to 15 years. Working with a vendor that has a focused vision on ECM and a dedicated
enterprise content management solution will provide you with the expertise to continue to see value from
your ECM vendor long-term.
A vendor with ECM expertise is acknowledged by industry analysts and media and has an established
product and presence in the market. An expert vendor should offer a pure ECM product that is flexible and
doesn’t have limitations to the functionality it can provide enterprise-wide. The solution must enable users
to do more than just store documents electronically. It should focus on business process improvement and
empower users to capture, move and manage information across the organization easily and effectively.
Plus, the vendor should know your industry as well as it knows ECM technology. An expert ECM provider
should know the problems you face every day and be able to work with you on solutions that combine your
industry needs with ECM best practices.
It’s not just good enough to be an ECM expert. You have to put that expertise into practice. How does the
vendor utilize their ECM know-how?
A true ECM expert will have an accessible community of users from your industry to continue to develop
its ECM solution based on customer needs as well as to continue to refine their ECM proficiency.
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ECM Expertise In Action
Hyland’s ECM Expertise
Hyland has over 10,500 lifetime
customers that help us stay
connected to ECM trends.
Hyland Software is one of the leading ECM
vendors in the market today.
Over the last three years, Hyland has
performed 33 Enterprise Information
Assessments (EIAs). EIAs give us the
opportunity to help users to evaluate
enterprise-wide business processes,
identify where inefficiencies exist and
provide strategic assessments that
can make organizations run better.
In Gartner’s Magic Quadrant for Enterprise
Content Management, 2011, the world-renowned
analyst firm states, “{Hyland} has a consistent
and focused vision, and strong execution
demonstrated by its double-digit growth rate and
expanding customer base.” Hyland was named
a ‘Leader’ in Gartner’s ECM Magic Quadrant in
2010 and 2011.
Because we continue to prove
ourselves as ECM experts, 98% of
our customer base sees continued
value in working with Hyland and
renews their annual maintenance
every year.
Since Hyland was founded in 1991, we’ve focused
exclusively on enterprise content management.
We have one product - our ECM solution OnBase.
We dedicate undivided development attention
and commit 100 percent of our research and
development investment to our ECM product.
“Hyland asked all the right questions
to find out what our priorities should
be…I was very impressed with the
team’s skills in gathering information
and giving ideas.”
-Marta Julia Fernandez
IT Project Manager
Grupo Financiero de Occidente
In Gartner’s Magic Quadrant for
Enterprise Content Management,
2011, the world-renowned analyst firm
states, “{Hyland} has a consistent and
focused vision, and strong execution
demonstrated by its double-digit
growth rate and expanding customer
base.” Hyland was also named a
‘Leader’ in Gartner’s Magic Quadrant
for ECM in 2010 and 2011.
OnBase is a true ECM platform. It’s designed to
capture, manage, store and deliver content and
documents related to a user’s business processes.
Because OnBase is a pure ECM solution, it goes
beyond document management. Its modular
design offers a wide range of functionality in one
core product to meet the diverse needs of our
But true ECM expertise goes beyond the product.
ECM expertise with Hyland means we understand
how to help users improve their business
processes. Hyland has worked with over 10,500
customers across multiple industries to help
streamline the way they do business. We know the
challenges you face every day and how to utilize
enterprise content management to solve them.
Hyland knows ECM, but we also know your
industry. Not only do we have deep industryspecific solutions, we have experts that come from
the markets we serve including HIM directors from
healthcare, PhDs and former administrators from
higher education, CPAs from accounts payable
departments and more. These experts work in
industry-aligned teams focused on providing the
best ECM expertise and market knowledge.
Not only are we ECM experts, but we execute on
that expertise every day to solve real business
problems. Hyland provides strategic enterprise
planning assessments that help customers
determine their technology needs and prepare
to support their solutions. We help customers
move from legacy systems easily and effectively,
helping customers design and implement a unified
taxonomy as well as simplify the user experience.
Hyland provides expert counsel around document
and data capture as well as integrations. Not only
have we invested time into our ECM expertise, we
put it to good use.
Hyland’s more than 20 years of pure ECM
knowledge serves our customers well, but we’re
always fostering and continuing to grow our ECM
expertise. Through our active users groups as
well as our online users portal, Community , we
engage with our customers to best understand
their needs and how we can utilize ECM to solve
them. Community is a powerful networking and
conversation tool devoted exclusively to our Hyland
family of customers, partners and employees
where users can have real-time interaction with
Hyland’s ECM experts as well as our community of
OnBase professionals.
We are ECM experts. Since the beginning Hyland
has been focused on enterprise content management,
and we build on the expertise every day.
ECM Expertise In Action
When Grupo Financiero de Occidente needed to enhance its competitive advantage and address some compliance
concerns, it asked Hyland conduct an analysis of its processes and systems and make recommendations to help the
company achieve its goals. Presented with a complete strategic plan for the future, the company was impressed with
the quality of work, depth of analysis and recommendations for the future.
Click here to read more about how Hyland applied ECM expertise to make a difference at Occidente.
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