How to Setup VLAN on the EAP-9550/ECB-9500 Step 1:

How to Setup VLAN on the
Step 1:
Please check to ensure the latest firmware is on the device:
Step 2:
Please set up how many SSID’s this unit is going to have and which channel and band
you want this unit to operate in.
Please put encryption on the SSID’s you want encryption on.
Please put unit into the subnet of the tagged management VLAN. Please change your
computer’s static IP address to be in the same subnet to continue to configuring the
device. Please also disable DHCP on device and allow our device to pass through DHCP
from a DHCP server.
Please bound the proper VLAN to the SSID. Please note that it is against recommended
practice to bond the native VLAN to a SSID when using MSSID’s. This will not work on
our product because once VLAN is enable the device will look the VLAN ID in the
tagged portion of the frame and the native VLAN is untagged so the SSID will not bond
to an untagged frame. Also this device when VLAN is enable needs tagged management
enabled and the device placed in the proper VLAN.