Cleaning and Care Line How to maintain the hearing instrument? Life is on

Cleaning and Care Line
How to maintain the hearing
The complete solution for your hearing instrument
Drying capsules
Life is on
Keep damaging humidity out of your instrument
Put capsule together with instrument into drying
Use every 5 days
Duration: 8 hrs
We are sensitive to the needs of everyone
who depends on our knowledge, ideas and
care. And by creatively challenging the
limits of technology, we develop innovations that help people hear, understand and
experience more of life’s rich soundscapes.
Interact freely. Communicate with
confidence. Live without limit.
Life is on.
Nano pro Cleansing stick
Provides 5 day antimicrobial protection
Apply coating externally to instrument and
Wash sponge with lukewarm water after use
Use once every 5 days
In addition to daily care we recommend
you to visit us every 3 months for hearing instrument service. Should you have
questions about how to take care of your
hearing instrument, we are pleased to
assist you.
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Contact us for cleaning advise
Avoid harmful ear-infections
Earwax, sweat and other secretions normally
wash off your body, but they can bond to
your hearing instrument and provide a perfect breeding ground for bacteria, fungus
and viruses.
These are frequent causes of harmful eczema
and ear-infections which can lead to irreversible damage.
The C&C line kills germs and
preserves your investment
The C&C Line ensures that your hearing
instrument remains microbe-free for days
after application
Dirt and sweat can also severely damage
your valuable high-tech instrument. The
C&C Line helps preserve its value, lowers
repair costs and assures proper long-term
How to clean the hearing aid?
Cleansing tissues
Disinfectant, for quick external cleaning of the
instrument and ear-mold
Use every day
Cleansing tablets for earmolds
Remove stains and disinfect with active oxygen
Dissolve tablets in water and soak the earmold
Use 2 x per week
Never use with
Minimum 15 min, Max 8 hrs
Photo: Ulrich, Hoffmann: Hörakustik - Theorie und Praxis