How to Use eBay the Easy Way Introduction to Ebay

How to Use eBay the Easy Way
Introduction to Ebay
1. Go to the internet Icon
2. Click on the search bar and type in
3. Take a note at the top of the screen. I recommend you sign in/ register to further enhance the
eBay experience.
4. When registering you must be 18 years old. So your parents
must be the ones to sign up.
5. Now you can sign in. There is a check box to click if you are on
a home computer and want to stay signed in for the day. Do
not click if you’re in a public place.
6. Once signed your eBay fun can begin!
7. Go to the top of the screen to the search bar.
8. Type in what you are looking to purchase. Then click search.
*For a more refined search click the category you’d like to search in
Advanced/Saved Search
1. Click the advanced search button on the search bar.
Enter in a keyword.
Scroll down the webpage selecting the boxes or filling in the fields that apply to you.
Once you click search your results will appear.
Ebay will give you the option to save your search at the top of the screen; this means it will
remember that search.
Must be signed in to save the search
6. It will now give you the option to e-mail you updates daily on new times posted under that title.
7. Click the save search button. Now you can access this under your my e-bay (Discuss later).
Looking at Items/ Purchasing
1. Scroll the page to an item you look interested in.
Red: An Image of the item
Blue: The location of the item
Yellow: The title of the item
Dark Green: How many bids have been placed on the item
Purple: The price of the item
Lime Green: Delivery Charges
Brown: Time remaining to bid/purchase the item
2. Click the title of the item.
On the next page you will find the information page about the item. This page is crucial and the make it
or break it when purchasing an item (enough information vs. Not enough). Some pages are done up
better than others.
Red: An image of the item, and the option to enlarge it.
Yellow: The bidding information; Current bid (converted to Canadian) and your max bid, you will enter,
below in US dollars. There is also the option to watch the item.
Grey: Seller info; the feedback percentage rated by other users is displayed here. You also get the
following options: ask a question about the product, save the seller, see other items they have for sale.
Pink: Item description; item specifications and more in depth information.
Orange: Further useful information you must go over before bidding/purchasing.
How to Use Your eBay Account
Here you see the eBay Panel. It has the My eBay, Sell, Community, Contacts Us, Help Options.
My eBay
Here is the central hub for your eBay account. From here you can access all the activity,
messages and such you have on eBay. This is the most important one out of them all.
On the right hand side you can see all the options. We
are going to focus on the items won and the watch list.
1. Click the won purchased icon on the side panel.
2. On this page the Buying reminders will be displayed at the top of the page for the
last 31 days.
3. Below are the Won/Purchases will be displayed if you need further information.
From here contact with the seller* is a must for a smooth transaction.
4. Other information/reminders will be here. Awaiting Payment, Shipped, Awaiting
Feedback are the options.
Watch List
1. Click the watch list panel on the side.
2. Next you can see the watch list. Below will all be the items you can watch. To select
a watch go back to the “Looking at Item/Purchasing” part of the instructions.
“Sniper Bidding”
1. This is information on how to win a bid for the lowest price possible.
2. When there is 1 minute left on an item advance to the items display page.
3. From here click bid and “snipe” in the final bid for the win.
 This will prevent an ongoing battle with an opposing bidder. If you bid early then
your opponent will raise the bid, and so and and so forth.
How this is Beneficial for an Intermediate Student
Using eBay has many benefits for an intermediate student. In class you are required to use
school materials, from pencils and notebooks, to get the job done. You have one option, to go to Zellers
and pay full price for the item. Option two is to log on to eBay and discover all the less expensive
choices you have at your fingertips. I have seen pens and such half the price of the ones for sale in retail
stores. The website can also teach students about finance and how to properly spend their money. You
can get the option to choose different priced objects; the same product could be displayed in multiple
places, it shows us that patience and determination (looking through pages of results) always leads to a
great outcome. In the real world we are in a financial downfall, teenagers obviously don’t have much to
worry now but, but can build necessary building blocks for adulthood through this site. Not only that It’s
a life lesson as well; it shows us the importance of reading the fine print so you know what you’re
getting. By taking the time to review the product and all the small details you are learning examination
skills which is handy anywhere in life! On eBay specifically you may want a brand new shiny red truck;
you instantly see the picture of it as you search. Before thinking, or reading the print, you go ahead and
purchase it. Afterwards you read that fine print and realize that this was an example of the truck in blue
that is used. The world outside of school is full of people trying to trick you; by developing the skills to
counteract what they’re attempting you can go a long way. No matter how hard you think, eBay has a
million options to make you a better person.
Brandon Vukovich © 2011