About DXO Optics Pro

About DXO Optics Pro
Version used is: V6.6.0 Rev 15290 Build 173
How to have Olympus E-600 files accepted by DXO
1. Create a project and select the files (generated by E-600). As can be seen in the screenshot
these files are recognized by DXO as being created by E-600:
2. Drag the file to the Customize Tab. Now, DXO reports “Cannot be processed because image
has no recognized color data”.
3. Using appropriate editor that support binary files, open the ORF file. In this case was used
XVI32. http://www.chmaas.handshake.de/delphi/freeware/xvi32/xvi32.htm
4. Lookup the string “E-600”. You will find it at HEX address 09F7 HEX/2551 decimal.
5. Replace to become E-620 instead and save in new file.
6. Select the newly saved file in DXO. In the screenshot below both files (original and patched)
are visible side by side. Now, notice that the message “Cannot be processed because image
has no recognized color data” is gone.
7. Drag to Customize: Looking fine in DXO
8. Process – works fine