How to easy add HTML Tags to any eBay listing!

Html Coding for Ebay
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How to easy add HTML Tags to any eBay listing!
Written by Fruit Machine World
Html Coding for Ebay
The basics
HTML is basically an internet language, to add any of the my codes to your listings
simply drag your mouse over the code, once highlighted right click your mouse and
select 'copy'. Then all you do is wherever you want the code to appear in your auction
or web site simply right click and select 'paste'.
When you list an item on ebay they will provide you with a description box to enter
your item description, at the top of this box are two tags one called 'standard' and the
other 'enter your own html', whenever you are pasting a code from below make sure
you are under the heading of 'enter your own html', then once simply click the
standard tag and the html will be translated, Magic!
Some of the codes can be entered anywhere in the html box but others have to go in a
certain place, say for instance you are having three paragraphs of text and you want a
picture in between each one, you would do all your text the standard way first, then
get the code from your first picture, click back to enter your own html and place the
code between the first 2 paragraphs, then when you click back to standard the picture
will appear wherever you placed the code.
If you want to add pictures, animations, backgrounds or music to your listings you will
need a host, this is completely free and is very simple to use, first of all if you are
going to be adding pictures or backgrounds click this link here
you can open a free hosting account instantly which is simple to use, once you have
opened your account go to 'my album and click 'browse' this will bring up a window
from which you need to choose the picture you want to upload, the click 'submit', the
picture will then appear in your album, if you require the html code for your picture
simply tick the box and select 'generate html and img code' from the bottom of the
page, then the code will appear in the box on the next page titled 'html code for ebay
etc..', simply copy the code from here. I f you requir the 'URL' of your image this is
located just under you picture on the main album page, this is explained in further
detail below when required.
For music it's the same concept but you have to use a different host, the one i use is this again is free, but if you would like to use a different one
there a few choices out there.
Html Coding for Ebay
Once you have finished part or all of your auction certain codes won't be apparent
until you have submitted the listing, say for instance a link in a picture won't be
clickable in the description box, to check you have done something correctly just click
the 'preview tab at the bottom of the description box and that will show you the full
working codes as they would be seen in your auction.
The Codes!
Just so you don't get confused, everything below that is in green text is the code title,
everything in black is the description, everything in red is what you paste into your
listing and everything in blue is what you need to replace with your own addresses or
Free Pictures & Animations
To add as many free pictures or animations to your ebay auctions as you like simply
save your picture to your pc, go to photobucket as explained in the introduction and
get the 'HTML' code for your image, then paste it into your listing wherever you like,
this can be done as many times as you want and you never have to pay for any of
them, and don't forget ebay supports the use of html in all their listings so this doesn't
break any of their rules. Here are a few of my favourite sites for free gifs and
'Watch my item' link
This is a great way of getting your auctions to the ebay pulse, you simply paste the
following code into your auction, replace xxxxxxxx with your item number (you will
have to submit your listing to get this then go to 'revise' your item and add the number
ebay has just given you, where it says 'click here' simply delete this and add your own
text, if you would like the link to be in a picture just add the html code instead of text.
<a href=''>WATCH THIS</a>
Html Coding for Ebay
Pre-filled 'Email me' link
This is the best way for your buyers to ask any questions about your items, when
clicked the link will bring your email address for the buyers to send you a direct email
with your address and your chosen subject already filled in for them, this can be a text
link or a link in a picture, just add your email address and either your text or the
HTML code of your picture:
<a href="mailto:your e-mail address?subject=your subject">E-mail me</a>
Other page Links
This is a good way of promoting your other items, shop, feedback, or maybe your web
site, simply add the URL of the web site you want the link to lead to and add the text
or a picture which will become clickable:
<a href="http://address you want text to link to">Text Goes Here</a>
Backgrounds in your auctions
I f you would like to add a background to your auction page simply paste the first part
of the code right at the very top of your auction description and the second part at the
very end of your description, replace 'url of image' with the url of your picture from
photobucket, remember this is the URL and not the HTML code, then just click back
to standard and the like magic the background will appear behind your description!
………Type your auction content here……
Include these closing table tags after your entire auction description
You can use you own background or find 1000's of weird and wonderful patterns and
colors here: or
Html Coding for Ebay
Moving Text (marquee)
This is a very simple but effective code, simply paste the code into your listing and
add what you want it to say, there are a few variations of this, it may look confusing
but with a bit of practice is very simple, you will need to preview your auction for this
to take affect:
Basic right to left:
<marquee behavior=scroll direction="left">Your message here</marquee>
Back and forth between the margins:
<marquee behavior="alternate">your message here</marquee>
To change the speed of the right to left marquee just change the number, 1 is the
slowest and i wouldn't go above 15:
<marquee behavior=scroll direction="left" scrollamount="5">Your message here</marquee>
To add a background to the marquee just change the 'hex code' this can be found in a
basic color chart:
<marquee bgcolor="#(hex code here)">your message here</marquee>
To have moving animations just the same as above adding your HTML codes instead
of text.
Sound or music
I rarely put sound in my auctions as a lot of people browse ebay at work and don't
want your music suddenly blasting from their speakers, you have been warned! If you
want to add sound you must first of all host your song or sound file as explained in the
introduction, then your host will give you the URL address of your song which you
just add below:
<bgsound src="" loop=-1>
You will be aswell checking with your auction site to see if they support the use of
music in descriptions before adding this code.
