How to access vetAWARE on DVAtrain
First time user
To first access vetAWARE go to (URL) http:\\dva.interactiontraining.net/registerexternal.
This link will take you to the registration page of DVA’s Learning Management System
(LMS) – DVAtrain. Before entering the page you will be asked to provide a code. Your
registration code is ext.
To register you will be asked a few simple questions. You only need to register once.
Logging in
Once you have registered, your login details will be emailed to you. On your first attempt to
login you will be asked to change your password. Once you have established a new
password, that will be the password you use every time you log in. It is a good idea to save
these details somewhere safely.
Registered user
On future visits to DVAtrain you will enter via dvatraining.dva.gov.au . You will then be
asked to enter your login details and once logged in you will be taken directly to the
DVAtrain home screen.
The DVAtrain home screen allows access to your ‘Personal Learning Plan’ as well as a
range of options in the left hand navigation pane. You can return to this screen at any time
simply by clicking on the ‘Home’ button at the top of the screen.
Your name is displayed on a button in the bottom left corner of the Home screen. If you
click on that button, you can access your personal settings.
Accessing vetAWARE
To enter the vetAWARE training - first double click on the “Launch” button on the bottom left
hand side of the screen (see below).
You will then see three sections on your screen; the left hand side will be headed ‘My
Learning’, the right hand side will display the ‘Course Details’ and the middle section will
display the title ‘vetAWARE’ (as seen below).
Course Status
If you have commenced, but not yet completed vetAWARE, the indicator (the bar on the left
of the vetAWARE title) will be half filled with yellow. If you have completed the module, the
indicator will be filled with green.
When you click on the vetAWARE title, the information pane will appear on the right hand
side of the screen and will display the following options relating to it:
• Status
• Max attempts
• Accessed
• Time spent
• Session
To commence the vetAWARE training session
To commence the vetAWARE training session double click on the title or click on the
‘Launch Windowed’ button in the information pane.
Assistance & Help Desk Details
If you experience any technical difficulties within DVAtrain and/or in accessing vetAWARE –
in the first instance contact your IT support officer (if you have one), alternatively contact the
DVA Help Desk on 1300 300 710, and if they cannot assist email: [email protected] .
You can send a message to this mailbox by clicking on the ‘Contact Manager” button on the
right hand side of the screen (pictured below).
Once you have successfully completed vetAWARE
Once you have completed and closed the course, a “Feedback Satisfaction Survey” button
will appear on the bottom of the DVAtrain screen. Your completion of this survey will be
To obtain your certificate for the successful completion of vetAWARE click on the
“Certificate” button under “My Progress” on the left hand side of the screen. Then select the
print button – to print it off.
Viewing Results
To view your progress and results, select Achievements under ‘My Progress’ in the left hand
navigation pane. You will see if you have commenced and/or completed vetAWARE along
with the results you have achieved upon completion of the course.