How to submit your stories?

How to submit your stories?
Shell Eco-marathon Europe 2014: Team Stories
This document will provide you with guidelines on how to submit and publish your
Along with this document, your team has received an email with a link to the Content
Management System (CMS) and the log in information you require to submit your
CMS link:
If you have not yet received this information, please contact the Eurosport team at
[email protected] or the Shell Eco-marathon Europe team at [email protected]
Best of luck,
Shell Eco-Marathon Europe and Eurosport teams
How to submit your stories?
1. Upon opening the link you will be asked to create a team account and set a
username / password.
2. Once you enter your login and password, you must agree to the Terms and
Conditions by ticking the box at the bottom. To read the Terms and Conditions,
click on the “Terms and Conditions” link. Please remember that you must agree to
these terms in order to have your story published on the Eurosport website.
How to submit your stories?
1. Once logged in, you will be taken to the “My Team Stories” tab.
This is where you can see all of the stories you have created as well as their status:
Published, Pending or Denied (see section 5.).
From this page, you will also be able to track the number of Facebook Likes your stories
How to submit your stories?
1. To create a new story:
a. Click on the “Create Story” tab
How to submit your stories?
b. Fill in the TITLE, write your STORY CONTENT and upload a picture
to illustrate it (landscape format and minimum size of 650x450).
Please follow the required size for the picture
c. You then have the option to save your story as a draft by clicking
the “SAVE DRAFT” button, allowing you to edit it later on.
d. Or you can submit your story straight away to SHELL by ticking the
“SEND FOR APPROVAL” box. When doing so, the following message
will appear:
e. If you are ok to proceed, then click the “SEND FOR APPROVAL”
How to submit your stories?
1. If your story is approved, you will receive the following email:” Dear team,
Congratulations! Your team story has been approved and is now published on the
Shell Eco-marathon section on Eurosport, available at”
2. If your story is denied, you will receive the following email: “Your story has been
denied. Please log in to edit or delete your story.”
How to submit your stories?
You can view all of your stories in the “My Team Stories” tab, as per below:
a) If the story is denied, you can edit and re-submit your story or fully delete
it via the buttons highlighted below, on the right hand side of the story.
How to submit your stories?
b) Once submitted, the story will be listed as “pending” status and cannot be
edited until approved or denied by SHELL.
c) If a story has been published, it can be edited and then re-submitted to
Shell for new approval. Please note that the TITLE will remain the same in
order for the story to stay in the same order position and for your
Facebook likes to remain the same.
How to submit your stories?
1. If you have any technical issues with the Content Management System when
submitting and publishing your stories, please contact: [email protected]
2. If you have any issues with the approval or denial by SHELL of your stories, please
contact: [email protected]