Html Coding for Ebay
You can easily add different counters to your site, just visit one of the sites below and
they'll do the leg work for you.
If you would like to add smiley's to your auction visit the link below and add the as
you would an animation
Text on the status bar
Currently ebay does not support the use of most kinds of javascript, although i have
seen this code in place on a few auctions, this would be better on your own site, fill in
the text section and whatever you write will appear on the greay status bar at the
bottom of the screen:
<SCRIPT language=JavaScript>
var scrollCounter=0;
var scrollText="***Thanks for checking out my page, Enjoy! ***";
var scrollDelay =100;
var i=0;
while (i ++< 140)
scrollText=" " + scrollText;
function Scroller()
if (scrollCounter == scrollText.length)
setTimeout("Scroller()", scrollDelay);
Flaming Text
Html Coding for Ebay
3D Text
Rainbow Text
Cursor Image
This is my best code ever, this will ass any image you like to your cursor, but as with
all the best stuff is probably not supported by ebay as it's java.
<IMG id=PSlogo style="LEFT: 260px; POSITION: absolute; TOP: 1321px" height=25 src="YOUR
URL FOR YOUR IMAGE HERE" width=50 onload="javascript:function movecursor()
{ = event.y + document.body.scrollTop + 9.5; = event.x + document.body.scrollLeft +
To stop people copying your text and pictures you can add this code anywhere on the
page, it will completely disable the right click of the viewers mouse, 1000's of people
on ebay use similar codes but it is java and i would not condone breaking ebays
guidelines without getting the go ahead first:
<script language="JavaScript1.2" type="text/javascript">
// This script available at
if (window.Event)
function nocontextmenu() {
event.cancelBubble = true, event.returnValue = false;
return false;
function norightclick(e) {
if (window.Event) {
if (e.which == 2 || e.which == 3) return false;
else if (event.button == 2 || event.button == 3) {
event.cancelBubble = true, event.returnValue = false;
return false;
if (document.layers)
document.oncontextmenu = nocontextmenu;
document.onmousedown = norightclick;
document.onmouseup = norightclick;
Html Coding for Ebay
Drop down menu
To add a drop down menu to your listings simply copy the code, place it where you
want the menu to appear and replace the wwwwwww with the URL addresses that
you want the menu to direct to and the xxxxxxxxx with the text you want in the box:
<form name="gotolocation1" method="POST" ACTION=URI>
<select name="lissamenu1">
<option value="wwwwwww">xxxxxxx</option>
<option value="wwwwwww">xxxxxxx</option>
<option value="wwwwwww">xxxxxxx</option>
<input type="button" onClick="location =
Most forms of text can be done in a programme like 'word' then simply copied into
your auction, but here a few you will need the html for, just fill in the blanks:
Blur: <span style="width: 150; height: 50; font-size: 20px; font-family: verdana; color: #ff00cc; filter:
shadow(color=#00ff00, direction=200)">Blur</span>
Dropshadow: <span style="width: 150; height: 50; font-size: 20px; font-family: verdana; color:
#ff00cc; filter: dropshadow(Color=#00ff00, OffX=2, OffY=2, positive=2)">Dropshadow</span>
Flip: <span style="width: 150; height: 50; font-size: 20px; font-family: verdana; color: #ff00cc; filter:
Glow: <span style="width: 150; height: 50; font-size: 20px; font-family: verdana; color: #ff00cc; filter:
glow(color=#00ff00, strength=10)">Glow</span>
Opacity: <span style="width: 150; height: 50; font-size: 20px; font-family: verdana; color: #ffffff; filter:
alpha(opacity=100, finishopacity=0, style=1, startX=0, startY=0, finishX=200,
Shadow blur: <span style="width: 150; height: 50; font-size: 20px; font-family: verdana; color: #ff00cc;
filter: blur(add = 1, direction = 220, strength = 10)">Shadow Blur</span>
Wave: <span style="width: 150; height: 50; font-size: 20px; font-family: verdana; color: #ff00cc; filter:
wave(add=0, freq=1, lightstrength=20, phase=10, strength=10)">Wave</span>
Html Coding for Ebay
Glowing link: <span style="position:relative; width:150; height:25;
filter:glow(color=#00ff00,strength=2)"> <A href="">Glowing Text
If you would like to change the color in any of the codes above here is a link to a color
chart where you can find the hex code for your chosen color, simply replace the ones
Borders around your pictures
If you would like to add a border around your pictures, simply copy a code from
below and add the URL of your picture, there are a few to choose from here but you
can change the colors if you like:
<img src="" style="border: solid 5px; border-color:
<img src="" style="border: double 10px; border-color:
<img src="" style="border: inset 10px; border-color:
<img src="" style="border: outset 10px; border-color:
<img src="" style="border: dotted 4px; border-color:
<img src="" style="border: dashed 3px; border-color:
<img src="" style="border: solid 5px; border-color:
<img src="" style="border: double 10px; border-color:
<img src="" style="border: inset 10px; border-color:
<img src="" style="border: outset 10px; border-color:
<img src="" style="border: dotted 4px; border-color:
<img src="" style="border: dashed 3px; border-color:
Html Coding for Ebay
Glitter Text & animated logos
If you visit the link below you can make your own text or use a pre-made logo, the site
also provides you with the html code to add to your listings:
Terms and Conditions Table
visit the website below and you will get all the info to add the table to your auctions
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