How to grow better orchids Do you want…

How to grow better orchids
Do you want…
Larger flowers with more colour
Less disease and insect pests
Longer flower or vase life
Greener leaves
Less spraying
Achieve all of this with our ‘secret’ recipe for brilliant orchids!
Apply the following every 2-3 weeks as a foliar spray:
Per Litre of Water
2 ml
This mixture of products will produce strong healthy growth and flowers, with
reduced incidence of pests and diseases.
If an outbreak of pests or disease occurs then modify the orchid recipe to include:
4 gm
5-10 ml (increased from 2 ml)
These two products will control the most common pests and diseases in orchids. If
you get hard to kill chewing insects then it’s time to bring out the big guns!
2 -3 ml
eco-neem will kill a broad range of chewing and sucking insects by causing them to
starve to death and distorting their growth. Once diluted always use the eco-neem
solution within 3-4 hours.
All products are Certified Organic and are safe to use.
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About the Products
eco-aminogro is a powerful organic fertiliser made from marine waste which is
digested down into amino acids and fortified with a range of trace minerals and
vitamins. eco-aminogro is rapidly absorbed by plants resulting in excellent growth
and premium quality flowers.
It also helps the plant’s immune system fight
disease/fungal attack.
is an extremely concentrated powdered seaweed extract. It
contains over 60 essential plant growth hormones, vitamins and other nutrients
including 16% potassium. eco-seaweed stimulates root development, cell division
(growth) and flower initiation. It also helps plants cope with various environmental
stresses. Contains no preservatives.
is an organic insecticide that kills a range of sap sucking insects like
aphids, mites, whitefly, scale and citrus leafminer. The new HIPPO Enhanced
formulation also attracts beneficial insects into the garden which in turn feed on pest
insects. Made from 100% plant oils, with no petroleum derivatives. It works at low
rates (5-10ml per litre) and has a reduced risk of burning foliage compared to
petroleum oils (eg white oil and Pest Oil). It can also be used as a “wetter, sticker,
spreader” at 2ml per litre.
is a safe, broad-spectrum fungicide that controls a range of
foliar diseases including powdery mildew, black spots and rust. eco-fungicide works
rapidly (within 5-10 minutes) to destroy existing fungal growth and leave a protective
barrier on leaves to prevent new spores germinating. Works best when mixed with
eco-oil to ensure it spreads evenly and sticks well to leaves. eco-fungicide is also
sold as eco-rose.
eco-neem is a broad range insecticide that kills chewing and sucking insects.
contains a natural botanical extract from the neem tree along with other plant oils.
Once ingested insects stop feeding and starve to death. Insect growth is also
distorted. Currently in Australia eco-neem is registered for 8 insects but overseas it
is registered to control over 200 pest insects.
Available from nurseries, Bunnings, Masters & independent hardware stores.
Also available online at
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