EPI-OTIC How to use Epi-Otic Ear Cleaner has been

EPI-OTIC Ear Cleaner has been
How to use Epi-Otic
specially formulated for dogs and cats.
Cleaning Technique (for each ear in turn)
1. Apply a few millilitres of EPI-OTIC into the ear canal.
2. Distribute the cleaner in the ear canal by gently massaging the
vertical canal. This is the large solid tube that lies just below the
entrance of the canal. Massage gently for 10-20 seconds, to ensure
good cleaning of the vertical and horizontal ear canals.
3. Gently massage the fluid up the ear canal and remove excess
fluid with clean cotton wool at the entrance of the canal. Also,
clean the inside of the ear flap.
4. Repeat until the excess fluid no longer looks dirty. You can now
clean the other ear.
Do not use cotton buds in a pets ears.
Be gentle when massaging the ear canal, especially if the ear is painful.
In order to maintain healthy ears for your cat or dog, it would be
advised to clean your pet’s ears at least once a month. Your pet will
enjoy the special care and attention, and you will notice how
positively it responds to you massaging its ears.
If your pet has an ear condition, you should clean its ears twice
a week, or daily if very severe (please seek advice from your vet).
For information on
EPI-OTIC please contact:
Virbac Ltd. Woolpit Business Park, Windmill Avenue,
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Tel: 01359 243243 Fax: 01359 243200
What to look out for before and
whilst checking your pets’ ears:
- Shaking head uncontrollably or more
often than usual.
- A constantly moist ear.
- An unpleasant smell
(this could indicate a more serious problem)
- Wax, dirt or redness in and around
the ear canal.
- Fleas, mites and ticks.
(normally a dark, waxy substance will indicate
the presence of these)
If you notice any of these symptoms, please consult your vet.
Left untreated, these can become more severe and
lead to further problems.
Epi-Otic Ear Cleansing
The thought of having to clean your pet’s ears can
be rather daunting, especially if it won’t sit still for
very long!
Your pet’s ears can, like human ears, gather dirt and wax,
which in turn can attract ear mites and eventually cause
them pain. Keeping your pet’s ears clean is the best way to
prevent such health hazards.
Epi-Otic is designed to make cleaning your cat or dog’s
ears simple and hassle-free. Its unique formula will flush
out the ear completely, removing dirt and wax, and providing
a protective coating, which will help to stop further bacteria
from clinging to the surface. Regular use of Epi-Otic will
help to keep your pets ears clean and healthy.
Both soothing and gentle, Epi-Otic has been tested to fulfil the
European Cosmetic Standard and is classified as a non-irritant.
Its mild formula has a physiological pH of 7.6, which means
it is non-acidic.
EPI-OTIC Ear Cleaner has been
specially formulated for dogs and cats.