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Pica Aurum is a leading global provider of high quality CPD events for
Personal Assistants, Executive Assistants and Administrator
PA / EA Training Course Nr 2
“Two ˛How To’ Days for Tomorrow’
Tomorrow’s PA˝
Target Audience: Executive Personal Assistants / Secretaries / Administrators
9.30am – 5.00pm daily for two days
Venues across Europe throughout 2014 / 2015 –
Bookings sites:
Thursday 25 & Friday 26 September 2014
Tuesday 30 September & Wednesday 1 October 2014
Angela Garry is a fully qualified Teacher and Psychotherapist, and has worked in administrative roles in
England and Ireland since 1991. She has over 18 years’ experience in Personal Assistant roles, and has
worked in a range of industries including two global banks, a utility company, an
engineering consultancy, an international seaport, a training company and three
Universities. In her most recent role, Angela spent five years as the Principal's
Personal Assistant in an Academy for 11 to 19 year olds in Nottingham, during
which she was shortlisted for both the UK “Headteachers’ PA of the Year” and
“The Times / Hays PA of the Year” awards in 2011.
Since 2010 Angela has become a renowned trainer, mentor and coach for
Personal Assistants and Administrators, delivering events using a combination of
her teaching and PA skills. On business networking site LinkedIn, Angela is the
most connected person globally with the titles of Personal Assistant and PA
Trainer – and has run successful training / networking events and seminars for
more than a thousand attendees across the UK and worldwide (Ireland, Norway, UAE, South Africa, Thailand,
Hong Kong, China, Singapore) via her company Pica Aurum (
Angela was a speaker at the first PA conference in Russia, and is the Editor / Writer-in-Chief for ‘NAHPA’
(National Association of Headteachers’ PAs magazine). She is currently writing her first book, “Brave PAs”,
which is due for publication in early 2015.
This two day workshop has been designed specifically to build on the practical skills, knowledge and expertise
that PAs and EAs need to reach their full potential in today’s ever-changing business environment. This is the
second in a group of training programmes scheduled for venues across Europe and the Middle East
throughout 2014 / 2015.
The role of the Executive Assistant or Personal Assistant evolves constantly – along with the ever-changing
working environment. Keeping on top of change is therefore key to being successful.
This two-day workshop has been developed in order to demonstrate how you can work at peak level and
achieve full potential in your role, covering vital topics and skills required by every PA / EA / Administrator.
The course covers eight essential topics to ensure you are ready for tomorrow’s challenges: presentations,
overflowing inboxes, purple folder, appraisals, social media, managing change, minute-taking, and networking.
The sessions are a mixture of direct tuition with both large and small discussion groups. Some practical
elements are included so that thoughts and evaluations can be shared and compared.
Vital seminars on how to move forward within your role: covering practical points, technological breakthroughs,
utilising social media, building on your existing skills, managing change, and leading your manager to success.
Session details
Learning objectives
Perfect Presentations. Flipchart.
Posters. Powerpoint. Prezi. What’s
best for which occasion, and what
makes for a “perfect” presentation
rather than “death by Powerpoint”?
Identify different types
of presentations,
software packages,
attention to detail,
uses of ‘extras’.
Preparing for your appraisal – a
session to assist attendees with
pulling together a list of their
achievements, aims and objectives
for a yearly appraisal.
Able to easily outline
achievements in the
year, and to narrowing
aims and goals down
for next year
Practical Issues: Increasing
productivity with email – dealing
with an overflowing inbox; linking
emails, task lists and calendar items
effectively; handling multiple email
inboxes, ‘de-cluttering’; email
Making fuller use of
Microsoft Outlook and
sending ‘better’ emails
Creating and making the most of
your purple folder – every PA
should have a “bible” for major
aspects of their role.
Perfect planning for
absence, succession,
appraisals, interviews,
Practical Issues: Enhancing your minutetaking skills – and how to help the
Chairperson to run more successful
Tips, hints and
tricks on how to
improve your
Managing Change – when your company is
restructuring, open your eyes to the potential
within you, and manage change as and when
it occurs around you. The moral of the story
is: no job is truly “permanent”.
Are you ready for
The role of Social Media in your
organisation. How social media can be used
to assist the work of your organisation to
market and publicise your organisation - and
the role you can play in this - plus how to
leverage it to further your career.
Play an active role
in how you and
your company are
‘branded’ on the
Connecting and building relationships –
networking for you (Twitter, LinkedIn, email,
local / national / international networks), and
how it can change your life and how you
approach your job.
How to create your
network and
leverage it to build
your career
If by using these skills you save your Executive just half an hour of their time per week, how much will that
save your organisation over the course of a year?
(including course materials, refreshments, lunch, certificate of attendance)
EARLY BIRD RATE (bookings made in first month of advertising)
€350 / £280
€400 / £320
LAST MINUTE RATE (bookings made in the 2 weeks prior to the event) €450 / £360
See the bookings website for your choice of venue for cut-off dates for each rate. Attendance must
be booked and paid in full via Paypal at least one week prior to the event, unless otherwise agreed.
Discounts can be negotiated for group bookings - contact Pica Aurum to discuss.
