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Halloween how to….
Celebrate the spookiest time of the year with these frightfully fun ideas.
make a pumpkin shirt
Wear your Halloween spirit on your sleeve with this groovy tie-dyed shirt.
You will need:
• White T-shirt,
• Sink or bucket
• Orange fabric
• Rubber bands
for the dye
• Rubber gloves
Pinch and gather up a portion of
T-shirt, then add a rubber band
3cm from the point of the pinch.
Wrap band around several times until
it’s tight. Create similar sections with
rubber bands all over shirt.
Prepare dye bath
according to pack
instructions. Thoroughly
lack permanent
ardboard (for
inside of shirt)
• Black fabric paint
• Paintbrush
Still wearing gloves, rinse the shirt
under warm running water. As
the rinse water becomes less orange,
change the water temperature to cold.
Once water runs clear, carefully cut
off the rubber bands. Dry the shirt.
Insert cardboard inside the shirt;
use black marker to draw jack-o’-
lantern features inside each circle. Fill
wet shirt with water.
in shapes with the marker, or use black
Wearing rubber gloves,
fabric paint (which stays black longer).
submerge shirt in dye; soak
until it looks a shade darker
than you want it to be.
Tip: For a shirt with one big pumpkin,
tie a large section of the shirt’s centre
with a rubber band.
Idea by Margot Hausmann
everyday fun
Little cakes of horror
Preheat oven to moderate; line
1½ quantities butter cream
holes of 12-hole (¹/³ cup/80ml)
muffin pan with patty cases. Make
Red and black colouring
cake according to directions on
340g packet buttercake mix
packet, divide mixture among
butter cream
holes; bake in moderate oven about
125g butter, softened
20 minutes. Stand cakes in pan 5
1½ cups (240g) icing sugar mixture
minutes; turn onto wire rack to cool.
2 tablespoons milk
Make butter cream: beat butter
red butter cream for sky
in small bowl with electric mixer
and eyes on bat; using
until as white as possible. Gradually
black decorating gel, dot
beat in half of the icing sugar, milk,
pupils on eyes. Position
6 black jelly beans
then remaining icing sugar.
stars on red butter cream.
6 black licorice strap
white glossy decorating gel
BATS Tint half of the butter
cream with red colouring; spread
GHOSTS Tint other half
of the butter cream with
black glossy decorating gel
over six patty cakes. On each cake,
black colouring; spread over
18 white cake decorating stars
centre jelly bean for bat’s body. Cut
each patty cake. Cut milk bottles
two wings from each licorice strap;
into ghost shapes; position on cake.
12 milk bottle lollies
position on either side of body. Using
Using black decorating gel, dot eyes
black glossy decorating gel
white decorating gel, pipe clouds on
on ghosts.
Recipe from The Australian Women’s
Weekly Kids’ Birthday Cakes, $12.95.
Available from good bookstores
and selected newsagents
Spooky photos
This surprisingly effective camera trick
will have amateur photographers
hunting high and low for the perfect
spooky scene to shoot. Just cover your
camera’s flash with a coloured sticky
note. Any photos taken with the flash
will take on the hue of the paper. The
effect is extra-strange when there’s
another light source in the photo.
FamilyFun Spring 2010
Photographs by Getty Images