Thursday 25 & Friday 26 September 2014
Tuesday 30 Sept & Wednesday 1 October 2014
Contact Person:
[email protected]
+44 7707 688 437
10 Sydney Road, Draycott,
Derbyshire, DE72 3PX, UK
GARRY’s TRAINING EVENTS (2010(2010-2014)
“Attendees at Angela’s Project Management Workshop at our Conference for Optimum Office Executives &
Administrative Professionals gave excellent feedback on the session and would like to attend it again as a full course. We
will definitely engage Angela again and highly recommend her as she added tremendous value to our Conference.”
Rejoice Nhlanhla Ncube, Conference Organiser, Melrose Training, Johannesburg, South Africa
“One of Angela's strengths that has been much appreciated by us is her clarity in presenting information. Her scope of
knowledge in her area of expertise reflects in all aspects of her work. As a trainer, she is proactive, clear, lively and
organized and has been much appreciated by her audience.” Sonthaya Chutisacha, Coordinator at Knowledge Source Institute, Chiang
Mai, Thailand
“I was one of organisers of the Innova Conference for PAs and Administrators in Moscow, where Angela Garry was one
of the six international speakers. Over 50 Personal Assistants and Administrators from a wide range of industries in
Russia attended the two-day conference, and we received great feedback from them regarding the whole event, and in
particular about Angela's two seminars on pushing yourself in your role and using social networks. I recommend her
highly as a motivational speaker, trainer and coach for PAs and Administrators.” Olga Shumilova, Administrative Director at Innova,
Moscow, Russia
“Angela Garry is highly skilled and willing to help others, has a wonderful bubbly personality, is full of energy... She is also
the most connected PA on social media by far through her action packed networking. Angela is a role model for every
PA.” Sue France, Author, UK National Chairman for EUMA UK
“I had the great pleasure of interviewing Angela in my capacity as a judge of The Times/Hays PA of the Year in 2011
Awards. Angela was an exceptional shortlisted candidate and demonstrated complete commitment and passion in her
role as a PA.” Susie Barron-Stubley, Managing Director, Castalia Coaching & Training, UK
“Angela is possibly the most passionate, committed and dedicated PA I have ever met. She has excellent values in life
and really strives to be the very best at whatever she is doing. I have met Angela on several occasions and her
knowledge in what she does is outstanding.” Melissa Burnside, Office Manager, Hays, UK
“Very inspiring and informative. Good energy, very engaging." Kristi Sealey, Uptown Primary School, Dubai
“Enjoyed the course and loved meeting the PAs in similar circumstances as myself. Great fun and very inspiring” Hazel
Ajlounni, International Community School, Amman
“Really informative. Found most of it interesting and will incorporate some ideas into my role.” Gisella Ferri, The British
International School, Abu Dhabi
"Very useful and really helped me - I will use many notices and advices." Mayassah Barakat, The Sultan's School of Muscat
“It is great to hear points of view from a successful professional PA like Angela. It makes me look forward to improve
myself.” Debra Youplub, Bangkok Patana School, Thailand
“Made me feel that to be 'PA' is valuable!” Supantra Sinsomboon, NIST, Thailand
“It was a well delivered course for 2 days. I found this training very useful and am inspired to share my knowledge with
my colleagues at school.” Enkhee Dambaryenchin, International School of Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia
“Very beneficial to me and my future work” Yana Kan, Dulwich College, Suzhou, China
“Happy to know many participants from other countries who share my job difficulties and expectations. Clearly presented.
Angela is a very humorous person. I enjoyed the course very much.” Winnie Yang, The ISF Academy, Hong Kong
“Angela delivered the course with great knowledge and humour. A good 2 days with her and useful to relate with other
PAs and learn what other schools do.” Juana Elizalde, Chinese International School, Hong Kong
“Angela is a very lovely, friendly lady. Her training methods are amazing.” Eleven Gu, Dulwich College, Suzhou, China
“Really good, useful. Angela is very humorous and I found myself nodding and agreeing with so many of her stories. A
good use of my time and much learnt.” Janette Roberts, St Joseph Institution International, Singapore
“I will definitely use the knowledge learnt to better practice in my role as a PA. At the end of the training I am not just a PA
but I am a Particularly Ambitious PA!” Rozlina Jamil, Chatsworth International School, Singapore
“I enjoyed sitting under a renowned PA and will take some of her teaching to implement at my workplace” Claudia Kang,
Dalat International School, Penang, Malaysia
“Angela has inspired me on the values of a PA role and her knowledge and experience is immense” Aliece Varughese, Tanglin
Trust School, Singapore
“Excellent session at Arsenal Emirates Stadium (PA Life Training seminars). Thoroughly enjoyed it. Hope to see you
speak again in the future.” Rachel Perrin-Stalker, DS Smith Packaging, Warwick, UK
“I just wanted to write and say how much I enjoyed it… you gave me so many handy tips and resources that I can use in
my daily tasks… hopefully I will be able to attend more of your workshops in the future!” Georgina Wilson, MPW London, UK
“I just wanted to say a quick thank you for your great seminar… it was extremely useful and I wish I had had that
knowledge and insight when I went through the redundancy process a few years ago!” Alison Boler, ITV television network, UK